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25/Aug/09 @ 8:28 pm: Real-Time Update: Hand 2 Hand Combat vs. Vaccine Injuries


Swine Flu Vaccines - Order Out Of Chaos



25/Aug/09 @ 8:28 pm: Real-Time Update: Hand 2 Hand Combat vs. Vaccine Injuries

Hey TTS,

I'm at the Second Cup patio near MuchMusic, a usual haunt, working on a new ultimate anti-vaccine flyer. Hopefully anyway, I'm just starting it. Before, while I was scribbling some notes, I noticed a nice couple, a black man with dreadlocks and a white woman, with a baby, nearby. Just after they left, I quickly caught up with them, said I'm an activist working on issues parents should know about, offered them a tiny anti-vaccine flyer folded in half, and asked that they look at it later whenever they want. I said I didn't want to trouble them, but I saw they were leaving, so I thought why not, it's just a piece of paper and if it doesn't make sense they can just throw it away, but if it does hopefully they can use it. They smiled and said thanks, the guy took the folded piece of paper and put it in his pocket and we walked away saying goodbye.

You have to practice (and perfect) to say a lot with a few words since most people don't have the patience for longer entreaties from imperfect strangers, both in verbal and written form. But, if you get it right, you can quickly break the Communist Canada taboo against giving each other good advice. Right now, only the state and corporations can tell us what to do, but hopefully soon it won't be such a taboo for us to sincerely and compassionately tell each other where to go and what to do. Seriously.

A few minutes later, the guy came back to where I was still sitting, and in a non-aggressive way he asked about me. I told him I'm an activist, journalist and philosopher working on these issues. That seemed to be enough. Then he said he and his wife don't believe in vaccines or that type of stuff, but he was worried that their child wouldn't be able to go to school. I pointed out the fact that you supposedly take vaccines to prevent you from getting ill from a specific illness, so even if his child wasn't vaccinated and the other 29 children in class were, the other children should still be fine even if his child got sick, or if his child had "swine flu", then the other children should be fine if the swine flu vaccine really works. He liked the logic and we traded a little more info, but conservatively I mainly recommended the websites and exemption forms.

You have to "know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em" (Kenny Rogers) in this conspira-business, including not taking a lovely couple on a beautiful night in a beautiful city for a journey through the 9 levels of hell that are vaccine injuries. I know, I was privileged to have Dr. Andrew Moulden take me down all 9 levels of vaccine hell last summer. While I can take hours of dead-baby stories since I'm figuring out how to stop this nonsense, it's probably better to give strangers just enough to find more.

Anyway, I was told 500 words was too long of an email to read, even if it helps us beat the NWO, so I'll leave it here.

The 8 flyers a page idea is below, please download it or copy the format, leave and hand them out everywhere.

For just $20 and 3-cents a copy you get 666 pages and 5333 flyers, so laugh at the Devil and go for it.






Thanks Wayne,


I think the key is not talking to people who are not used to talking, or to people who are playing Nintendo Wii, Twittering, txting, etc., especially when they're busy, stressed, and scientifically indoctrinated into feeling defensive when these topics are brought up.

Making tiny flyers with just enough logic and info on them to focus on specific ideas needs is key -- that way they don't reject the other stuff. Just hand it to them and say "Look at it later whenever you want", that way you don't challenge their reality right away.

I've made about 20 on different topics I'm perfecting, but frankly I'd rather work on music and other unique skills, so hopefully the people who've done years of research on this are finally ready to try explaining aspects of it to the public by making flyers of their own.

My other flyer attached is the whole enchilada and we've been handing out hundreds at Dundas Square, and it's not meant for us to say "Do your own research", it's meant for other people to say "Oh, okay, I guess this is probably true, so I'll look into and get to work."

Canada in 2009 - What You Need To Know - 19Aug09





UPDATED Aug. 20th, 2009

The Vaccine Resistance Movement in Canada will hold a Nationwide Informational Demonstration and Political Protest, Friday August 28th, 29th and 30th, 2009. We want to ensure that our right as free human beings, to decide for ourselves whether or not to be vaccinated will not be violated, under ANY circumstances, and without fear of any consequences. Everyone who shares our concerns about H1N1,vaccine dangers, as well as the threat to natural health solutions under Bill C-6, needs to get involved, inform others, and to help protest the mass vaccination agenda (which may become mandatory).

On June 11th, the World Health Organization declared a Pandemic Level 6, and as such, can recommend that vaccinations be given to all citizens, of all signatory nations of the International Health Regulations (IHR), overriding constitutional rights and freedoms. As such, we want to begin now to give the W.H.O., BIG PHARMA, the federal and theprovincial governments, and their health departments, a loud and clear message:




Oh yeah, on the "We're not going to take it!" campaign, like a lot of ideas I floated it to the 207 people on our Toronto Truth Seekers listserve, plus the CAP listserve I'm on, but almost nobody around here wants to do anything, or almost nobody wants to say they want to anyway, so it's still floating in cyberspace in people's inboxes. Must be the fluoride, though honestly, if people know what the hell's going on they should be able to push past it now or they probably won't be able to later.

Hopefully that makes sense.

We had an idea of doing it on Friday from 4 - 8 pm at Union Station, a hub to the outer-limits of the city that thousands of people stream towards during rush hour, so it's perfect and we've done successful street actions there before. It's even good for people who say they can't make it on Saturdays any time during the 8 hours we're there, which a lot of people do, though outside of work commitments (that could be re-scheduled) I can't imagine why. Must be the fluoride, though honestly, c'mon...

Anyway, you know how it is.

6 months ago I let it be known nationally that we would either work together, or independently, to do more stuff in response to the globalist plans speeding up, or I would be a conspiracy-theorist whistleblower on behalf of my fellow Canadians and apologize to them for screwing up the response to the NWO plans to kill 6 billion people. Oops. We're really, really, really sorry. I know people hate the topic, but it looks like we have some "Fabian Conspiracists" in our lot, or spooks slowing things down.

Sorry, we can't afford to, so screw 'em.


P.S. Oh yeah, rah-rah, sis-boom-bah, let's all pull together, blah-blah-blah. Frankly I'm furious at the foolishness and about to snap, but I know how the game works, so I'll put out some warm'n'fuzzy NLP stuff soon. The idea that we can't sit in front of our computers, make flyers using MS Word or PowerPoint, then hand them out, drop them off, or leave them places, is insane. The fact that I have to make a 5-part course called "Flyerology" to get people to make flyers is insane. We'll see what others think.


oops, before i got pissed-off i was supposed to say we'll fold the "we're not going to take it!" action into our regular saturday street actions. we're focusing on the swine flu and other vaccines and handing out VRAN.org legal exemption forms anyway, so count toronto in for saturday, august 29th, from 1 - 9 pm, screaming we're not going to take it.

thx, bk




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