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I Meet the "Minister of Public Safety" by Dr. Henry Makow, PhD


I Meet the "Minister of Public Safety"

July 8, 2010

What do you trust? Government, Paper or Gold?

by Henry Makow Ph.D

Wednesday evening, some friends and I discussed the mayhem at the G-20 Summit in Toronto. We felt the violence was started by undercover cops to justify the $1billion expense, and to condition Canadians for fascism.

Thursday morning, I sat beside Vic Toews, the Canadian Minister of Public Safety on the plane from Winnipeg to Ottawa.

Normally I wouldn't have spoken to him, but when Providence put me in the next seat (in Economy class,) I took the hint.

First, I confirmed that he was indeed Vic Toews; and I identified myself as a blogger on conspiracy and the NWO. I suggested that the G-20 mayhem was a black eye for Canada. First off, the billion dollar expense for security was ridiculous.

Toews' response was to the effect that he was only the cabinet minister, and that he has to listen to his "experts." They tell him what security is necessary, and he has to listen.

This dispelled any residual notions I had about our leaders actually leading. These "experts" might be like FDR's "brain trust" i.e. handlers.

I suggested that Canadians couldn't be too pleased about hundreds of peaceful protesters being handcuffed and thrown into cages in detention facilities for 24 hours.

Not at all, he said, motioning to an item on his Blackberry. The polls show that Canadians are pleased with the government's response.

"But people who were just observers, out for supper, were arrested and detained," I countered.

Well, you know, perhaps they didn't obey a police command to move on, he replied. That's grounds for arrest.

I told him that the consensus on the Internet was that the people causing the violence were undercover policemen; and that the police cars were emptied of valuable equipment and abandoned for the purpose of being set aflame. The police could easily round up the violent offenders but instead gave them carte blanche.

Oh no, he said. Police often remove the computers when outside their cars.

Well I doubt that. Obviously he was obfuscating.

Anyway he said the police were investigating.

Gee, I thought, couldn't we have an independent enquiry?

Anyway, you get the picture. Toews is a Conservative from a rural Manitoba riding. I believe he is a man of honor. But he has obviously bought the party line.

Throwing hundreds of innocent people into cages doesn't contradict his idea of "public safety." Nor is he disturbed by allegations that the instigators were undercover cops. As you have seen, his reaction was to dismiss problems rather than investigate them.

I guess you could say, he is a politician.

The events of the G-2 were another foretaste of the New World Order. The public will not participate in decision-making and will not be able to demonstrate or even express controversial opinions.

Government will be used as an instrument of oppression by big business, which in turn is controlled by the central bankers. The old Left versus Right model no longer applies. It's the people versus the central bankers and their willing dupes and lackeys.


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Comments for "I Meet the "Minister of Public Safety""

Robert said (July 10, 2010):

I doubt if many people are aware of the origin of the revolutionary-sounding terminology in the name of Teows' department, which has been imposed, like so much else in Canada, in order to cater to French tradition.

From Wikipedia: "The Committee of Public Safety (French: Comité de salut public), created in April 1793 by the National Convention and then restructured July 1793, formed the de facto executive government of France during the Reign of Terror (1793-4), a stage of the French Revolution. Under war conditions and with national survival seemingly at stake, the Jacobins, under Maximilien Robespierre, centralized denunciations, trials, and executions under the supervision of this committee of first nine and later twelve members. The committee was responsible for thousands of executions, with many high-profile executions at the guillotine, in what was known as the "Reign of Terror". Frenchmen were executed under the pretext of being a supporter of monarchy or opposing the Revolution The Committee ceased meeting in 1795. It was set up to organize the defence of France."

So now you know what "public safety" is about. Truly an inspired designation!

Voj said (July 10, 2010):

Your "buddy" federal minister of public safety, Vic Toews is quoted in the Toronto Star as:

"Meanwhile, provincial Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services Rick Bartolucci – who oversees the OPP – and federal Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews – who oversees the RCMP – were both kept informed throughout the planning process and the situation on the ground during the summit."

