Monday, August 03, 2009

STREET ACTION: Sat, Aug 8th, 1 - 9 pm, Dundas Square, Toronto, Canada


Hello Toronto Truth Seekers,

Just a head's up, they're going great and 10 people were at the last one, so we're thinking of having 2 shifts at the street action, the first from 1 - 5 pm, the second from 5 - 9 pm, with people going out after if they feel like it. That way people can come whenever they want, take breaks, etc.

If people RSVP for the first and second shift, then I promise I'll stick around for the whole thing. But I won't do it alone. On our own we can be seen as crazy, but with two people we don't look to crazy to make a friend. People also know they can approach the table and not have to talk to anyone because the two people there can talk to each other, so it's a friendlier vibe to put out. We don't mind people just reading or taking stuff and walking away, maybe they're just learning about it.

Frankly if we were there on Saturday night, when Marchello and I were part of the huge crowds of people randomly being pushed around as part of likely NLE '09 (or some other) martial law population control exercises, we would've had thousands of people approaching our table. It was terrifying insanity for an average event, but it was a lot like the SPP protests in Montebello see in "The Nation's Deathbed", so ordinary people are starting to feel what activists go through at protests.

There's a real opportunity to plan to be at places where we know there will be a lot of people at certain times, including staying later at Dundas Square as relaxed (bored?) people casually stroll over after a busy shopping day. Please suggest options for the next 6 weeks until September 11th.



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p.s. this is an awesome video by mr. steven davies, the gifted young filmmaker behind "the nation's deathbed". it's also been entered into a youtube contest to win being featured on many anti-nwo sites, including that of his "deathbed" co-conspirator dan dicks. feel free to check it out and pass it on! :-)

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