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FLU SHOTS vs. GUN SHOTS: Guess Which Ones Are Worse?


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FLU SHOTS vs. GUN SHOTS: Guess Which Ones Are Worse?


Hey Folks,

It's time we realized the metal in bullets can be taken out of you but the metal in shots can't, including the mercury and heavy metals in flu shots and others that give us brain damage, which has been known for centuries by people who drank water out of lead pipes.

It's time we realized that Big Pharmacide is full of experts who listen to experts and don't question them, which means people accept what they're told from the top-down to keep their jobs, including any excuses for massive failures and massive profits.

It's time we realized the people in power killing and enslaving millions worldwide do not like us either, which is why we are increasingly getting sick and stupid as part of a bigger plan we should be getting sick of being stupid about by now.


ENDGAME Official Trailer


People can feel their power by confronting power not vicariously, but practically by defending their family and friends from the obvious threats from governments and corporations we all face who try really hard to make us feel powerless because they're scared of our power.

Looking at people as victims takes away their power, so look at their paranoid insanity and their pathetically self-destructive psychopathic system leaving them friendless and miserable fools and ignorant victims of in-bred and isolated trash lacking the fundamental tools for true human happiness.

People have more happiness than they realize when distracted by lies, so ignore their nonsense.

Don't fear them, pity them for mindlessly following plans they should've had the brains to update by now.

People can feel their power by acquiring knowledge about the world they want to have power over.

Don't shrink from the challenge, it's been done poorly and failed, so it's time for a new way of living and thinking.

People want one answer to a million problems, but a million people can look up and find a million answers, which will make it easy.


NAUseless Eaters vs. NAUseless Leaders

When Prime Minister Harper addressed the Council on Foreign Relations on September 25th he stated that he: appreciates the input from these business lobbies; has a problem with "unhealthy nationalism" and "old socialist models"; will advance NAFTA wherever possible; and will govern by "executive authority" rather than majority votes.

Join the Canadian Action Party in demanding that before the next election Prime Minister Stephen Harper ask the Canadian people if they want a Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) with the United States and Mexico. This is far too important to the future of Canada to be left to an unrepresentative Parliament and must be put to the People in a referendum!


Europeans Resisting EU; the Warning For America Must Be Heeded

John F. McManus | JBS | Friday November 2, 2007

Demands for a referendum are sweeping England but Prime Minster Gordon Brown remains adamantly opposed to letting the voters have a say about the new European Union Treaty. Follow this link to the original source: "Campaign For an Independent Britain"

On October 27, protest rallies in London and throughout Britain saw politicians and grass-roots anti-EU campaigners demand that Prime Minster Brown schedule a referendum on the matter of Britain’s approval of the new EU Treaty.


Ron Paul's Meteoric Rise

Web rankings prove Ron Paul is attracting more and more attention while every other candidate is flat

Steve Watson | Prison Planet | Saturday November 3, 2007

A cursory analysis of Ron Paul's web rankings on Alexa proves that his presidential campaign is soaring while all his nearest rivals are no longer attracting any new visitors and are languishing in the congressmen's wake.



Gardasil HPV update on 11:57 PM, October 31, 2007

EIGHT deaths have been linked to the cervical cancer jab which will be given to every 12-year-old girl in Britain under Government plans announced last week.

Welcome to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Web site.

Vaccine Safety Group Releases GARDASIL Reaction Report



NYC Councilman: “My promise is I’ll do everything I can to get answers.”

The Real Rudy | Sunday November 4, 2007

After receiving the names of over 20,000 people supporting your call for an investigation of the questions raised in The Real Rudy: Radios about presidential candidate and former mayor Rudy Giuliani, New York City Councilman Eric Gioa pledged:

“I will do everything in my power to get answers, to get the truth. There needs to be accountability."


You can still take the flu shot if you want, but you should realize why you want it.

You can still take the flu shot if you want, but you should realize what's in it.

You can still take the flu shot if you want, but you should realize it's evil.


New guidelines urge flu shots for all pregnant women

Sharon Kirkey, CanWest News Service


People will say they're smart enough not to take the flu shot, but rarely say they're smart enough to figure out why the government and media would tell everyone to take something they find so wrong, which is why healthy tribal societies that saw threats to people in our environment as threats to our environment are breaking down.

People will say they're smart about everything from food to water to television to anything they see others as stupid for consuming instead of understanding who's obviously attacking all of us and helping to protect each other, so instead of being victimized share your information and get more.

