Monday, July 12, 2010

CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening: So What's The Deal Ridaz? - July 12, 2010


July 12, 2010

CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening hosted by Black Krishna

So What's The Deal Ridaz?


This episode: does the mass media control us by giving us the conversations we're supposed to have when we're supposed to have them? What can we talk about besides what we're supposed to? Can we share better info than what we're usually given? Do we trust each other? Do we mind control? How can we use info to attack institutions to help expose their hypocrisy and free the people who work for them to do better work? Is just knowing we're being screwed enough to stop it? So what's the deal ridaz?

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VIDEO: Money As Debt


Spain Wins the 2010 FIFA World Cup

"Bread and circuses" (or bread and games) (from Latin: panem et circenses) is a metaphor for a simplistic means of appeasement. In the case of politics, the phrase is used to describe the creation of public approval, not through exemplary or excellent public service or public policy, but through the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace. The phrase also implies the erosion or ignorance of civic duty amongst the concerns of the common man (l'homme moyen sensuel).

9/11 Truth movement is the collective name of loosely affiliated organizations and individuals who question the mainstream account of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Adherents of the movement advocate and discuss different hypotheses about how the attacks happened and call for a new investigation into the attacks

VIDEO: As the United States Collapses, Media Worships LeBron James

Alex Jones & Aaron Dyke | | July 8, 2010

Editor’s note, July 11: The video below has gone viral on YouTube with over 350,000 views since it was posted on July 8.

Alex Jones gives the inside scoop on basketball MVP LeBron James’ pivotal trade decision… err, I mean, rather breaks down how society has become obsessed with celebrity culture and taken its eye off of important world events, allowing corruption and global domination to take root. While LeBron announces his move to Miami, the mindless sports fans of America have essentially ignored larger problems.

Canadian 'rube' guilty of bid to send nuclear material to Iran

Kate Allen | Globe & Mail | *** July 7, 2010 ***

Iran Is Judged 10 Years From Nuclear Bomb: U.S. Intelligence Review Contrasts With Administration Statements

Dafna Linzer | Washington Post | *** August 2, 2005 ***

The Alex Jones Show - July 8, 2010 - Welcomes back to the show writer, public speaker, and former well-known BBC television sports presenter David Icke. David has authored several books, including: Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More and Infinite Love Is the Only Truth: Everything Else Is Illusion. (Commercial free mp3)

Study Finds High-Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Mercury

Washington Post | January 28, 2009

MONDAY, Jan. 26 (HealthDay News) -- Almost half of tested samples of commercial high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) contained mercury, which was also found in nearly a third of 55 popular brand-name food and beverage products where HFCS is the first- or second-highest labeled ingredient, according to two new U.S. studies. HFCS has replaced sugar as the sweetener in many beverages and foods such as breads, cereals, breakfast bars, lunch meats, yogurts, soups and condiments. On average, Americans consume about 12 teaspoons per day of HFCS, but teens and other high consumers can take in 80 percent more HFCS than average.

The Truth About Aspartame - Dr Russell Blaylock

Conservation and Eugenics

Tom Kuntz | New York Times | June 30, 2010

Today’s idea: America’s conservation movement drew on racist notions of eugenics developed at Ivy League universities and promoted under President Theodore Roosevelt, an article says.

Environment | In Orion Magazine, Charles Wohlforth takes on the “environmental movement’s dirty secret”: racism. In a progressive intellectual milieu that took eugenics (the selective breeding of humans) seriously, Gifford Pinchot, head of the Forest Service under President Theodore Roosevelt, linked the preservation of America’s untamed land and natural resources to the continued superiority of the white race, Mr. Wohlforth writes.

VIDEO: EndGame HQ full length version

Blue Jeans -- The New Feminist Uniform?

Henry Makow PhD | September 28, 2009

Young women were told they were rebelling against oppressive patriarchy and inequality and all things bad. They never imagined they were betrayed by feminist teachers and politicians, intent on breaking up the family and abandoning us to State and corporate control. They never imagined that the "women's movement" was inspired and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation as part of their ongoing social engineering program. Google "Women's Studies" and "Rockefeller Foundation" and you'll get 93,000 hits. Do you really think the world's biggest monopoly capitalists, who fund Planned Parenthood, birth control and eugenic research, don't have an ulterior motive for feminism?

Gloria Steinem: How the CIA Used Feminism to Destabilize Society

Henry Makow PhD | March 18, 2002

... Steinem has tried to suppress this information, unearthed in the 1970's by a radical feminist group called "Red Stockings." In 1979, Steinem and her powerful CIA-connected friends, Katharine Graham of the Washington Post and Ford Foundation President Franklin Thomas prevented Random House from publishing it in "Feminist Revolution." Nevertheless the story appeared in the "Village Voice" on May 21, 1979. ... In 1958, Steinem was recruited by CIA's Cord Meyers to direct an "informal group of activists" called the "Independent Research Service." This was part of Meyer's "Congress for Cultural Freedom," which created magazines like "Encounter" and "Partisan Review" to promote a left-liberal chic to oppose Marxism. Steinem, attended Communist-sponsored youth festivals in Europe, published a newspaper, reported on other participants, and helped to provoke riots.

VIDEO: Norman Dodd On Tax Exempt Foundations

FEMINISM: Dr. Henry Makow On The Problem With The People Who Give Us Our Problems

A special interview on CKLN Radio with Dr. Henry Makow, a noted critic of how the wealthy in control of corporations, governments and media used feminism to increase their tax-base, profit and control; and destroy relationships and families. The idea of equal rights and opportunities is a good one, but many means used to achieve it are obviously flawed based on the results. Most heavily-promoted social movements have been corrupted in some way, and it's better to learn how to save them than to ignore the truth and screw over yourself or the people you are trying to help.

Eminem - Ridaz (Prod. By Dr. Dre) - Recovery Bonus Track


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