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Thunder Bay - Council says no to fluoride




Alex Jones Tv: Canada to Participate in NLE 09!



the fluoro-nazi's tried for 10 years to fluoridate the water and, by a 6 - 5 vote, the council said no. hey, a win's a win. this is also great news to use for the people of toronto. it needs a little work though, fortunately the cats in the comments are on it. the article misses a ton of key facts, probably deliberately, to make it seem like it's a simple choice between belief systems, mainstream or alternative, without no regard for the specific points on each side. but, as long as we see that we can point it out, explain the problem and introduce the facts. it's great to have the ammo to clearly point out the media's dumbing-down technique of giving us the news -- or what we should think -- without explaining anything in detail -- so we can't understand or explain it either -- but so that we still believe it as a matter of practiced faith in the plans of the increasingly genocidally zany establishment. they're going to keep pulling crazier and crazier stuff just to keep themselves interested. our belief that carbon dioxide, or CO2, or what we exhale, should be declared a poisonous gas like obama recently did, or is a threat to the planet, or that the weather changing is scary, or that we can control is by controlling a tiny fraction of a gas that's only 4% of all greenhouse gases, is another example. it's all crap. it's easy to see for the craptastically crappy craptastrophic craptaclysm that it all is. if.

some things make perfect sense if you don't think about them.

but, if you think about them, they make no sense at all.

anyway, feel free to share and share alike... :-)

"I sit here dumbfounded that you don’t listen to the experts that you hire," Stechey told council. "Your public health officials are telling you this (fluoridating water) is the way to go."

2009-07-21 at 04:06

Council says no to fluoride

By Jamie Smith, tbnewswatch

City council rode a wave of perceived public opinion early Tuesday morning, voting against a resolution to study the fluoridation of Thunder Bay’s water.

An option that would have brought the matter before citizens as a plebiscite was also turned down by a vote of 6-5.

"We can educate people on nutrition, proper oral care…those are the steps that I’m prepared to take first," said Coun. Trevor Giertuga. "I personally don’t want (fluoride) in my water."

While Giertuga said calls and emails from the public were three to one against fluoridation, Mayor Lynn Peterson said she believed it was more like 10 to one. Peterson voted against the resolution due to environmental concerns and personal choice.

"My issue is 2 million pounds of (fluoride) being washed through our system with only one per cent being consumed (by the public)," said Peterson. "The rest being flushed into the Great Lakes."

Council heard deputations supporting the resolution from more than 10 public health officials from across the province. Ontario Dental Association president Dr. Ira Kirshen, Chief Dental Officer for Health Canada, Dr. Peter Cooney and Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario president Dr. Frank Stechey all spoke at the meeting to convince council of the benefits of fluoridated water.

"I sit here dumbfounded that you don’t listen to the experts that you hire," Stechey told council. "Your public health officials are telling you this (fluoridating water) is the way to go."

Thunder Bay District Health Unit officials have been actively campaigning to get the city’s water supply fluoridated since 2007. Three officials from the health unit spoke to council regarding the safety of fluoride and the urgency in which it’s needed for the local water supply.

"The oral health of Thunder Bay’s children is poor and it’s getting worse," said the health unit’s Cathy Farrell. "We’re well above red flag levels for tooth decay."

City administration said the matter could still be put to a plebiscite if a petition can be signed by 10 per cent of the city’s voters – about 8,600 signatures.
The marathon meeting concluded at 2:40 a.m.

With much of the agenda left untouched, council deferred other matters until Tuesday evening.

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P.S. Oh yeah, "problem, reaction, solution", right. Okay, first of all, get informed and don't worry about it, stress weakens your immunity, then all this stuff really nails ya. Next, take small steps as circumstance allows to get away from fluoridated water or fluoride in anything, especially because it's also used in higher doses to medicationally sedate people. Incidentally, all this takes a lil' Googlin', but as long as people can do that they'll be fine. Once you've developed a little roadmap for understanding this situation and what to do about it, simplify the process of learning about it and defending yourself from it and include the proof, then pass it on to family, friends or strangers in any ways you can. There's more, but once people see the results of their own efforts and creativity, especially when many assume they have none despite feeding their creative juices with tons of info they're dying to share, and especially when they find ways to be appreciated by others for it, then their energy and spirits will be lifted and they'll be in a better mind-set to figure out more ways to beat the New World Order. It's not hard to beat the New World Order. We just have to think about how to beat the New World Order. That's all. Plus of course prove we did by sharing what we think of. Plus of course prove it could work by trying it out. Plus of course work with others like the bad guys do.

Here's a little bowl of tossed conspira-salad with a side of fluoride for ya... enjoy! :-)

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Fluoride Action Network



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Blogger Doug Plumb said...

Hey BK,

I was in a drug store the other day looking for iodine supplements (we need these or kelp as supplements). The woman thought I meant Fluoride supplements. So I was wondering why anyone would want fluoride supplements. Its good for your teeth and bones according to the Pharma assistant. Hmmmm. We don't have fluoride in the tap water here.

3:27 PM  
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