Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"We're being turned into children so we're unable to deal..."


Neo-Cons Scramble To Downplay Shameful Puppy Video

Paul Joseph Watson | Prison Planet | Mar 4, 2008

UPDATE: David Motari, Alleged Puppy Killer, Tracked Down

Emotionally castrated Neo-Cons are doing everything in their power to downplay shameful scenes of U.S. Marines throwing a puppy off a cliff in Iraq, while others are openly and sickeningly lamenting the fact that the poor victim was just a puppy and not an Iraqi baby.

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Heya [redacted],

Great to hear from you and I'm glad you enjoyed it, hopefully others find it valuable, I get a few emails back per e-blast including from the press that let me know I'm having an impact.

Sometimes it's tough with what's going on, but I've tried to modify my style since we're being socialized to only pay attention to information that makes us happy, something that allows sad things to happen on a regular basis while we ignore it.

We're being turned into children so we're unable to deal with things getting worse in a rational way, but everything we need to know is contained in the missives along with the proof of what I'm saying, including ways to work around it by finding power in empowering others with practical benefits for the whole world.

There's some new crazy developments, including an 8-week old Iraqi puppy being tossed off a cliff by a U.S. soldier that made the news, or the type of thing that resonates with us more than the deaths of people, with the video followed up by hundreds of similar ones floating around the web of soldiers who will soon return home and join the police force.

Even the greatest golfer in the world Tiger Woods has to play the ball where it lands, so I'm working on something else now relating to it. There's more mainstream news anchors calling for 9/11 Truthers to be thrown in concentration camps, it's been happening for a few years now and I'm afraid of what the (usual) effects of the repetition will soon be.

It's wild meng, especially for those of us of a certain age and wisdom, the world moves in slow-motion in a dangerous direction most of us recognize on a subconscious level, as long as we're conscious of it hopefully we'll all grab the wheel and steer clear... :-)




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