People will say they're afraid of getting "political" or "preachy" since they're like swear words today instead of the simple advice and empathy they used to be thanks to television "programming" and other propaganda, so strong individuals who speak up now will be key to our survival.


Oct. 31, 2007: Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

"Flu Shot - Don't Be a Prick, Avoid the Needle"


Studies show people who take the flu shot get the flu more often, or "flu-like symptoms" whatever that means.

While these studies are sometimes mentioned by the media, they're not what we're told to focus on so we ignore them.

Babies from 0 - 23 months are being given the flu shot before their immune systems start working leading to years of health problems.

Big Pharmacide is evil and brainwashed hospital staff don't know it after seeing years of failing to improve our health as perfectly normal.

But that's not just their problem: it's ours.

But don't worry: as usual celebrities will save us.


Jennifer Garner: Get Your Flu-Shot!

Filed under: healthy living, campaigns - paige @ 5:02 pm

According to sources, in the new ad, Garner says, “Women play an important role in a family. It’s our job to take care of those we love, that’s why I make sure my family is protected against influenza..."

...As proud papa Ben Affleck is busy promoting his new flick, sounds like Mama Jen has baby Violet’s flu shot covered.


Jennifer Garner Battles Influenza In New Campaign

Ben Affleck's wife Jennifer Garner is leading the charge against influenza after signing up to front a new flu-shot campaign. The Kingdom star has become the face of, a new American Lung Association website aimed at advising people on how to avoid the flu.


Vaccines are based on the idea that getting a bit of the virus will stimulate your immune system into creating anti-bodies in advance to fight the virus the next time you come in contact with it.

However, if your body is getting the virus injected right into the bloodstream there's a much better chance you'll get the disease than if you were to take it in through the normal defenses your body naturally set up for thousands of years in case someone beside you sneezed.


If we were all running around sticking each other with needles full of deadly viruses then it might be worth taking one first to prepare for the same thing, but the only way we'll do that is if we take flu shots and full of mercury and heavy metals to destroy our brains and get so stupid that we think it's a good idea.


Now I'm not sure if we should take it or not.


:::: (((( THE INFECTIOUS MYTH.COM )))) ::::

In a clear, calm, dispassionate and articulate manner Mr. Crowe uses the same studies conducted by and then ignored by big institutions to go through the history of viruses and vaccines and their impact on society, the role and attitude of the medical and pharmaceutical community, the latest virus scares that become less scary if we understand them and more. If you care enough to pay for better health, you might want to listen to this interview for free in three half-hour parts and check out his work, it could save you a bundle.




Many who work in the medical industry are celebrated despite failing to improve our health.

Many who work in the medical industry are consistently called "Dr." so-and-so unlike the rest of us.


* * * PRESS RELEASE * * *

April 25, 2007 -- Ojai, California

On January 29, 2001, I offered $20,000 to the first U.S.-licensed medical doctor or pharmaceutical company CEO to publicly drink a mixture of standard vaccine additive ingredients:

The offer had no takers.

On August 1, 2006, I increased the offer to $75,000 (see below):

The new offer had no takers.

Therefore, as of November 1, 2007, the offer will increase to $105,000;$75,000VaccineOffer.htm


Many who work in the military industry are celebrated despite failing to improve our health.

Many who work in the military industry are consistently called "Lt." so-and-so unlike the rest of us.


U.S. Army: Five million acres needed for training facilities by 2011

Raw Story | November 4, 2007 | Adam Doster


"I'm not a doctor, I just play one on TV."

- Soap Opera Proverb


We watch doctors and cops and lawyers on TV and learn to like and trust them.

We watch doctors and cops and lawyers on TV and learn to respect them.

We watch doctors and cops and lawyers on TV and learn to obey them.


"And I know the government administers AIDS, so I guess we just pray like the minister say..."

- Kanye West, "Heard 'Em Say"


The time to speak is now while we still can.

We know they're listening: so what are we saying?


Students Face Expulsion Following Antiwar Sit-In

Chicago IMC | November 2, 2007


The time to speak is now while we still can.

We know they're censoring: so what are we saying?


Planet Ban-it ten things they’ll outlaw soon

John Naish | London Telegraph | Saturday November 3, 2007


Viruses also don't act like people say viruses do, which means many might not be viruses.

