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(Shoulda...) MARCH 17th: Elect MP Doug Plumb vs. The New World Order, Relax...


MARCH 17th: Elect MP Doug Plumb vs. The New World Order, Relax & Exhale Carbon-Tax-Free CO2! :-)


'Million' march against Iraq war

Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of London to
voice their opposition to military action against Iraq.

BBC News | February 16, 2003

Police said it was the UK's biggest ever demonstration with at least
750,000 taking part, although organisers put the figure closer to two

I thought I needed to show that we were against the war so the prime
minister can't say that he has the backing of his people

There were also anti-war gatherings in Glasgow and Belfast - all part
of a worldwide weekend of protest with hundreds of rallies and marches
in up to 60 countries.



NOTE: The mass media only reports on anti-war protests 'after' they take place, if at all, so look harder for the one this weekend near you to stop a real environmental problem affecting us now as opposed
to guessing about what could happen in twenty years - depleted uranium
- used in weapons of war on soldiers and citizens and increasing rates
of cancer and birth defects worldwide as tiny particles of D.U. dust
get carried by the wind...


Depleted Uranium: The Trojan Horse of Nuclear War

Leuren Moret | World Affairs | The Journal of International Issues |
July 1, 2004

The use of depleted uranium weaponry by the United States, defying all
international treaties, will slowly annihilate all species on earth
including the human species, and yet this country continues to do so
with full knowledge of its destructive potential.



"Here's a little song I wrote
You might want to sing it note for note
Don't worry, be happy
In every life we have some trouble
But when you worry you make it double
Don't worry, be happy
Don't worry, be happy now..."

- Bobby McFerrin, "Don't Worry Be Happy", 1988



5 Years Too Many - 'End the War in Iraq, Bring the Troops Home Now'
say Texans for Peace

As the 5th anniversary of the start of the current war in Iraq nears,
Texans for Peace say 'no more to war'. Texans for Peace have kicked
off a month of peace and antiwar activities throughout the state
including marches, vigils, protests, sermons and films.



Speak out against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars on March 15

Time has validated position taken by NUPGE five years ago

The Canadian Peace Alliance and the Collectif Échec à la guerre are
calling for a pan-Canadian mobilization on March 15 to coincide with
the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

Protests will be held around the world that weekend in a global day of
action to end the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.



The World Against War

International Demonstrations: March 15 - 22, 2008



"You're only free when you're after the truth."

- Doug Plumb, MP Candidate, Toronto-Centre By-Election, March 17th


MARCH 17th: Vote MP Doug Plumb vs. The New World Order

1 min 28 secs



"I don't think there is any longer a credible basis for doubting that
the earth's atmosphere is heating up because of global warming."

- Al Gore, Beacon Theatre, NY, January 15, 2004



NOAA: Coolest Winter Since 2001 for U.S., Globe | March 13, 2008

The average temperature across both the contiguous U.S. and the globe
during climatological winter (December 2007-February 2008) was the
coolest since 2001, according to scientists at NOAA's (National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) National Climatic Data Center
in Asheville, N.C. In terms of winter precipitation, Pacific storms,
bringing heavy precipitation to large parts of the West, produced high
snowpack that will provide welcome runoff this spring.

A complete analysis is available online.



"The scientists are virtually screaming from the rooftops now. The
debate is over! There's no longer any debate in the scientific
community about this. But the political systems around the world have
held this at arm's length because it's an inconvenient truth, because
they don't want to accept that it's a moral imperative."

- Al Gore, Nobel Prize Page, March 14, 2008



Weather Channel Founder Wants To Sue Al Gore For Global Warming Fraud

Coleman says man-made climate change advocates would lose landmark court case

Paul Joseph Watson | Prison Planet | March 14, 2008

..."Since we can't get a debate, I thought perhaps if we had a legal
challenge and went into a court of law, where it was our scientists
and their scientists, and all the legal proceedings with the discovery
and all their documents from both sides and scientific testimony from
both sides, we could finally get a good solid debate on the issue,"
Coleman said. "I'm confident that the advocates of 'no significant
effect from carbon dioxide' would win the case."

Coleman said that any degree of warming that has taken place over the
last 25 years is beginning to be offset by a recent cooling trend.
China, the largest emitter of carbon dioxide, has just experienced its
coldest winter for 100 years.

"I think if we continue the cooling trend a couple of more years, the
general public will at last begin to realize that they've been scammed
on this global-warming thing," said Coleman.



