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The End of Global Warming


This should do.

There's a lot more especially in the interviews and elsewhere, but I can't make it longer since people won't read it, especially the people who need it. Assuming the person you speak with will deal with them, this should provide enough facts and logic for anyone to defeat the problem of believing in anything because they feel like it, part of the mumbo-jumbo New World Order New Age movement weakening our critical thinking skills thanks to media takeout everywhere.

We can't just say it's fine for people to watch Fox News and endorse killing people needlessly for bloodthirsty war-profiteers who abuse all of us with the "War on Terror Rapture" for the Right, so we can't just say it's fine for people to believe in "An Inconvenient Truth" which means the "Global Warming Rapture" for the Left will just endorse making life a lot more inconvenient for all of us without addressing any real concerns to our health or the health of the planet.

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The End of Global Warming

12 | March | 2008


According to Professor Timothy Ball, a veteran 30-year Canadian climate scientist who I contacted after seeing "The Great Global Warming Swindle" and had the privilege of interviewing for nearly 3 hours on separate occasions, CO2 is only 4% of greenhouse gases, the rest is mostly water and humans and contribute to only a tiny fraction of it regardless of their activity.

Humans mess up the planet, but not in the way the corporations and foundations who own the mass and indie media make us think, to say nothing of the fact that individuals are hardly responsible, so individual sacrifices are hardly necessary when compared to the organizations we should really hold accountable.

Besides, if you really want to get rid of CO2 you'd empty the oceans of all those environmentally unfriendly fish and plankton exhaling, plus volcanos and more.

But you don't want to because higher concentrations of CO2 have stimulated plant-life, including greenhouses where they grow plants and pump 3x as much into them to grow them faster, which would occur on the rest of the planet too as it has in the past.

Oh yeah, sorry but these stupid anti-neocon spammer asides are necessary: Professor Ball is a "real" climate scientist, that's why his peers verified his credentials over a 30-year career of research, teaching, public speaking and being invited to events.

As a retired man he doesn't get paid by any big and evil companies for giving speeches to the politicians and corporate executives destroying the planet or the celebrities brainwashing us like Al Gore does either.

I've been fooled in my life too, so I can't front on those who buy what nearly every corporate and independent media outlet is mysteriously selling, but what's most amazing about the idiots pushing this rubbish at the top is they often teach people to say:

"It's not global warming -- it's climate change!"

Which means they were already wrong in guaranteeing a scalding apocalypse for the next 50 years if we didn't act right now -- and -- a few months later saying they don't know what the hell will happen -- but -- it will be really bad because of us puny humans and our size 9 carbon footprints -- so -- we should be taxed for everything we do.

Most of the promoters don't talk about anything else when there are tons of real concerns affecting us today as opposed to them fooling us into worrying about 20 years from now. You have to wonder why.

This is sheer lunacy that we can expose to blow their whole game wide-open, I love it, they messed up by not labeling the "carbon tax" the "life fund" or something else too. (Oops, I may have given them ammo.)

There's more in these interviews, the first in March 2007 is 45 minutes and the second in November 2007 is 2 hours in 4 parts.

We killed it.

That'll do, stay up y'all, the more cocky they get in pulling stupider and stupider stuff to impress their peers with the control they have over us the more we get to laugh at them, which is fun for everyone.

There's also the recent gift of global cooling and snow where there shouldn't be during the Ides of March, or somebody's way of telling us once again that politicians and corporations are ridiculous liars who get us all-hyped up over something that changes nothing for the better.

Let's get it.

Of course... it makes sense if you don't think about it, but if you do -- then sweet god -- it makes absolutely no sense at all! ;-)



GLOBAL WARMING: Black Krishna and Professor Timothy Ball Explain


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