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MARCH 8TH: International Women's Day... If They Shecide To Win It's NWOver! :-)


Talk by Naomi Wolf - The End of America


MARCH 8TH: International Women's Day... If They Shecide To Win It's NWOver! :-)


Newspaper Fakes Story Of Actress’ “Apology” Over 9/11 Comments

Paul Joseph Watson | Prison Planet | Mar 3, 2008

Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard has refused to yield to a non-existent media-manufactured "outrage" and recant her comments about 9/11, as some newspapers falsely claim that she has "apologized" for discussing the collapse of the WTC complex and sharing doubts about the official story held by the majority of Americans.


AOL Celeb Gossip Site Calls Cotillard a “Bitch” for 9/11 Comments

Kurt Nimmo | Truth News | Mar 3, 2008

Apparently, AOL condones name-calling instead of journalism, as its TMZ website, sort of a dizzy Hollywood gossip parking place, has called Marion Cotillard an “Oscar bitch” for the crime of speaking her mind in regard to the events of September 11, 2001. “Marion - foie gras you,” the online zine declares, sans any class whatsoever.



International Women's Day has been observed since in the early 1900's, a time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialized world that saw booming population growth and the rise of radical ideologies.

1908 - 2008: 100 Years of Marching and Still Going!



International Women's Day Radio Show... If They Shecide To Win It's NWOver! :-)

67 mins




Celebrity Babylon | Dec 5, 2007

When Yahoo! broke the news that Britney Spears was their most searched item in 2007, we weren't surprised. It's been quite a year for Britney. Since so much has happened, we've decided to put together a list of the most popular terms including the phrase "Britney Spears."

And the winners are:

1. Britney Spears photos (114 million hits)

2. Britney Spears sex (110 million hits)

3. Britney Spears news (110 million hits)

4. Britney Spears baby (79.3 million hits)

5. Britney Spears nude (54.3 million hits)

6. Britney Spears pregnant (32.4 million hits)

7. Britney Spears lesbian photos (24.8 million hits)

8. Britney Spears shaved head (8.09 million hits)

9. Britney Spears crotch (5.81 million hits)

10. Britney Spears Starbucks (4.1 million hits)



By Merck-Frosst makers of Vioxx!


The cervical cancer vaccines WILL NOT cure or treat cervical cancer.


Severe adverse reactions HAVE OCCURRED including ER visits, permanent damage and death.


You can STILL GET cervical cancer AFTER having the vaccine.


The cervical cancer vaccines WILL NOT prevent cervical cancer.


Marines promises a full investigation into puppy-throwing video

Associated Press | Mar 6, 2008

Military officials say they haven't confirmed the identity of a U.S. Marine seen throwing a puppy off a rocky cliff in a disturbing video.


A worldwide call to antiwar women

Salon | Jan 26, 2006

A stirring essay by Medea Benjamin in this week's edition of the Nation asks American women one tough question: Why aren't you doing more to stop the war?

...So in honor of this year's International Women's Day -- March 8 -- Benjamin and her colleagues from around the world have drafted a Global Women's Call for Peace in Iraq, in the hope that "the idea of women worldwide putting pressure on the US government would inspire US women to stand up as well."



...She recently was found down in Atlanta talking to young girls about how “It's Cool To Be Smart” Music Mentor Program for teen girls. This went down in the A with HOT 107.9 FM from Radio One.

Here are a couple pictures and video.



Boys: Act Stupid, Act Tough, Shoot Stuff!

Girls: Make Your Hair Shiny, Make Your Ass Tiny!

The problem is not with isolated stories or ideas that reflect a healthy appreciation for free speech, but rather with the consistent messages being mysteriously broadcast across most media outlets that influence our behavior in the same way advertising does - with the subliminal impact of repetition altering our globalizing and standardizing culture. Check out most of what we get from television, movies, music, magazines, videogames and more and see if you agree that we might need to learn a bit more than this.

We're being herded into normalizing suicidal-nihilism and shunning anyone who doesn't drink the Kool-Aid as an outcaste regardless of whether or not we're happy as individuals with what we're being told we should do. We're being turned into children so we're unable to deal with anything serious when serious stuff like the biggest recession in history is happening.

We're under attack.