During the polio epidemic in 1916 there were very few clusters of people who had polio, which means in a family of 10 people one kid could have it without infecting the others, which is unusual if viruses are what people say they are.

They didn't know what caused it either, first blaming fruits and fruit-flies, then fecal matter from people not washing their hands after going to the bathroom, but that didn't work because the disease mostly hit the upper and middle-classes who had access to better sanitary conditions than the poor who weren't affected much, so they never really settled on the cause and in many cases still don't.

Then came Jonas Salk's famous "polio vaccine" trials in the 1950's with one million children and so many variables it was impossible to tell what worked and what didn't, including separating them by age-ranges, not monitoring their behaviour, having no control group and factoring in that 42 people either way are all it would take to change the vaccine results from a smashing success to a colossal failure, which means it was a colossal failure disguised as a smashing success.

However, the same methods are still used today to determine what are viruses and vaccines with same mistakes accepted, just like all the deaths admittedly caused by failing treatments decade after decade, meaning there is no accountability in the medical industry for their ability to actualy improve our health.

Coincidentally, the UN quietly says the male sperm count has dropped 75% since vaccinations began in the 1950's in countries where people who easily had 10 kids now struggle to have just one and a multi-billion dollar fertility clinic industry, to say nothing of the massive physiological changes in kids today affecting their minds and bodies and giving them diseases abnormally young, to say nothing about the I.Q. of the world dropping significantly and more caused by the toxins injected and ingested by all of us while we worry about what "might be" causing "global warming" instead of "what is" causing our food, water, air, minds and bodies to be poisoned.

Or maybe all of this nonsense is not a coincidence.


Deadly Immunity

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. investigates the government cover-up of a mercury/autism scandal

ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. | Jun 20, 2005 | Rolling Stone

...Since 1991, when the CDC and the FDA had recommended that three additional vaccines laced with the preservative be given to extremely young infants -- in one case, within hours of birth -- the estimated number of cases of autism had increased fifteenfold, from one in every 2,500 children to one in 166 children.


Viruses don't act like the people who make movies like "Resident Evil: Extinction", "30 Days of Night" and "28 Days Later" say they do, so if any show up keep in mind they're from the U.S. CDC (Centers for Disease Control) or Britain's Porton Down Labs as opposed to anything nature intended, especially since nature treated us fine for thousands of years until psychopaths learned how to take charge, enslave us, destroy the planet and now make us feel guilty for exhaling CO2 which plants use for photosynthesis to make oxygen.

Stop feeling guilty by seeing who's really guilty, or the only people with the power to do things people should feel really, really, really guilty about.

FYI: paying $8 for a lightbulb won't save the world from them either.


US Government Biological Weapons Legislator Says 2001 Anthrax Attacks Part Of Government Bio-warfare Program

Expert says FBI covered up the plot to attack Congress which may have been perpetrated by the same people who carried out the 9/11 attacks

Steve Watson | | Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The real culprits behind the 2001 anthrax attack on Congress were most likely US government scientists at the army's Ft. Detrick, MD., bioterrorism lab according to a former government biological weapons legislator and University of Illinois Professor.

Dr Franics A. Boyle says the FBI covered up these facts and has also quite clearly stated that he doubts the official government story that 19 arabs with boxcutters perpetrated the attacks of 9/11.


History is written by the winners who haven't treated the world especially well since they won, so it helps to question it until you find better answers since we're treated like mushrooms, or kept in the dark and fed bullshit like "Encyclopedia Britannica".


Police retain DNA of 'petty crime suspects'

Ben Leapman | Londdon Telegraph | Sunday November 4, 2007

Suspects accused of trivial "crimes" such as picking wild flowers or defacing coins can have their DNA stored for life on a national database, police guidelines reveal.


We may not suffer from a "big" attack at all since the little paper-cuts are adding up and making us too weak to fight back.

The first step is not caring about each other, the next is not caring about ourselves, which will mean anything can be done to us.

We need to recognize all the information we've heard before that questions the failing system and find the cause.


ALAN WATT: A Canadian National Treasure and Gift to the World Shares His Wealth




Attacks on individuality have increased since the EU (European Union) and NAU (North American Union) run United Nations declared China the world-model for the future with standardized education and media, social disapproval leading people to drag women out of their houses for a second pregnancy, snitching programs, mindless slave-labor jobs and more the poor Chinese people suffer from.

