Thursday, July 30, 2009

STREET ACTION: Sat, Aug 1st, 1 - 6 pm, Dundas Square, Toronto



As long as the people want and support them, the weekly street actions will continue on Saturdays in Toronto at Dundas Square from 1 - 6 pm. It's the busiest time and place where we can reach the most people. It's fun hanging out and getting to know each other on a beautiful, relaxing and fulfilling day. If it gets rained out, we usually have a great lunch and informal meeting at Fran's two blocks south where we're known as the charming crazy people, at least as far as I can tell.

Please try to RSVP just so others can see who's coming, it will help them decide if they want to. This is pretty normal for every event I've ever seen. If the 205 members on this listserve, plus others on CAP and other listserves where everyone is free to post invitations, see a half-dozen people commit to coming, many might drop by, even just to say hello for the first time. Truthers don't like to RSVP, but keep in mind the mandatory vaccines, 9/11 anniversary, eugenics, FEMA camps, the children, and so on.

Whatever works for whoever can work on this stuff. Something has to. With a ridiculously friendly country, it's not going to get easier to speak or handle the "truth" than it is right now. People are worried, but in a good mood, so they're perfect to reach. Please consider sending a short two word email, maybe even with a "maybe", that'll do. We'll have some, but please print and bring your own flyers, dvd's and so on. Dress and groom appropriately clean-cut in truther or other gear. Only polite interactions are allowed at the table.

Sorry for stating the obvious, but once it's on record no one can complain later. If we have an issue with someone they'll know why, or they should, so that's enough. As part of our truther social contract with each other and the public, if we do things right, we'll be able to do nearly everything in ways that are above reproach. Even if someone gets mad at us, any third parties should clearly see we're not in the wrong and be sympathetic. Please RSVP and share any other ideas about how you want your Toronto Truth Seekers street action run.


P.S. I uploaded a bunch of campaign flyers (plus-plus), including ones on vaccines and fluoride that I strongly recommend checking out. If this city is covered in these, everyone will reject the idea of both fairly quickly, leading to simple populist political solutions. They're cost effective, or at 3-cents a page, for $20 you can make 666 copies and 5333 flyers. They can be left places and/or given to strangers as you walk away so people can deal with reality-shattering information whenever they feel like it. Check them out and please use and/or share these versions and/or create your own.

P.P.S. Here's a few videos courtesy of Mr. Steven Davies from back in the day...

Toronto 9/11 Truth - The Early Years

A collection of mostly unseen footage of Toronto 9/11 Truth at various events and rallies, filmed throughout 2007.



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