Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Front Runner Ron Paul Calls for March on Washington DC


March on Washington, Ron Paul Announces!



Front Runner Ron Paul Calls for March on Washington DC

Written by Gary Franchi
Tuesday, 12 February 2008

RTR Washington, DC - In a recent video posted by the Ron Paul Campaign, Presidential front runner Ron Paul calls on his supporters for a full scale march on Washington. Reinforcing his presidential bid he instructed his base "...Stay engaged, stay active and do not be disillusioned... we can't drop the ball right now."

His proposal for a march on Washington began, "There is something we ought to do, I think we ought to have a grand display... we should have a true march...", Paul stated before cautioning his supporters about the risks of such an action. The leading contender for the White House alluded that a march on Washington could send as powerful a message as the money bombs forcing the media to take notice once again. Paul cautioned, "...at the same time if nobody shows up... it might mean that there are not enough of us, that we don't have the energy... maybe we didn't want to go to Washington."

Paul reflected on political rallies of the past, "...but others have gone to Washington and people remember the grand rallies..." His message was clear, "I'm at a point where we need to make a grand stand... stand firm see where the numbers are... see if the remnant is there and see how big it is. We cannot count the remnant but we can certainly energize those whom have been identified already..."

Positive feedback has already been given as Paul stated, "I have talked with others and they say this is a great idea..."

His talk also mentioned the music of the Ron Paul Revolution, "...There so much good music associated with this campaign there is no reason we can't do what others have done in Washington."

Realizing the hour our republic is in he remarked that we are at a crossroads and we need to turn this country around real soon. Remembering the beginning of his campaign, "... we weren't ready and that's why I was reluctant... but when I got involved I found out that there were many more than I ever dreamed of... now were at a point and I believe it is more crucial, we have to realize exactly where we stand.

"If we do this right and we really have a grand rally, and a grand march, and then their are question marks left... then they will know that we cannot be ignored... they know we are a force and a growing force... so I'm throwing this out as an idea and I hope everybody will join... because if it isn't an acceptable Idea there will be no purpose in it, and it won't do us any good, but I happen to believe that is can work and it has to work... so if we really want to take a stand for freedom take a stand that nobody can ignore us."

"This grand march on Washington... would have to be done rather soon I'm not talking about six months or a year I'm talking about rather soon 3 or 4 months... before the convention... so hopefully we can put this all together... hopefully I can get the enthusiasm from all of you just I have received enthusiastic support for this campaign... this is no time to back off this is the time to march forward."

Days that should be considered are Monday May 1st Labor day, the start of summer, a day when everyone has off (about 2 1/2 months away) or perhaps Saturday, June 15th, Flag day (4 months away). These dates would give the adequate amount of time to plan and execute such a grand event.

Stay tuned to http://RestoreTheRepublic.com for the latest developments on the Ron Paul March on Washington.




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