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1000 TTS Members B4 The G20 in June?


1000 TTS Members B4 The G20 in June?


Heya TTSsential,

Based on the latest propaganda, I've heard Alex Jones say with certainty that we'll probably face a nuclear false flag terror attack in the next few weeks. Unless -- we get the word out -- so -- it might be time to get ambitious. Dan Dicks from also noted that he'd been tipped about "drills" taking place in Toronto for the G20. IMHO, the G20 would be a perfect place for the NWO to stage an attack and launch fascist COG (Continuity of Government) or "shadow government" plans worldwide. Plus, if the NWO kills 10,000 cops and soldiers in Toronto, they will be "martyrs" for others worldwide to kick-in to martial law action.

Are conspiracy theorists infiltrating the media?

Suspicious minds question what's behind Torontonians' fascination with
late-night radio rebels

Michael Posner | Globe and Mail | February 20, 2010

Since even the mass media says we have a massive "conspiracy" community here, plus other groups and individuals who've been screwed and don't know why, it just might be time to quickly wake everybody up before something blows up. On my end, the full-time home-office for "truthing" and the "mayor campaign" will be operational next week. I hope to work with others to get TTS up to 1000 members before the G20 from June 26 - 27th. We easily have the "conspirienced" awareness in this city and lots of people to draw from to form a unified and sizeable anti-NWO prescence at the G20 itself, plus get stuff done beforehand.

New poll says most Canadians blame U.S. for 9/11 attacks

CBC News | September 7, 2006

FYI, while people may think this should be kept "inside", I've tried to no avail, so now I think TTS should get past this issue fast when facing potential "nuclear" false flag terror attacks that I could help us respond to. I've sent two emails asking to get my "Assistant Organizer" position back with no response, so I want to finish my time in the "penalty box", get my AO back and help schedule TTS meet-ups like "4/20 Screenings" for Conspiracy Culture and more. Even though I helped build TTS, I have no hard feelings, just a hard job to do that's being made harder by this situation. Please offer any help you can on this issue.

Expanding from 3 to 5, 7 or 9 AO's would be ideal to empower more people to make suggestions.

Planning and scheduling meet-ups on a regular basis would also give people more options.

I will record a video explaining plans to grow TTS to 1000 members shortly.



Government Preparing To Stage Domestic Terror Attack

Paul Joseph Watson | Prison | April 19, 2010

... Obama’s warning arrives shortly after FEMA was forced to scale back a simulated nuclear bomb attack by terrorists in Las Vegas that was set to involve 10,000 emergency responders, U.S. troops and officials in role playing exercises.



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If you only listen to one thing this week...


Incidentally, if you have any questions, please ask them. You can email me privately, then I can either respond to you, or post the answer publicly without mentioning your name just in case others share your concerns. We all have our own ways of interpreting the world, but when it comes to someone else's ideas, it's best not to misinterpret them for the worse if clarification is possible.

For example:

There are many reasons to phrase things in certain ways. The reason I phrased my G20 "flyering" request as "one of the leaders of TTS based on experience" is to add "please remember our non-violent and non-confrontational approach" to make sure that no provocateurs try to do anything stupid or criminal using TTS flyers or branding. We have many new examples of provocateurs trying to provoke their own brothers and sisters in law-enforcement into attacking them and anyone they affiliate with, so I think it's best to try and protect TTS members from that possibility by making sure we also mention our methods in semi-official ways.

There's more.

No worries. I'm just sick of the NWO "tension" in the air and want to end it and move on to re-constructing our culture into one that we want with whoever wants to like Luke Rudkowski said on AJ's show on Monday. However: I'm happy because I'm among the most optimistic people in the world. Why? Because I always believe in Canadians being able to "do stuff" to beat the new world order.





Oh yeah: I also notice a disturbing trend in our society for people to just completely ignore other people asking them to pay attention. It affects people just trying to talk to each other, including truthers trying to wake each others up, or even trying to talk to each other about ideas. People feel it's okay to just have their eyes "glaze over" and to "tune out" if they don't like something.

