Monday, November 12, 2007

"This is the third site YouTube killed of mine..."


On Nov 12, 2007 12:19 AM, [redacted] wrote:
> Hey BK,
> a lot of the toronto 911 truth stuff you did in September has been
> removed from google video.



This is the third site YouTube killed of mine (the first assasination was including the 1200 videos I made ( mostly of me surfing the net with shots of the links as well to fight Orwellization and prove guys like Alex Jones are telling the truth. Even though I hadn't uploaded anything in a few months the subscribers were growing fast, but regardless it served a purpose especially helping promote Ron Paul early by proving he was being heavily censored all over the place.

The most annoying part is the latest ( since it was the Toronto 9/11 Truth stuff and mostly clips from my own tiny videocamera documenting low-flying air traffic, chemtrails, interviews, our socialization and more, ugh. That was a priceless documentation of what's been happening in Toronto over the last few months and was a key to my local political campaign, but no worries, I have the originals and will figure out a way to get them out there.

What can I say?

They wouldn't bother nailing me unless I was on to something, so at least I know I am, which is a good sign... :-)




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Blogger Michelle Says So said...

Are you not writing on Now Public anymore? I tried to leave you a message but all access was denied. Let me know...I'd appreciate it because I'm concerned about people being censored and kicked off the site considering most of my articles are "biased"--whatever you'd like to call it.

11:00 AM  
Blogger Black Krishna said...

hey michelle,

thanks for your note, yeah, they kicked me off when i argued with them for ganging up on me and burying my stories, slandering me and my interviewees and so on.

it's partly my fault for taking the bait when they were trashing everything i did and i called them out as "spooks" for employing certain techniques, especially PEP who someone else said worked for NASA and Jordan among others.

it had been happening for a while and i was getting annoyed at taking the time and having everything ripped by the "editors" who decided to focus on my stuff more than anyone else's.

at the same time i never bothered anyone else or tried to bury their work, so essentially i was being attacked on my site and then blamed for defending myself.

the censorship really started when TIME mag called them one of the "50 best" news sites and The Guardian UK said they're one of the "5 best" too, which meant the spooks both promoted and then had to control them.

you can see the content providers are shrinking as well on the main page as everything gets standardized with only a few content-providers working full-time on brainwashing.

i'm thinking of releasing them on a DVD of MP3's called "Black Krishna's Interviews - Banned from!" in a second, i'm gonna blog about it too. no worries, they're up on and i may try re-posting on NowPublic in a sec just because that's where people know to look,


4:40 AM  

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