Tuesday, April 13, 2010

fyi, here in 2010, something really funny is happening...


cool meng, no worries, you're clearly smart enough to think of a simple and "reasonable" explanation that you can live with without actually choosing to learn much about the issues you form opinions about. most canadians can also do this; it's just not a good idea to use our intelligence that way.

see, we're encouraged to just make up whatever reality we want to live in. we're taught to have a "right" to our opinion instead of trying to figure out a better way to keep our "rights" instead. that's because it makes it harder for us to figure out and agree on what's going on enough to influence it.

when it comes to discussing policy, or voting, etc., if we all just decide to "believe" whatever we want about the most important issues, then we'll make communicating about them with each other pointless, or impossible, or at least too painful and useless to bother with. that's what's happening.

it's cool man, if there are people to "blame" for all of us going "broke" then i'll let you know as best i can. we can decide what we want to do after that. fyi, here in 2010, something really funny is happening: most people think "the recession" is "natural" and "climate change" is "man-made".

actually... it's the other way around.




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