Don't count on the media to help, they do enough to keep our attention but not enough to keep us safe - Ed.


"Oh yeah, I wonder what my boyfriend is going to get me?"

- Strawberry-blonde on International Women's Day at Starbucks


Hey Folks,

The good news is we love women; the better news is they love themselves! ;-P


The good news is the women who get involved in "truth" movements kick guys' asses.

The good news is the women who can make a difference make a huge one.

The good news is the women who can make you proud can be found.


The good news is sex sells and sexy women can sell truth.

The good news is sex sells and it's more valuable if it's less available.

The good news is sex sells and we can learn how we're sexually sold-out.


The good news is women recognize the intensifying pressure on them.

The good news is women recognize the need for balance in brains and beauty.

The good news is women recognize the right mechanisms for change are needed.


The good news is women know that cliche conversations only appeal to a few.

The good news is women know that new solutions are needed.

The good news is women know that they can find them.


The good news is women know they're not supposed to pick fights with people.

The good news is women know they're not supposed to feel miserable.

The good news is women know they're not supposed to fail.


The good news is women like having options.

The good news is women like having more options than ever.

The good news is women like having the option of putting options in context.


The good news is that we know marketers know if they get women they get men and children too.

The good news is that guys will easily listen to and even dance to music they absolutely hate.

The good news is that relationships will always improve by having better conversations.


The good news is a woman has the power to turn her man into a liar or a pussy.

The good news is a woman hates nothing more than her man being a liar or pussy.

The good news is a women can get informed and to use her power to build a good man.


The good news is we know that cancer research is only for drugs and not prevention.

The good news is we can stop donating to charities that can afford to advertise.

The good news is we can prevent breast-cancer from xeno-estrogen in plastic.


The good news is women know they've been screwed by their media.

The good news is women know they've been screwed by their healthcare.

The good news is women know they've been screwed by their lack of answers.


The good news is women are the key to kicking our NWOwners asses.

The good news is women are willing to work even harder than men.

The good news is women are learning to become individuals.


The good news is women hate the women they're sold in the mass media.

The good news is women hate the women they're told to emulate.

The good news is women have the women they need to admire.



Sibel Edmonds, Indira Singh, Wendy Callahan, Devvy Kidd, Karen Kwiatkowski, Deborah Stevens, Bev Collins, Naomi Wolf, Charlotte Iserbyt, Vickie Karp, Karen Renick, Afua Cooper, Janice Matthews, Sara A. Carter, Phylis Schlafly, Cindy Sheehan and many more.


CONNIE FOGAL: Leader of the Canadian Action Party, the only federally registered Canadian political party telling the truth about every truth they find. If they're smart and lucky she'll be the next Prime Minister too. CAP was founded by former Deputy Prime Minister Paul Hellyer who reached the second highest position in government, took at look around and said: "Holy corrupted crap! I've gotta start a new party!" As a former lawyer and professor who's lead CAP for 10 years, Ms. Fogal and the primarily female leadership are the ultimate advocates against the ultimate powers running the world into the ground by defending our health, economy and sovereignty against Gardasil, Central Banksters and the / North American Union. If we accurately aim our criticism "up" we'll stop the same people who control our socialization and give us the problems most of us worry about, stop worrying and start controlling our lives -

KATHERINE ALBRECHT: Co-author with Liz McIntyre of "Spychips" and the world's foremost expert on the dangers of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, the former California valley girl and Harvard educated PhD hosts a daily radio show Monday to Friday from 9 - 11 am CST on the We The People Radio Network at, with downloadable archives and syndication near you. While most people remain unaware, RFID chips are openly discussed in circles Dr. Albrecht dares to enter and question, including tracking every single product on earth to give corporate-fascist governments complete profiles on our shopping habits, which is happening with the dot in the "i" on a Bic razor for example. The goal of implanting "Spychips" in people that contain all our information which can be shut-off at the whim of the state is being slowed thanks to her efforts, they've been proven to cause cancer too, so give her a hand before yours has a chip in it -

