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"our psychopathic and shrinking-balls syndrome (and shrinking vocabulary with 3 word emails) society is catching up with us..."

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we'll see dood,

our psychopathic and shrinking-balls syndrome (and shrinking vocabulary with 3 word emails) society is catching up with us. we don't like and respect each other as much as we used to and it's not natural.

we should like each other more as time passes and most people have a few relationships that confirm this. of course not in every case, but in more as opposed to less.

i only operate at half-speed around [redacted] who basically said they're scared or bothered by what i might say as opposed to confidently curious, a sign of their weakness.

i spend weeks asking and answering questions both big and small, so to avoid stealing what i found to make ones life easier is kinda nuts. it's amazing how people will watch or play 5 hours of videogames or movies, but when i write an email that takes 5 minutes to read somehow i'm a bad guy.


i don't feel it, but i usually act weaker than i am around shook-ones to confirm their fragile ego's and realities, especially when responding to questions that seem like requests to confirm the value of their choices.

i'd rather have an invitation to an honest dialectic that might disagree with them, see them re-evaluate and improve them, or even confirm them through being challenged, but i only kick-it once in a while anyway so i'm cool.

my broke-loner ass with a little practice is a little different, since i'm ready to be challenged on anything i do and defend it, grudgingly admit where i'm wrong and steal better suggestions or criticism.

i never think i am fundamentally screwed up for making human mistakes that a friend pointed out, i just say thanks for noticing and then try not to make it again.

it's too bad we're going backwards with the new nonsense we repeat and old nonsense we recycle since it seems like we use peer pressure to force each other to talk stupid, which then leads to us losing respect for each other (by design).

i'm fighting this where i can and am fairly immune to it, save for watching the world get more bitchy and retarded in slow-mo over the last few years. sometimes that can be a bummer, but not as big a bummer as turning into a psychopath or a p-ssy.

my plan is to get it right and go from there.

i'll show show how we got here and where we can go, while people can do what they (don't really) wanna from the (crappy corporate media) choices they are given without understanding the consequences or their other options.

they're feeling the heat anyway, so we'll see if they're open to figuring it out the easy way by taking a few hours instead of the few years it took me.

this dehumanization "experiment" has been perfected in labs (countries) around the world by the "global" elite in charge of our "global" economy. just like the "roman empire" or "british empire" and others, they want "global" control, this time culminating in the UN run EU, NAU and PAU (Pan-Asian Union) free-trading blocks with no freedom for people.

they want to kill a bunch of us too, which is why they get us to argue about what "might" be causing "global warming" instead of "what is causing" our food, air, water, minds and bodies to be poisoned, which is allowing it to happen.

the reason we talk nonsense is so we don't notice or don't care about NAFTA, GATT and tons of other stuff smoothly sailing through, so yeah, of course we're supposed to lose, but dammit, we don't feel like it... ;-)



ALAN WATT - Throw Ya Gang Signs Like A Mason!



no worries dood,

you enjoy and tell [redacted] i said hello and congrats, i know [redacted].

unfortunately it sounds like [redacted] is doing the opposite of what art is supposed to do (tell the truth) by endorsing the fake "terror!" world we're being forced to live in, which only helps us ignore the consequences of accepting it.

this is about "empire" - and - no "empire" has ever treated their citizens well while abusing the world. if you think a trillion-dollar military built to fight global communism can't find a guy in a cave then you'll buy anything, which is dangerous.

most artists have ignored their responsibilities since 9/11 thanks to the crippled media. i'm disappointed, but not surprised since people gotta eat. they want critical love from those who don't criticize (or speak truth to) power or support those who do, but they're blinding themselves to their role in our society's suicide.

the "war on terror" is turning into a planned "war on us", including the play's "[redacted] terror cell", a fake "equal" to the millions killed in the middle-east that just legitimizes more murder in our warped psyche's.

it also plants seeds of the alleged "homegrown terror cells" we haven't seen in six years since they don't exist, except for the ones funded by u.s. intelligence and just waiting for the propaganda to catch up, which is probably is why this play is being celebrated.

this will help make more "control" based on "terror" easier to justify in everything we see (but don't care) is happening at airports, borders, checkpoints, etc. that shows everything we're losing (but don't care) while we rationalize or ignore it.

whether we win or lose, i'm cool and glad some people are having fun, just watch the "i'm stressed-out and have a right to play!" factor, it's making us selfish, bitchy and retarded on purpose.

we're losing our respect for each other in a world where politeness is an enemy of truth, which is what happens when we decide not to take anything but ourselves seriously while ironically looking down on others who do the same.

i know people who watch 5 hours of TV or movies won't read a 5 minute email, so i suppose "personally" i'm playing to win.

in fact, my new book is called "Playing With Yourself and Playing To Win" for a good reason, or the fact that people want to play with themselves more than anything else and should learn how.

when or if people want answers, they'll know who's been interested in and successful at finding them for years. i made sure i proved it a dozen ways and the fact that i'm right is probably why people are afraid to hear what i'm saying.

no worries, we're supposed to lose but we don't feel like it, so i'm going to see what i can do about it... :-)



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A special CKLN Radio interview with Alan Watt, a Canadian National Treasure and Gift to the World. This wide-ranging conversation provides answers to the major questions facing humanity today, including how we got here and where we can go. Please immunize yourself, your family, friends, city and country against the propaganda by downloading and sharing his work for free from CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com and other websites dedicated to promoting his exceptional knowledge base to effectively battle for a better planet.


ALAN WATT: Get Answers, Know What's Up, Win, Relax.


0.00.00 - Part 1. How We Got Here
0.02.43 - Part 2. The Shadow Government
0.04.27 - Part 3. The British Empire
0.07.00 - Part 4. The American Empire
0.08.15 - Part 5. The Hollywood Empire
0.10.30 - Part 6. The Global Empire
0.12.15 - Part 7. Can We Keep What We Like?
0.14.24 - Part 8. CIActivism
0.17.14 - Part 9. Getting People Inside Out
0.18.30 - Part 10. The Media
0.24.07 - Part 11. Propaganda
0.27.55 - Part 12. Global Warming Taxes
0.30.52 - Part 13. Changing Your Environment
0.34.27 - Part 14. Guilt
0.36.39 - Part 15. Television
0.38.24 - Part 16. Left vs. Right
0.41.03 - Part 17. Globalization
0.42.15 - Part 18. Can We Save The Matrix?
0.46.43 - Part 19. UN Weather Warfare Treaty
0.49.16 - Part 20. Chemtrails
0.55.00 - Part 21. Political Parties
0.56.38 - Part 22. Banks
0.58.32 - Part 23. Housing Agenda 21
1.03.00 - Part 24. A Peek At Oil
1.05.40 - Part 25. Why Alan Watt Figures It Out
1.12.19 - Part 26. Why Cultures Are Targeted
1.13.59 - Part 27. Cultures Outside The System
1.15.33 - Part 28. War and Videogames
1.18.58 - Part 29. Gandhi
1.21.08 - Part 30. Heroes and Values
1.24.25 - Part 31. Women
1.27.51 - Part 32. Getting Political Self-Help
1.33.55 - Part 33. Relationships
1.38.14 - Part 34. Dehumanization
1.41.17 - Part 35. Cops and Soldiers
1.48.54 - Part 36. Canada
1.50.00 - Part 37. China
1.55.21 - Part 39. Soldiers of Misfortune
1.59.57 - Part 40. Winning Everything Is Everything For Everyone







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