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CO2 = CO2: A Letter to a Friend About The Biggest Joke In History


"Now I command you niggaz to get money..."

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CO2 = CO2: A Letter to a Friend About The Biggest Joke In History


heya truthers,

i know the global warming / climate change / sustainable development / environmentalism / green-orgy / plansturbation topic is tough to handle, i just hit up a friend of mine in response to his "earth hour" invitation to let him know what i think. see if any ideas in it work for you and feel free to steal 'em unsourced like they're your own, i'm easy and just wanna win and then destroy my branez with booze... ;-P



heya [redacted],

sorry man, i don't want to tell you this because i know you're into it, but be careful with what the corporate media owned by the corporations destroying the planet sells you.

a lot of the problems and solutions they give us are fake and get us to feel guilty and blame each other instead of them while avoiding real environmental issues like GMO foods. this conveniently allows them to keep us distracted while they continue destroying the planet.

there's lots of science, logic and other evidence to look at, but people selling fake stuff train their followers not to look at it. the same fascist techniques that make people say "bush is jesus and i won't listen to anyone who says otherwise!" work on the rest of us "humans" too,

it's just different lies for the fake "left" and "right" political divide that make us scared of hearing the other side. i've changed my mind a bunch of times because i've kept an open-mind, it's supposed to be how we learn stuff, i think.

incidentally, i don't know if you remember learning this back in school, but CO2 is what animals exhale and plants use for photosynthesis to produce oxygen for us. it's not bad for plants or the environment. it's CO2. it's a stable gas we've used for millions of years that doesn't change - or - it would be called something else. it's CO2. yet... it's all the mass media talks about. it's by far the biggest joke in history.

i'm kind of glad actually. if they chose a real environmental problem and gave us a fake solution it would be harder to beat, but this CO2 stuff is so incredibly silly that we should be able to wake billions to the fraud and expose the real criminals once and for all.

onward to victory! ;-)

it has nothing to do with "global warming" either.

wait, they were wrong about that too.

after guaranteeing a scalding apocalypse for the next 50 years if we didn't immediately change our ways they switched to "climate change", which means without proving any scientific connection between our actions and the weather the temperature can change on it's own as it has for millions of years - but - they can point to anything and say we did it, from sunny days to hurricanes, which isn't enough scientific proof to ask us to sacrifice anything.

i'll leave it here for now, if you want to keep believing in this stuff then fine, i won't mess up your day by pointing out how dangerous it is with all the new "taxes" on CO2 driving up prices and killing poor people worldwide - first - and then the rest of us.

if you want to know more or hear the other side then let me know, you're smart and have some influence so we could use your help in saving lives.



hey [redacted],

i'm sick of all the CIActivism and Big Pharmacide fundraising black holes and figure we should just put out exactly what we want to do with the money. i've said this stuff in dozens of conversations to general approval and will have to codify it, it's also what i'm planning to do for my MP campaign after i get it down in such a way that everyone else can as well.

like now.

to wit:

we put a list of specific projects out for people to donate to that will appeal to specific interests as opposed to throwing money at an organization and having no idea how it's used. we can target health, terror, environmentalism, rights, monetary policy or whatever.

you can insert whatever topic (vaccines?) and plan (hospital district?) and whatever movie/flyer ("terrorstorm"? "endgame"? "money as debt"?) into the formula so people have options to choose from based on what they feel strongly about.

anonymous donors (and others) will have to use a number or name or some other identifier to certify it's their donation for their own needs, they can get creative or funny with it. we can also use paypal and other options.

we get our cashing the cheque or bringing the sealed envelope full of cash to wherever we go on video to certify how it's used and who's using it, open it at the DVD burning or photocopy place and hand it to the guy we made a previous agreement with, or hand it to the bank with the specific account dedicated to the specific cause and show the balance.

we may get jacked with a couple of fakes but it's a chance we take.

if we want to make 1000 copies of "terrorstorm" (eg.) at a cost of $500 we put it out on craig's list and other sites as an open tender and see who's interested in contributing. every city in the world in semi-free and semi-fascist countries like ours can do the same, with the odds of getting jacked by a "truther" charity a fraction of what they are with the others, a fact we'll happily expose through the process as well.

there, that'll do, let's see if anyone wants to build off it, i'm easy... :-)




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