The "pass the buck around" game continues. Who to sue ? Who was in charge of what ? We pay for this nonsense ?
Chain of command questioned in G20
Toronto police wasn’t always in charge

JAC said (July 10, 2010):

Couple thoughts: Is an 'expert' like an 'ex-husband' or an 'ex-wife'? So before becoming an 'expert' one would have being a 'pert'. Right? According to the Oxford dictionary pert is 'saucy or impudent, esp. In speech or conduct'. Therefore, an 'expert' is one who was impudent (unwise) but now is wise? Hummmm.

Second thought: Why do politicians push themselves as being the answer to our problems during the election process, and then sit and act like a seal while 'experts' tell them what to do?

The G20 and G8....haven't these people ever heard of video conferencing? Sure they have. What we witnessed was a staged event to justify increased police spending to enforce the coming oppression of the very citizens who pay their wages, wages that are at least twice what the average person makes in this country.

Black is the colour of oppression. When I noticed police forces across this country switching from blue to black several years ago, it waved red flags in my memory of Hitler and his thugs, and made it plain to me, that we are heading down the same street.

Check out the links below:

Most Canadians would be shocked to learn how corrupt our country has become. My advice to them would be to stop reading/viewing the main stream media, turn off your sports channels, and start thinking and researching before you end up in a black hole.

David said (July 9, 2010):

How fortuitous that you should have had Mr. Taves ( I call him that cause that is how it is pronounced for some reason ) as a seatmate. Too bad he was not forthcoming in explaining exactly whom it was that gave him his marching orders on security for the G20 debacle. After all, I believe the guy is a cabinet minister, shouldn't he be calling the shots? Ooops, did I say that?! I am also appalled at Mouinties justification of the goon squad techniques by having the balls to compare the G20 meeting to the FLQ crisis. Oh spare me!!! Sadly, most Canadians are blissfully sleeping away the dog days of summer and beyond. Those dopey citizens who are not muelling sycophants of the power elite/scum will one day wake up and wonder exactly what hit them.

Frank said (July 9, 2010):

Great article, I disagree with only part of your conclusion: Dupe, no. They are all criminals.

My former home state of Pennsylvania was "host" to the G20 parasites last autumn and the same sort of thing happened. Only more absurd from one point of view: After hiring thousands of "extra security" goons from all over the state, the Masons in charge of "public security" were in a bind. The had almost no protestors, what to do?

They went to the local university and hassled kids going to and from class!

I'm not kidding, some patriot even put up a vid on YOUTUBE of a girl being snagged off her bicycle on campus! The heroes of the NWO protecting the world again.

No joke about "masons" there. It's widely known that in half the towns in Pennsylvania, you don't work for the fire department, the road department, ANYWHERE, if you aren't a "brother." That's one of the reason it's my EX-home state, my father (RIP) had a vice or two but he wouldn't sell his soul for a job.

That's why I'd be happy to bet your dupe is more like a Brother, who has learned where not to ask questions. That's the whole of it for most rank and file: Do not look behind the curtain... pretend there IS NO CURTAIN... and you're safe. But in my book that also makes them criminals.

James said (July 9, 2010):

Hi Henry. I have read your blog for many years now, and want to say how much I appreciate and value your insights about the source of all our modern day problems. Nobody expresses this as clearly and forcefully as you. You get a lot of extra points in my book for speaking truth to power when presented with the opportunity of sitting next to the Canadian public safety minister. Please know you are making a great impact on the world in raising consciousness on these issues. Thanks and God Bless You.

legal eagle said (July 9, 2010):

I Meet the "Minister of Public Safety"

The only "safety these morons are interested in is safety for them from the public.

That's what "Protect and Serve" means; to protect and serve the corporate and political agenda.

What? you didn't think it was talking about YOU did you ?

Henry Makow is the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at


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