This helps explain why human beings working 18 hours a day to make zippers for jeans that sell at a Wal-Mart thousands of miles away are rebelling and putting lead in their products, which isn't much different from our leaders putting lead and worse in our products and vaccines too.

The goal is to bring the Chinese experiment they funded and promoted here to finally crush individuality and dissent, so don't be fooled by local propaganda saying China's economy "threatens" ours when global corporations and governments are hyper-fueling their growth by manufacturing everything there instead of "diversifying their portfolio" in other countries. No one hands their "enemy" guns, sticks, knives, ammo and more if they really feel they're a threat either.

The same people who planned a 100-year war against the made-up word "Islamofascism", which makes no sense since most of the Middle-East likes our culture and wanted to send their kids to school here before we started destroying our countries by taking away all our rights and freedoms, are also lying about "peak oil" shortages that will hurt us but not their massive military and manufacturing plans; immigration "problems" really designed as "solutions" to destroy local economies and the middle-class and make the people who come here poor too; the recession, housing and stock market collapse since the truly rich killed our manufacturing base and put their wealth offshore in places like Dubai and in hard-assets; foreign tragedies like "Burma" our local controlled corporate-communist media all show us for three days while saying the same thing and stopping at the same time to distract us; carbon taxes needed to stop "global warming" without telling us how they'll spend the money; politics with the Right and Left wing having the same bird-brain; and everything else.

The same people who were running the world are still running the world, so it's time to stop running from them and see who they are while using their own techniques against them since they work.

It took a few people a long time to set this up, it will take a lot of people a short time to tear it down and build something better.

Cheers! :-)



October 3, 2007





It's a hard thing for people when they wake up to realize that most of the things they ever believed in were given to them by experts. Experts come in many guises and we've been trained from birth that you have priestly experts. You have ministerial experts. You have medical experts. Experts for everything. In other words, you don't have to think for yourself. You can't even watch a news program without them bringing on experts to tell you how to dress for the weather or put on a raincoat if it's raining. It's getting that bad. Or a hurricane is on its way, here's what you should do, store water to drink. I mean are we that stupid we have to be told what to do for basic survival? Unfortunately, you see a lot of people today are, they need the experts to tell them what to do...

...Everything happening today was planned long ago, including the system that would rule over us. A system of experts and batteries of experts, all with various diplomas and degrees down to their knees, and we're trained to obey them without thinking or questioning. That really is the outcome of the socialist type society – society of mass-man rule. Society that was written about by the top people and professors at the leading universities in the 1800’s. They knew it was going to come to pass because they worked for the big boys. They told them to make it so, and they wrote about it. That was the days of the Industrial Revolution when you had mass production and you stopped looking at people as individuals. You saw them as the masses. They were the workers and there were categories of workers. The lower classes; the middle classes take care of the lower classes and serve the upper classes. All these different classes came into being. I used to wonder why Britain got on so well with the big Brahmans of India, until I realized that the caste system was identical to the class system of England. I'll be back after these following messages...

...This system is usually called a sort of fascist type system and we still have it today. Fascism, as I say, if it walks like duck, quacks like a duck and acts like a duck, it's a duck; and that's what we have today is corporate fascism. Professor Carroll Quigley said it right when he said the new feudal system, the new type of feudal system is to be run by the CEOs of the big international corporations.

When we look at politicians today, sure enough, they're in and out of positions of CEOs, then into politics then back in as CEOs, through this musical chair act and routine and we just accept it quite calmly. We know this too that the big, big stores that they've thrown up all across the whole planet in every country, these big factory type stores were intended to put all the small storeowners out of business and they really have been successful. A small storeowner cannot compete. He can't buy in bulk and get the reduced prices on certain items so he goes under and you’re left with the big boys dictating to you what you can buy. You don't have the variety that you used to have.

During the Industrial Era, as I say, the masses were called “the masses” for the first time, at least openly, and Karl Marx's wrote about it. He was just a hack journalist that was thrown out of Germany and given employment by the Rothschild's and the British Royalty to write the dialectic, which was to create a system where the workers, who would eventually get their own champion if left by themselves, were given the champions to follow. That's how the dialectic works. They give us our leaders. They voice all our complaints for us. We sit back and we say “someone is doing it all for me. I'll just enjoy myself.” That still happens today with all the top authorized anti-groups.

