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The Run-Up to 2012: Declassified Correspondence


The Run-Up to 2012: Declassified Correspondence


maybe, though he sounds more quirky to me. he's probably just a geeky truther who hates people and just wants to say his own stuff to differentiate himself. there's lots of conspira-whackjobs like that. of course, there will be a few sh-t-starter spooks that you can notice easily. they're pretty determined to frustrate us into wasting a ton of time and energy.

just look for the people who completely ignore everything you say and the links you provide and yet keep you responding to them for hours. they're everywhere, especially on message boards. they're not interested in what you have to say, just in getting you to say it and to think it's somehow productive for years. see: most conspiracy theorists on the internet.

frankly, i'm also concerned with the supposedly "normal" people suddenly "speaking up" when most "normal" people wouldn't. the polite neo-spooks will try to steer [groups] off into useless conspira-gibberish while everyone has to be polite about it. the "new age" infiltration of the truth movement is going to make this pattern hard to contain, if it's even possible.

unfortunately, that's what's been happening. the "new age" conditioning is one reason few people get "excited" about "doing" stuff -- even though people "normally" do. with a year and a half left until the 2012 UN world government, we need to realize all this spooky rubbish wouldn't matter if we were doing stuff like previous "normal" resistance movements have.

it's cool, imho, we have a few months to snap out of it.


FYI, "she" might qualify as Exhibit A Spook because she keeps bringing the same crap up after refusing to check any links provided. She won't even comment on them. Once you see this happen again and again with the same person, you wonder why they're here.

What's supposed to happen now is either veteran truthers are supposed to keep taking the bait, or they're supposed to back-off and let third parties or the rest of the people watching the argument think that both sides may have a point, rendering the argument useless.

This "symbols" conversation is especially important because people can easily have a blast de-programming themselves by recognizing things everywhere, that's why spooks would try to muddy the conclusions. Anyway, this email is 3 minutes old, let's see what happens...



fyi, imho, blah-blah-blah, all the usual "i'm not a bad guy --- just listen for a sec!" crap.

keep your eyes open for fun distractions and random conspira-gibberish. those posts are used to pervert and divert ideas being shared and developed by us that might lead to action. most people will only talk about something reasonable until someone decides to make the conversation unreasonable. then most people will politely shut up and nothing will happen.

you can see, it happens. otherwise stuff would be happening. or at least be considered.

unless we police the group (see [redacted] recently), spooks will confuse fragile and shy people until they're clueless and useless. that's their job. they're good. that's why there aren't many "plans" in conspiracyville. using "the delphi technique" among others, they'll often try to be very polite or act hurt to get others angry at the person who loses it (see [redacted] recently).

you can see how many supposedly "sincere" people never talk about "doing" anything.

like i said to you before, lots of "new" people will start confidently promoting random crap with absolute sincerity when most "normal" people don't. it might even be very interesting crap. but: you'll see it leads to nothing but them being found interesting for 5 minutes. they're liars. it's crap. it's easy though, so that creates the culture of crap. watch for it.

you can see all this stuff, or if you can't and i'm wrong, then please let me know -- thx! :-)


oh yeah, sorry dood, but now that i'm gone the wolves are gonna come for ya, you saw it at [redacted] last year too. sometimes people come around to mess around. the bad guys know i got a nose for this, so they don't send 'em around as much when i'm around.

otherwise we'll just sit around and laugh at them.

they don't want that.

btw, yoo kin aks sumboddy, i dun bin on spookwatch fer yurrs nah and i'm still in the game with respect from mah purrs. you can't do that if you're always wrong. anyway, it's nothing to worry about. once you get the hang of it you'll see they're easy to see and to stop too.

otherwise they might blow their cover too easily.

they don't want that.

fyi, the big, ugly, psychopathic borg system machinehead morons don't have that many new tricks, plus they can't think of as many in their sh-tty little compartmentalized bricks. so, once we decide to start thinking, the possibilities are limitless. it's cool. nice weather too! :-)




as you'd like mate, or do what thou wilt, etc. all i can do is get sh-t right. just like the rest of us. everything else is up to everyone else. we can say "9/11 was an inside job!" or whatever, but unless it's just about convincing people to validate our egos, then we also have to tell people what to do about it. that's pretty much why i say/write/etc. my sh-t. either it can help us beat the new world order or not. if so, it's worth reading and considering. if not, it's not.

it's so damn simple it's silly. you'll see.

then again, i guess we'll see who sees what.

see, for generations to come, some may wonder:

"hey... why did he send those big emails about how to beat the new world order?"

and, for generations to come, while turning in my grave and slapping my forehead, i'll say:





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