While everyone can "do whatever they want", like we've been told to, the above reaction is only in style to destroy our interest in each other. This means we'll value each other less; which means we value ourselves less; which means we get depressed and easier to wipe out. Conversations are reduced to "normal" things that don't make anyone uncomfortable: but that no one enjoys.


Since I'm studying "why" so many people are "awake" but there's so little "activism" in Canada, this stuff is especially important, but not for "me" or my "PhD thesis" or whatever, but simply because if we can beat our brainwashing we're home-free. (Get it? "Home = Free!" :-) We've already proven the safety and effectiveness of "truthing" locally, so now all we have to do is do it to win.

For anyone who's not ready for "this" type of deep neuro-linguistic analysis, that's fine, TTS needs people of all backgrounds and everyone can go at their own pace to catch up. From my perspective, I'm just trying to stay one-step ahead of the NWO, much like helping develop our "H1N1" vaccine campaign last summer. IMHO, we'll have to react even better even faster going forward.


Regardless of what happens, I hope people know that I didn't spend all my time thinking of TTS and truthing and how to beat the NWO for nothing. I hope people recognize their opportunity to use the good things that I think of, just like they'd use anything that anyone else thinks of. If we show we value "thinking", then we'll encourage more of it. If not, we'll just "repeat" the stuff we hear.

Canadians can't just make "excuses" for why we "can't" do stuff. Now: we've been raised to be comfortable with "excuses" and "complaining" to make us lazy and so we wallow in self-pity. However: if you take anyone in the world and show them what's happening in this country, what we've (TTS) done about it so far, and what we're "free" to do right now, they'd think it was a joke.


Print and hand-out or drop-off flyers or dvd's? Put up posters? Send emails? Make phone-calls? Shoot videos? Hold film screenings? Organize weekly town meetings like Luke Rudkowski and WeAreChange in New York? Plan our "anti-NWO" response to the G20 by sharing ideas? Work together on plans for the next few weeks or months? This is what people can do.

After 5 years of carefully figuring things out, my loyalties are with TTS, Toronto, Canada and the World when it comes to this stuff, and the people who want to "fight" for their "freedom" in "serious" ways that enable us to keep it, not just to "feel good" until we lose it. Our culture, the new world order, the "game" and "how to win" are very clear to me, as are some things holding us back.


No worries: if this is the "truth", then we should just appreciate and use it for our benefit.



3000 Flyers vs. G20 & Nuclear False Flag: Thu, Apr 22, 10 am - 5 pm


Heya TTSoldiers! :-)

While we missed ripping "Earth Day" tomorrow (April 22nd), I've done some work on it and will destroy it on my Thursday radio show. As far as I can tell, the elite are telling us to worship "earth" because they consider it their "property" and want us to trust "them" to manage it properly on behalf of everyone in a neo-communist system. So, in reality, "Earth Day" is actually "Globalist Property Day" to help enable UN Agenda 21 to take the "earth" from all the people who live on it. With over 100 years of planning behind it, the fake environmental movement may be the most important part of their agenda. So: we should focus on it soon and keep an eye out for important propaganda putsches.

The next 'Agenda 21 NOW!' International Internet Conference starts on 28 April, 2010

Just click on the name of your country (or your region if you live in a large country) below! The alphabetical table helps you to find your country's (or area's) name very quickly.

However, this email is mainly to let you know that I'm planning on flyering downtown tomorrow after my radio show with the 3000 G20 flyers I printed on Saturday for $36, you can see how to print some yourself below if you want to. Since I'm no longer working, I'm also going to ask people to help others pay for the flyers they print for our street actions. Nobody has to of course, but it shows good "character" to help out people you're working with. Last summer I didn't need the money when I spent hundreds on our H1N1 and other flyers, but it's generally a good policy to encourage here in Toronto and elsewhere to help let truthers know they'll be "normally" supported by their groups. .

For now, I have 3000 flyers to drop-off, so if you want to get in touch to help, please shoot me an email and I'll give you a call,


P.S. For those interested, here's the flyer'ish details...

