Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ron Paul is The White Gandhi - vs - Webster Tarpley as The White Shadow

Ron Paul is The White Gandhi!

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Ron Paul is The White Gandhi, his integrity over 30 years cannot be impugned, and his ability to lead White America (and everyone else) out of the wilderness is showing in spades.

Ron Paul is a "legislator", not an "agitator", and he needs to watch his words to keep friendly politicians and media to get anything done right now - including continuing to exponentially grow his campaign. There are a thousand things to be fighting for, and if he can help stop NAU toll-roads, vaccinations, foreclosures, funding for wars or anything else he'll be doing us a great service as he builds momentum.

Ron Paul has "9/11 Truth" as a weapon any time he wants to use it, the media knows it, and they appreciate that he won't so they can keep their jobs and promote him too. The fact that he mentions the Federal Reserve/IRS Fraud on a regular basis is just as important if not as effective and controversial, but that earns him his hardcore conspira-street cred. The more we push 9/11 Truth to the surface the easier it will be for him, Kucinich, Gravel and others who seem to give a damn to talk about it, and we should be glad we have a horse in the race running well.

Ron Paul and Webster Tarpley differ on economics, and while I love the genius of Mr. Tarpley, his recent attacks on Paul are tactically in-error and in poor taste as over-simplifications. If we win, future economic policies will be at the whim of an electorate who's informed and listened to, so if Ron Paul wins the Presidency he'll be subject to the needs of a "Republic" and it's decisions.

Ron Paul has been "in" government for the better-part of 30 years, so he's seen a ton of wasteful spending and corruption that he's determined not to see again. Tarpley has been outside as a critic of banking, finance and corporate power, and he's been tearing his hair out over the lack of a strong Presidency or government to use it's Constitutionally guaranteed powers to serve as a check on the malefactors of great wealth (and misery). That's why they think different.

Ron Paul will not cause The Rapture of corporate-sodomy his hysterical critics prophesize, and will merely result in better de-centralized government-corporate relationships not perverted by monopoly on money, power and opportunity created by the collapsing central banking system. Once we have honest people in power willing to listen to us we can define our own future, and it makes no sense to malign our best hopes with wild apocalyptic theorizing that never comes close to accurately reflecting the changes we're likely to see based on the character of the individual being discussed.


Webster Tarpley Identifies Fake 911 Truth Agent Infestation

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ECONOMY: Before Rising Prices Eat Your Lunch, Hear Ben Fulford Explain Their Appetite For Destruction




A special interview for CKLN Radio from Japan with former Forbes Magazine Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief Benjamin Fulford, an author, TV host and investigative journalist who promoted and then discovered that economics is a giant fraud perpetrated by a few historically in-bred families who control the world using central banks.

The fiat (paper money backed by nothing of any value) U.S. dollar is set to collapse soon as the world rejects taking pieces of paper for actual goods (e.g. the $800 bln/yr trade deficit with China) and will take the Canadian and much of the world's economies with it.

The bad news is people are caught up in the banks last big cash-grab, including the use of sub-prime mortgages to squeeze a few extra dollars out of people before taking back houses and condos as the economy nosedives. We used to need good credit to get a mortgage, and the banks aren't being nicer by saying don't worry about it: they know exactly what they're doing by extending credit and creating money from the new debt, and will take property and assets back from gullible people who feel "guilt" over their financial situation as opposed to understanding that criminals are running the biggest scam in the history of the world on them - economics.

The good news is people know what's going on and are speaking out in unique and creative ways in record numbers, becoming leaders in their countries and ensuring "the genie of truth can't be put back in the bottle" (Ben Fulford). It took a few people a long time to set this mess up, but with all the resources and intelligence the world has today, it will take a lot of people only a short time to fix it and put us on a path to universal prosperity and freedom.



September 8th, 2007


Damning research findings could spell the end of VeriChip

Exclusive Global Announcement Made on WTPRN Friday Night!

From: Dr. Katherine Albrecht

September 8, 2007


Damning research could spell the end of VeriChip

The Associated Press will issue a breaking story this weekend revealing that microchip implants have induced cancer in laboratory animals and dogs, says privacy expert and long-time VeriChip opponent Dr. Katherine Albrecht.

As the AP will report, a series of research articles spanning more than a decade found that mice and rats injected with glass-encapsulated RFID transponders developed malignant, fast-growing, lethal cancers in up to 1% to 10% of cases. The tumors originated in the tissue surrounding the microchips and often grew to completely surround the devices, the researchers said.

Albrecht first became aware of the microchip-cancer link when she and her "Spychips" co-author, Liz McIntyre, were contacted by a pet owner whose dog had died from a chip-induced tumor. Albrecht then found medical studies showing a causal link between microchip implants and cancer in other animals. Before she brought the research to the AP's attention, none of the studies had received widespread public notice.

A four-month AP investigation turned up additional documents, several of which had been published before VeriChip's parent company, Applied Digital Solutions, sought FDA approval to market the implant for humans. The VeriChip received FDA approval in 2004 under the watch of then Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson who later joined the board of the company.

Under FDA policy, it would have been VeriChip's responsibility to bring the adverse studies to the FDA's attention, but VeriChip CEO Scott Silverman claims the company was unaware of the research.

