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2010 No New World Order Year Revolutions: Cross Out Your Conspira-Cross To Bear


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2010 No New World Order Year Revolutions: Cross Out Your Conspira-Cross To Bear


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Just a thought, especially since if we're conspirienced enough to look beyond mainstream reality, then we ought not fall for it's traps wherever possible. Oddly, I was just having a conversation with a guy today about how people can take permanent pride in their marginalized victimhood. The problem is they never get over it. The bigger problem is they spawn generations of others who feel more victimized than ever. Then the government eats them.

Since we're among conspirienced friends, it should be known (or revealed) that the New World Order, or the group of elites who socially engineered the 20th Century so they could take over the world in the 21st, are behind creating our groups and their perpetual enemies to pit us against each other in our own minds and destroy any chance of us uniting against them. They use classic divide and conquor strategies on "groups" and not "individuals".

We are told by the "collectivists" or "communists" who run our culture who and what we are; and who and what we like or don't like. But, no matter what happened in the past, or even 5 minutes ago, we're each sovereign individuals now. We are not part of a vast evil tribe of any race or religion. We are not responsible for the past sins of others; only our reactions to others sins today. We don't need to feel guilty or fall victim to neverending neurotic catharsi.

Since this is the case, it only seems fair to cast off the communist conspira-shackles of old and embrace the fact that the New World Order is finally so far out in the open that nobody can argue with anyone who can really explain it. The days of "being" told we're wrong about this and aggressively fighting to convince people are over; now we have to deal with the days of "feeling" wrong for saying it in most environments. It's a whole new conspira-ballgame.

While not everybody is the same, when we're all undergoing the same UNESCO (etc.) global neo-comm scientific indoctrination to standardize cultures worldwide, we're getting similar. This means we may have similar problems, reactions and solutions. However, it will take individual thinkers to come up with new and better ones. The only way to be an individual thinker in a globally standardizing world is to think about how to beat the New World Order.

Since we have options in the "internet age", we can either ritualize our acceptance of, or our resistance to, our own daily brainwashing by our environment. We can give and take things "straight" as we get them from our "crooked" system, or give and take better for us and others. We can re-examine our own conspirienced efforts and see how we, as individuals, can advance our own ever-improving case for how we feel about the world, or where we live.

What this boils down to is the evolution of the individuals within the "truth" movement and the increasing numbers who join it worldwise. You just can't do this stuff without the truth. It's just too messy and the lies will mess you up. However, we can, as individuals helping other individuals in groups, start to avoid having the same fights, failings and failing feelings over and over again. We are not obligated to prioritize patterns of behaviour. We can improve them.

Since this seems reasonable, in 2010, perhaps we should take a look at the old "conspira-cross" we were given to bear as a "conspiracy culture" one more time. Who are we supposed to be? What role should we have in our own culture? Why did we of all people receive the ability to understand the "truth" when many smart people can't? How can we each best apply this knowledge? Where can we have the guts to have an impact? When can we start?


It's 2010...

So, anytime...

It's all up to us.





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