BEV HARRIS: Founder of, star of HBO's "Hacking Democracy" and the premier expert on the dangers of electronic voting machines that helped steal the U.S. Presidential election in 2004 as proven by the two Ohio men recently jailed for it. While elections have always been stolen, the rise of the machines make it much easier to steal them today, so by exposing the massive security risks Ms. Harris and her often female teams across America are providing an incredible public service to safeguard democracy worldwide. After noticing electoral-count irregularities as an ordinary citizen in 2004, Ms. Harris started doing some math, figured out the official numbers didn't add up, asked questions and found herself taking action when no one else would. With the focus on "change" in the 2008 U.S. Presidential elections among others, the best one would be changing the voting system to make sure we get the change we want -

CAROLE BROUILLET: Energizing anti-globalization activist and organizer who created the clever "Deception Dollars" with over 6 million copies distributed exposing the lies surrounding the 9/11 attacks, central banksters and their control over our lives and money and more. Ms. Brouillet has been at the forefront of efforts to change America and the world's political systems for years with a tireless and infectious enthusiasm, including running for Congress, arranging for events and street-actions and hosting a radio show on Mondays from 10 pm to Midnight CST on the We The People Radio Network at, with downloadable archives and syndication near you. Coming from a fairly comfortable background and working with many journalists and activists, she was surprised to find their reluctance to tackle the biggest issues related to the deepest and darkest truths she uncovered, but pressed-on nonetheless for the benefit of humanity -

CYNTHIA MCKINNEY: Former Congresswomen (D-GA) for 6-terms before a vicious attack by both Democrats and Republicans working together finally ousted her from her seat, she questioned the official story of 9/11 early and suffered for her efforts to protect us from the "War on Terror" and unprecedented levels of government control. As an African-American woman, star of the Sundance Award-Winning "American Blackout" documentary, unwavering populist and advocate, Ms. McKinney has suffered the slings and arrows of those with outrageous fortunes including many death threats to continue her efforts to wake-up and shake-up the "system" by questioning Donald Rumsfeld at a 2006 House Armed Services Committee Meeting on the $2.3 trillion missing from the Pentagon, Dyncorp running child-sex slavery rings and NORAD wargames thwarting the 9/11 response. Ms. McKinney is currently running for U.S. President for the Green Party -


McKinney Grills Rumsfeld

8 mins


Talk by Naomi Wolf - The End of America

47 mins


Charlotte Iserbyt - The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

45 mins - Starts 25 minutes into video


Peace, (NOW!!!)



Black Krishna Brand

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Welcome to 21st Century Propaganda...

We hope you enjoyed your stay and will be leaving shortly... - radio

South Park breaks down the herd...


Award Winning Reporter Details U.S. Media Blackout On Mexican Military Incursions

Washington Times investigator exposes mayhem on the southern border

Steve Watson | | Mar 6, 2008

An award winning reporter has detailed an ongoing media blackout concerning a major issue of national security on the southern border.

Sara A. Carter, National Security and Pentagon reporter for the Washington Times, spoke to the Alex Jones show today regarding consistent incursions into the U.S. by armed Mexican troops aiding illegal smugglers.


New Documents Reveal North American Union PR Campaign

Journalist acquires memos detailing secretive group's efforts to counter critics

Steve Watson | | Mar 7, 2008

New documents have been uncovered that reveal how heads of state of the U.S., Mexico and Canada are beseeching business leaders they privately meet with to launch public relations campaigns in order to counter critics of the secretive Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP).


Lou Dobbs: New World Order Can Be Defeated

Popular CNN host attacks Bush administration for "shameless" destruction of sovereignty

Paul Joseph Watson | Prison Planet | Mar 7, 2008

CNN host Lou Dobbs says that the New World Order can be defeated but only if "Americans awaken and soon," as he attacked the Bush administration's "shameless" destruction of U.S. sovereignty on a nationally syndicated radio show.

"What we have permitted in allowing the Bush administration to have effectively further reduced our sovereignty and respect for our laws and certainly regard for our borders and our ports - it's been a shameless, shameless period in American history that we're going to have to reverse," Dobbs told the Alex Jones Show.


FEMINISM: Dr. Henry Makow On The Problem With The People Who Give Us Our Problems


AARON RUSSO was a friend of Nick Rockefeller, a member of the iconic American family, who told him the reason the Rockefeller Foundation and other government and media institutions they and other super-wealthy families controlled first promoted the hell out of feminism was because half the population wasn't working and they wanted to tax them, add to their corporate workforce, get women addicted to buying things, take the kids early to brainwash them into being consumers and producers and promote fighting between the genders and independence to destroy the family structure that passed on wisdom and strength so people were weaker and easier to control.