"It's not complicated-it's fairly simple. We face a planetary
emergency. We have been procrastinating and delaying action, and now
is the time to come together at last for this purpose, as one human
civilization turn the corner towards a sharp reduction in CO2
emissions. This is the most unusual and dangerous world crisis that
civilization has ever confronted. CO2 is invisible, so it makes the
climate crisis much easier to put out of sight and out of mind. The
damage it causes is unprecedented and we often confuse the
unprecedented with the improbable. And though we can't see the global
warming pollution in the true sense, we can see its impact beginning
to get harsher all around us, everywhere."

- Al Gore, TIME Magazine Q & A, 2007 Person of the Year,



Scientists doubt climate change

S.A. Miller | Washington Times | December 21, 2007

More than 400 scientists challenge claims by former Vice President Al
Gore and the United Nations about the threat of man-made global
warming, a new Senate minority report says.

The scientists - many of whom are current or former members of the
U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that shares the
2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Mr. Gore for publicizing a climate crisis
- cast doubt on the "scientific consensus" that man-made global
warming imperils the planet.

"I find the Doomsday picture Al Gore is painting - a six-meter sea
level rise, 15 times the IPCC number - entirely without merit," said
Dutch atmospheric scientist Hendrik Tennekes, one of the researchers
quoted in the report by Republican staff of the Senate Environment and
Public Works Committee.



"I have seen people actually carrying around signs asking for more
taxes in the form of a carbon tax. When you see people walking around
with signs demanding more taxes you know there is a big conspiracy at

- Doug Plumb, MP Candidate, Toronto-Centre By-Election, March 17th



World's Most Powerful Banks Behind Push To Introduce Global Carbon
Trading Markets

Daryl Mason | Your New Reality | March 13, 2008

...The banking companies, which include Citigroup, Lehman Brothers
Holdings and Morgan Stanley, are giving strong signs that Wall Street
wants Washington to open the way to reduced emissions using a trading
system based on the Kyoto Protocol, an agreement the United States did
not ratify, rather than by enacting carbon taxes.

The group also includes European institutions like BNP Paribas,
Barclays Capital and Deutsche Bank, as well as niche investment banks
like Climate Change Capital and the law firms of Baker & McKenzie and
DLA Piper.

"Price caps should play a very limited role in the system," said Gia
Schneider, a vice president for carbon markets at Credit Suisse, which
is a member of the lobbying group. "Such policies could lead to market
distortions and stymie efforts to raise enough capital to fund new
energy technologies such as windmills and solar power."

Carbon traders say emissions permits could become the world's largest
commodities market...

The introduction of a global carbon trading market will mark the
introduction of a world tax can reach into the pockets of, literally,
every human on the planet.



Yahoo News Search - News Stories for carbon tax (Results 1 - 10 of about 2,763)



Stephane Dion: Put price on carbon to reduce emissions

Globe & Mail / The Canadian Press | March 14, 2008

VANCOUVER - Opposition Leader Stéphane Dion says a federal Liberal
government would place a price on carbon as part of its commitment to
the environment.

Mr. Dion told a forum for emerging environmental leaders on Friday
that it's the government's job to manage the economy and environment

Mr. Dion avoided saying his government would impose a carbon tax, but
he praised the B.C. Liberal government for its efforts to cut
greenhouse gas emissions and its imposition of a carbon tax in its
budget last month.

"I commit to you that when I am prime minister, my government will be
equally as courageous and serious when it comes to putting the
appropriate price on carbon," Mr. Dion said in a prepared speech.



Google News Search - Results 1 - 10 of about 6,076 for carbon tax.
(1.21 seconds)



Oilsands backs carbon tax

All polluters must help pay for carbon-capture scheme: industry

Gordon Jaremko and Jason Markusoff | The Edmonton Journal | March 11, 2008

EDMONTON - Oil-industry leaders called Monday for a national consumer
carbon tax to help pay to build massive new greenhouse gas storage

The proposal came on the day the federal government announced
regulations requiring all oilsands and coal-power plants built from
2012 onwards to be ready to trap greenhouse gas emissions.



TorontoChange SPP Protest - Doug Plumb

7 mins 3 secs



TorontoChange SPP Protest HQ

6 mins 1 sec




P.O. Box 385-916 West Broadway Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1K7
Phone: 604-708-3372 Fax: 604-872-1504
Website: http://www.canadianactionparty.ca


CAP's Doug Plumb Breaks Through in Toronto-Centre By-Election Debate

March 12, 2008

Canadian Action Party (CAP) candidate Doug Plumb running for MP in the
Toronto-Centre federal by-election held on March 17th, 2008 took
another huge step forward last night by participating in the final
all-candidates debate, albeit briefly, held at the St. Lawrence Centre
on March 11th from 7:30 - 9:30 pm.