G20 Summit vs. Nuclear 9/11 Flyer - 6 flyers per 8.5" x 11" page, dbl-sided, print at 3-cents a copy (many places), 6 cents dbl-sided, plus $1 a cut at Kinko's. I made 500 copies, or 3000 flyers, for $36. Public domain, please adapt, use, share.


Hey [redacted],

No worries, I understand and discuss "spiritual" stuff all the time, especially since I'm around so many Christians at TTS. I even played a clip of a Christian soldier on The Alex Jones Show this week. However, I interpret ALL "religious" or "spiritual" beliefs differently because I see what most interpretations result in, or not much "thinking" or "doing" anything by careful NWO design.

Nobody can just say they're a "Christian", or a "truther", or anything else and just "make" me think they're "good" people. I have to see the "fruits" of what their "belief" system has them doing for "others" - and - not just themselves to make me think it's valuable. Otherwise, it's just another "new age interpretation" designed to make us selfish and lazy. Most "modern" interpretations do.

Now, today I see many people who are "religious" or "spiritual" and "scared" deciding the best thing they can do is "give up" on people; not "think" of anything "bad" that makes them "sad"; and focus on themselves and their own salvation. As said: I just want to see more Christians get it "right" like those who I admire do, or "do stuff" to really help others. Otherwise they got scammed.

Nothing can stop most "Christians" and others from "waking up" from their "new age" conditioning if they want to, including their "wrong" obsession with selling "afterlife salvation" instead of "doing stuff" now. The only reason they wouldn't is if they want to use it as an excuse to be selfish, or act like a prick with enough moral highground to crap on others who don't believe the same thing.

No other interpretations work for me because I see what they're for. People often just want to hear stuff to "feel good" as part of our brainwashing. So, if someone says this is a "spiritual" war and people think they're on the "right" side and it's the "end" anyway, they might stand down. If someone says "spirituality" should give us the strength to "do stuff", they can just disagree and relax.

There it is meng, because modern "interpretations" of the world are shared "globally" in our NWO "system".

Nobody can tell me this is a "spiritual" war so it's more important to just "pray" or "dream" of winning it.

Unless "spirituality" helps us "think" of "doing stuff", then it falls into the "new age" or "NWO" control.

Because... even if it's a "spiritual" war, then what are our G-d given "spirits" capable of on earth?

IMHO, let's "do stuff" and let G-d arm-wrestle Satan, because if we act right, we'll be alright.




No worries man, there's nothing that you can say to change the "truth" about this stuff. It just is what it is and there's evidence all around us. There are no Bible passages that you can interpret in any ways you want that can change this fact either.

The best Christians also know it too, or they know that the Christians who choose to "feed the poor" or "fight corruption to protect the innocent" are being better human beings than those that "pray all the time" for their own salvation. It's common sense.

See, the Christian "religion" and many others screwed up "spirituality" in the first place by agreeing to have a new class of people who were inherently "closer to G-d" just because they were "priests" or "prayed a lot" or "gave a lot to the church" and so on.

People can't argue that I'm "twisting the message", because I'm really "un-twisting" the message, or revealing things we used to know that the NWO has made us forget. But, because our egos often depend on defending what we know, it's hard to change.

Unless we decide to work together to figure things out, many people will just develop "their own" personal new age "interpretation" of any belief system they have, which will make them all the same, so they can be successfully merged later. Its' happening now.

Frankly, I can't believe you "read" what I wrote and responded after "thinking" about it, there just wasn't enough time too, so as usual the "substance" of what I say gets ignored. It's cool, every time people try to understand it they do, so that's not my issue.

The biggest problem with "individual" interpretations is they can make us "hostile" to others who don't get what's in our heads. That's why they're bullsh-t. Unless others can also see and judge the "fruits" of our labour, then anyone can say they're "Godly".

New age "interpretations" of ALL "belief" systems are now the most dangerous thing in the world. They'll make many people just vibe on "consciousness" until they get "cancer" while the NWO laughs and G-d shakes his head because we refused to use ours.

It's cool, many of the answers are obvious in this and other emails, that's why I'm not sweating. Some were stolen from some of the smartest people in history, including religious leaders. We just have to understand our opportunities "here" on "G-d's" green "earth".

Now ain't that the truth?




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