There is no question that women need equal rights and opportunities in sexist societies, but like many failing charitable causes (see: Africa) we have to carefully study the individual mechanisms and their impact to see if they're working or not in making us happy and successful. People may refuse to for a variety of reasons, but the bottom is line they're not working hard enough to solve the problems they say they want to which means they will persist. There are many branches of feminism, some good, some bad, so learn the big picture and goals of the people who run the world to figure out which ones to support - Ed.


AARON RUSSO: Rockefeller Admitted Elite Goal Of Microchipped Population

15 mins - Feminism Story starts at 7 mins


The Feminist Movement was a CIA project of social programming

The CIA and the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations funded Ms. Magazine and Gloria Steinem and elements of the feminist movement

Cary | Oct. 04, 2007

No, I’m not some sexist that believes women should be bare foot and pregnant, slaving away take care of the home. I believe that all people regardless of sex, ethnicity and whatever qualifier you come up with should have equal rights, equal pay and respect and dignity given as a human being.

And the feminist movement was social programming by the CIA, the Ford Foundation and other globalist organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR is a creation of John D. Rockefeller and is run by his grandson, David Rockefeller. This is all well documented. Ms. Steinem herself has admitted this, although she didn’t want the information to get out in the 1970’s. Under “Operation Mockingbird” the CIA infiltrated the US media organizations and recruited writers and broadcasters to control what we refer to as the “main stream media.” The CIA has been practicing spying on dissidents since the 1950’s in what they call COINTELPRO operations, or “Counter Intelligence Programs.” Cord Meyers of the CIA recruited Steinem into the CIA in 1958. Her job was to direct “activists” in a group called the “Independent Research Service.”

The following some snips from an article published in The Village Voice on May 21, 1979.

“Inside the CIA with Gloria Steinem”

by Nancy Borman

The near-total blackout on the Steinem/Random House censorship story is reminiscent of the level of enthusiasm Redstockings encountered when they first tried to get coverage for the story of Steinem and the CIA.

Their 16-page tabloid "press release" charging that Steinem had covered up a 10-year association with the CIA and that Ms. magazine, which she had founded, was endangering the women's liberation movement struck the 1975 MORE conference like a new war coming over the wire. The hotel was abuzz and people snatched up the releases, but when it came to actually writing the story, nearly everyone bowed out. One reporter criticized the women for not obtaining Steinem's side of the story before publishing the release. Others skimmed the material and dismissed it as old news, which was partially true. Still others thought it was McCarthyistic both in tone and casual conclusions.

In 1967 both the New York Times and the Washington Post carried interviews with Steinem in the wake of Ramparts' expose of CIA funding of the National Student Association and other organizations. Steinem was the founder and director of one of those groups, Independent Research Service, for which she had solicited and obtained CIA money to carry out covert operations at Communist youth festivals in Vienna and Helsinki in 1959 and 1952. Unlike most of the other principals in the scandal, who had repudiated their past work with the agency and turned over information to the press, Steinem defended her secret deal with the CIA, calling the undermining of the youth festivals "the CIA's finest hour."

There’s a lot more background in the article, but I’ll let you go to the link above and read it yourself. Basically, Gloria Steinem was part of the CIA's "Operation Mockingbird."

“Operation Mockingbird”

This CIA operation was the infiltration of corporate media in an effort to take over major news outlets. Deborah Davis’ book, “Katharine the Great : Katharine Graham and Her Washington Post Empire,” shows that the CIA “owned” journalists of the New York Times, Newsweek, CBS and other media outlets. A quote from Ms. Davis’ book.

“By the early 1950´s, the CIA owned respected members of the New York Times, Newsweek, CBS and other communication vehicles, plus stringers, four to six hundred in all according to a former CIA analyst."

The CIA admitted in 1982 that reporters on the CIA payroll had acted as case officers for field agents. Philip Graham, who published the Washington Post, ran the operation until his suicide in 1963. Graham has been quoted as saying, “you could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple of hundred dollars a month.” Allen Dulles of the CIA oversaw the operation.



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