Albrecht expressed skepticism that a company like VeriChip, whose primary business is microchip implants, would be unaware of relevant studies in the published literature.

"For Mr. Silverman not to know about this research would be negligent. If he did know about these studies, he certainly had an incentive to keep them quiet," said Albrecht. "Had the FDA known about the cancer link, they might never have approved his company's product."

Since gaining FDA approval, VeriChip has aggressively targeted diabetic and dementia patients, and recently announced that it had chipped 90 Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers in Florida. Employees in the Mexican Attorney General's Office, workers in a U.S. security firm, and club-goers in Europe have also been implanted.

Albrecht expressed concern for those who have received a chip implant, urging them to get the devices removed as soon as possible.

"These new revelations change everything," she said. "Why would anyone take the risk of a cancer chip in their arm?"

Click the photos to enlarge.

Listen to Dr. Albrecht break this story on live radio on the EttaroLIVE! show Friday night. Catch the MP3 segment from this show on the We The People Radio Network!


Plan to join Dr. Katherine Albrecht at the Hope For America Conference and Ron Paul Rally in Phoenix, Arizona on November 10th, 2007!


Dr. Katherine Albrecht is the director of CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering), an organization she founded in 1999 to advocate free-market, consumer-based solutions to the problem of retail privacy invasion. She is also a talk show host of "Uncovering the Truth" every weekday from 10am-12noon EST on the We The People Radio Network.

Katherine is widely recognized as one of the world's leading experts on consumer privacy. She regularly speaks on the consumer privacy and civil liberties impacts of new technologies, with an emphasis on RFID and retail issues. She has testified on RFID technology before the Federal Trade Commission, state legislatures, the European Commission, and the Federal Reserve Bank, and she has given over a thousand television, radio and print interviews to news outlets all over the world. Her efforts have been featured on CNN, NPR, the CBS Evening News, Business Week, and the London Times, to name just a few.

Executive Technology Magazine has called Katherine "perhaps the country's single most vocal privacy advocate" and Wired magazine calls her the "Erin Brockovich" of RFID".

Learn more about her book and efforts to wake people up to the evils of human microchip implants!


It doesn't matter what the media is finally saying about the "Surprise!" North American Union 2 years later.

The point is our governments should have asked us first.

The point is our media should have too.


Take a chance on general strikes on 9/11 like Spain did in 2004 after 3/11.

Take full or half-days off to take the streets back and complain about bank-snitches.

Take a chance on cops and troops being pissed-off at crazy orders to commit treason.

Take your country back from the punk snitch-o-crats and tell 'em "NAU can kiss my ass!"





Welcome to 21st Century Propaganda...

We hope you enjoyed your stay and will be leaving shortly...

South Park breaks down the herd better than anyone -

Welcome to the 911 Truth DVD Project Web Site -



Mass Murderers Agree - Gun Control Works!

Nobody wants a shooting war with their own government, but if your government decides to take guns away from innocent people, you'd better believe they want a shooting war with you.



September 2007 MOTION of NON-CONFIDENCE in the Conservative government

August 24, 2007: "WE'D RATHER BE CANADIAN'

CONNIE FOGAL, Leader of the Canadian Action Party, CAP/PAC, calls for a September 2007 MOTION of NON-CONFIDENCE in the Conservative government arising out of its integration of Canada into a North American Union.



Vol 1: Snitchin' Ain't Easy
Vol 2: Stop Snitchin', Start Tryin',
Vol 3: Grand Theft Lotto - Snitch City

33 Tracks + Release Date: 9.11.07


Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order



12 states oppose North American Union
Eagle Forum working with legislators to halt globalists' plans


Posted: March 9, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern
© 2007

A dozen states are working on resolutions that would oppose not only the implementation but the idea of a "North American Union," or other plans that would lead to the integration of the United States into a larger structure.

"Americans are rapidly learning the new vocabulary of the globalists," Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum told WND, "and they don't like it."

While President Bush, many members of Congress and Bush administration officials deny there are plans for a North American Union under the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, some state legislatures are taking no chances.


MEN & WOMEN: Basic Bullshit We Should Know By Now (Even Michael Jordan Needed A Coach)

1) If you turn yourself into a dumbass sex-toy then don't be surprised if you're treated like one.

2) Being stupid makes you paranoid because you worry you won't understand what's going on and can be taken advantage of.

3) Our tastes are defined by a media that's turning girls into mindless models and boys into savage soldiers.

4) You can lie until you have sex - but - that doesn't make the sex better.

5) Stop thinking about yourself and you'll stop thinking about yourself - and get some perspective and drive.

6) Nazi-shrink speak lulls us into believing experts on TV even though they've created a world full of misery - so we should stop.

7) Laughing at people getting stupid who consume the same media you do means you're getting stupid too.

8) The rarely discussed attacks on our food, air, water, bodies, minds and children need to be resisted before we're all dumbass or dead.

9) You can't think you're individually smart enough to survive your conditioning and still survive in the future "Idiocracy" created by others who don't.

10) In a free country the Nazi's in charge want us to feel trapped and powerless so they can screw us - don't let them.


Peace, (NOW!!!)



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