While the other candidates enjoyed the full two-hours moderated by
CityTV's Anne Mroczkowski, engineering graduate and lifelong
environmentalist Plumb made his impact felt in the two minutes he was
allowed by giving a stirring speech revealing the truth about the
sacrifices Canadians are being asked to make in the name of phony
environmentalism sold by special interests who scare us about the
future while ignoring the poisoning of our environment occurring

The seven volunteers working for Mr. Plumb made sure before and after
the debate that all questions were answered and all literature was
quickly snapped-up, including a full two-colour and four-page
newspaper-style campaign brochure created by Toronto Street News
publisher Victor Fletcher outlining the threats to Canada's
sovereignty from the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP)
agreement with America and Mexico and the hidden agenda behind
sustainable development, a hot-topic that evening that the 500
audience members were curious to hear more about.

While he would have enjoyed the chance to participate fully in the
debate and explain his ideas in more detail, Mr. Plumb was
appreciative of the two-minutes he was allowed before the full
audience, the CAP table offered and the graciousness of the event
organizers. More information on the candidate who will ask the
toughest questions in the House of Commons to get the best answers for
the people of Toronto-Centre and all Canadians can be found at his
website - http://www.dougplumb.com/



1. Why has the illegal drug exporting from Afghanistan been rising
since we invaded the country? Is the fact that the heroin economy was
at an all-time low because the crops were being burned or destroyed
just before we went in merely another coincidence?

2. Why was the electric car taken off the market if we are running out
of oil and the world economy is in such danger?

3. Why was the electric car taken off the market if man-made global
warming is a real threat and we are facing eminent peril? Don't the
oil executives and automotive CEO's have families too?

4. Why would Usama bin Laden attack the USA on 9/11? Does the official
explanation for a motive even make sense? Would you poke a bully in
the eye when he is looking for a reason to steal your lunch?

5. If the war on terrorism is real, why is the US and Mexico border
being left open?

6. Why does the government allow so many Moslem's into the country if
they are such a threat?

7. Where are all the terrorists that we need protection from? What is
a home-grown terrorist and what would they use for a weapon? -
pitchforks? shovels?

8. Why does the government wish to restrict access to vitamin
supplements through Codex Alimentarius?

9. If you believe in Global Warming shouldn't you hear what the
nay-sayers have to say? You can watch Michael Coffman's "Global
Warming or Global Governance" for free on Google video. Coffman left
the UN because of corruption and the global warming hoax. He has a PhD
in forest ecology.

10. Whose prosperity is being secured with the Security and Prosperity
Partnership Agreement? What do government and corporations have to
hide from the people in the SPP negotiations? Why did the Canadian
Council of Chief Executives say the North American Union (NAU) must be
carried out in "stealth" in their report "New Frontiers" in April
2004? Do we really live in a democracy?


VOTE MARCH 17th - http://www.dougplumb.com/

VOTE FOR FREEDOM - http://www.canadianactionparty.ca


Intro: This should do.

There's a lot more especially in the interviews and elsewhere, but I
can't make it longer since people won't read it, especially the people
who need it. Assuming the person you speak with will deal with them,
this should provide enough facts and logic for anyone to defeat the
problem of believing in anything because they feel like it, part of
the mumbo-jumbo New World Order New Age movement weakening our
critical thinking skills thanks to media takeout everywhere.

We can't just say it's fine for people to watch Fox News and endorse
killing people needlessly for bloodthirsty war-profiteers who abuse
all of us with the "War on Terror Rapture" for the Right, so we can't
just say it's fine for people to believe in "An Inconvenient Truth"
which means the "Global Warming Rapture" for the Left will just make
life a lot more inconvenient for all of us fast without addressing any
real and proven concerns about our health or the health of the planet.

Feel free to share it widely.


The End of Global Warming

12 | March | 2008

According to Professor Timothy Ball, a veteran 30-year Canadian
climate scientist who I contacted after seeing "The Great Global
Warming Swindle" and had the privilege of interviewing for nearly 3
hours on separate occasions, CO2 is only 4% of greenhouse gases, the
rest is mostly water and humans and contribute to only a tiny fraction
of it regardless of their activity.