Personally, I like the old Groucho Marx's statement. He says: "Whatever it is, we're against it." That's what I go with. He also said: "I wouldn't join any group that had me as a member." I go for that as well. When we look at these groups that are founded for us, as we think it's for us, just like the big unions were founded for supposedly the workers, the unions eventually ended up in bed with the big employers and helped write all the rules on behalf of the employers. The unions are effectively pretty well dead today. Communism itself was only intended to last about 70 years. Lenin said that himself. Some of us have witnessed it, we saw the so-called wall in Berlin come down and the Russians just threw up their hands and said, “we can't carry on anymore. We're changing,” and we’re all supposed to swallow this “guff” as I call it without question, because that's all it is, is complete guff.

Then we saw Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister of England, escorting Gorbachev around the world on speaking tours. The media in Britain and the U.S. and Canada all went into action asking Mrs. Gorbachev about her lipstick and makeup, and listening to the fascinating facts that within Russia you couldn't get a loaf of bread to eat if you were a peasant, but you could walk into a store and get a facelift for free, paid for by the government. All wonderful interesting stuff from the ex-member or the high member, the top guy in the KGB, remember, because that's what Mr. Gorbachev was. Then suddenly he was a trendy guy, a new type of politburo character with a flashy suit – not this old dark rumpled stuff we used to see them wearing in Russia.

Then they did polls in the U.S. and Britain, mainly in the U.S. They asked the public after a month of this propaganda, as Gorbachev road around on the arm of Margaret Thatcher, if they would ever vote for a guy like Gorbachev, this new trendy type communist. They found about 80 percent of the public said they wouldn't mind. That tells you where the public’s brain happens to be, and it truly is where the sun don't shine. That is the kind of job the media can do on people. Six months after Gorbachev went back, it was reported in a little paragraph in major newspapers that all the media had agreed not to ask any pertinent or political questions to do with Russia to the president or his wife on his visits. There's the compliant media that's standing up for you and is on guard for you. They were all in bed together. They've always been in bed together and they always will be in bed together because the media is owned by the big boys – lock, stock and barrel.

If you don't believe me, read Professor Carroll Quigley's "Tragedy & Hope" and his other great book, which is called "The Anglo-American Establishment," which fills in all the blanks bits of history you don't get in school. He tells you of how the elite with The Royal Institute for International Affairs all sat together in a round table in London before World War II and discussed ways of terrifying the public to motivate them into demanding war with Germany. They came up with the idea of using their own members who owned all the newspapers in Britain to terrify them by saying that they're all going to be gassed by thousands and thousands of stockpiled gas that the Germans were going to fly over Britain with and release. They went as far as giving everyone in Britain a gas mask, which they had to, by law, carry at all times, just to make sure. That's the Pavlovian training you see, first the lie, then the reinforcement backs them up using psychology.

They even brought the king at the time to come out and make public speeches on how they had to dig trenches all around London. The idea being that all passers-by would see this going on and the idea of eminent war that could not be averted would have to be fought and the public should get on board, on track, and in line with fighting Germany. He admits this all in his book, and remember, he had access to the private records. He was the historian for the American branch of this organization called The Council on Foreign Relations at the Pratt Building in New York.

The building which is occupied in London, England ended up being the top, the headquarters for MI6 and the Secret Service, the OSS, during the whole of the war. No one asked why the headquarters of this particular organization, which became the CIA eventually in the U.S. and the Secret Service in Britain, no one asked why they had it in that particular building that belonged to The Royal Institute for International Affairs. It's because The Royal Institute for International Affairs at the top is a member of the Secret Service. That's what it is. You'll find almost every reporter, every journalist, mainstream, was a member of this particular organization. You can't ask to join it. You will be approached to join it.

How are you approached? You learn the ropes very quickly, as in all jobs, you learn to not ask certain questions when you’re told, when you're being given the wink and the nod, and you keep on the safe topics. You can talk about sports, clothing, sex, little scandals and that type of thing, but don't tell the public the truth. If you obey the rules you get up Jacob's Ladder, you get promoted. One day, if you're trustworthy and you've been tested and tried and true, then you may be asked to join; and then you write lies to the public and keep them in the dark. That's the job of the media.

We're living in a matrix, a matrix that was designed long before I was born or your parents were born or their grandparents were born, because all of the psychologies, all of the intricacies of the control of mass manipulation of human minds was discussed in great detail from the 1700’s onwards.


Peace, (NOW!!!)



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