Humans mess up the planet, but not in the way the corporations and
foundations who own the mass and indie media make us think, to say
nothing of the fact that individuals are hardly responsible, so
individual sacrifices are hardly necessary when compared to the
organizations we should really hold accountable.

Besides, if you really want to get rid of CO2 you'd empty the oceans
of all those environmentally unfriendly fish and plankton exhaling,
plus volcanos and more.

But you don't want to because higher concentrations of CO2 have
stimulated plant-life, including greenhouses where they grow plants
and pump 3x as much into them to grow them faster, which would occur
on the rest of the planet too as it has in the past.

Oh yeah, sorry but these stupid anti-neocon spammer asides are
necessary: Professor Ball is a "real" climate scientist, that's why
his peers verified his credentials over a 30-year career of research,
teaching, public speaking and being invited to events.

As a retired man he doesn't get paid by any big and evil companies for
giving speeches to the politicians and corporate executives destroying
the planet or the celebrities brainwashing us like Al Gore does

I've been fooled in my life too, so I can't front on those who buy
what nearly every corporate and independent media outlet is
mysteriously selling, but what's most amazing about the idiots pushing
this rubbish at the top is they often teach people to say:

"It's not global warming -- it's climate change!"

Which means they were already wrong in guaranteeing a scalding
apocalypse for the next 50 years if we didn't act right now -- and --
a few months later saying they don't know what the hell will happen --
but -- it will be really bad because of us puny humans and our size 9
carbon footprints -- so -- we should be taxed for everything we do.

Most of the promoters don't talk about anything else when there are
tons of real concerns affecting us today as opposed to them fooling us
into worrying about 20 years from now. You have to wonder why.

This is sheer lunacy that we can expose to blow their whole game
wide-open, I love it, they messed up by not labeling the "carbon tax"
the "life fund" or something else too. (Oops, I may have given them

There's more in these interviews, the first in March 2007 is 45
minutes and the second in November 2007 is 2 hours in 4 parts.

We killed it.

That'll do, stay up y'all, the more cocky they get in pulling stupider
and stupider stuff to impress their peers with the control they have
over us the more we get to laugh at them, which is fun for everyone.

There's also the recent gift of global cooling and snow where there
shouldn't be during the Ides of March, or somebody's way of telling us
once again that politicians and corporations are ridiculous liars who
get us all-hyped up over something that changes nothing for the

Let's get it.

Of course... it makes sense if you don't think about it, but if you do
-- then sweet god -- it makes absolutely no sense at all! ;-)


GLOBAL WARMING: Black Krishna and Professor Timothy Ball Explain



PROFESSOR TIM BALL: Climate Changing Your Mind and Global Warming Your Soul



Washington Prepares for Cyber War Games

Brian Krebs | Washington Post | March 7, 2008

The U.S. government will conduct a series of cyber war games
throughout next week to test its ability to recover from and respond
to digital attacks.

Code-named 'Cyber Storm II,' this is the largest-ever exercise
designed to evaluate the mettle of information technology experts and
incident response teams from 18 federal agencies, including the CIA,
Department of Defense, FBI, and NSA, as well as officials from nine
states, including Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia. In addition,
more than 40 companies will be playing, including Cisco Systems, Dow
Chemical, McAfee, and Microsoft.




::: ((( MUST SEE MOVIES ))) :::




Esoteric Agenda


Global Warming or Global Governance


Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement



"All right, here's the answer. I happened to be in Europe then on my
way to Russia I was invited to go to Bilderberg by Vernon Jordan, a
friend of mine and a genuine hero of the civil rights movement. And to
the best of my knowledge NAFTA was not discussed by anybody in my
presence. I happened to be on my way to Europe where people do not
give a rip about NAFTA."

- President Bill Clinton, Erie, Pennsylvania, on video, March 12, 2008



ABC Video: Government Concedes Vaccines and Autism Link

YouTube | 10 March 2008





Instant karma: cry on the bathroom floor, find God

...This decade's zeitgeisty book is a postscript to the Bridget Jones
era, where our heroine is sadder, less innocent and knows marriage
doesn't equal happiness. Eat, Pray, Love, a memoir by Elizabeth
Gilbert, has been on The New York Times's bestseller list for 58 weeks
and is set to be released as a film, with Julia Roberts the rumoured



"Here's a little song I wrote
You might want to sing it note for note
Don't worry, be happy
In every life we have some trouble
But when you worry you make it double
Don't worry, be happy
Don't worry, be happy now..."

- Bobby McFerrin, "Don't Worry Be Happy", 1988



Peace, (NOW!!!)



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