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BARAK OBAMA - Helps Liberals Love The Nuclear Option!

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RON PAUL - "I never want to tax or regulate the internet!"

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BUSH ON BROKEN BRIDGE: "I Make No Promises On The Timetable"

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BUSH - A Place To Push Impeachment?

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Jones is not being celebrated enough for all the work he's done.

Jones is a bonafide leader and hero in a dangerous world.

Jones is a good man being torn-down by snitch-slander.

That's why I'm writing this.

Paranoid and malicious theorizing about him and other heroes in the
movement is a snitch of a problem.

Weak-minded and jealous cowards feel empowered by taking on people
they want as peers from a safe distance.

So have the decency to write a battle-rap; "think" of "something" to
say; or say it to his face.

Since you won't, and since you make no sense, I'll say it to yours.

Snitches train us to add a phantom caveats to Jones name like he's
"Michael Jackson" without actually actually "finding" something or
"explaining" something wrong that's the problem.

You can differ on tactics, but you have no proof yours work to wake
people up, and lots of proof they are just like the snitch-tactics
created to foster charges of anti-semitism.

You're being stupid or snitchy in saying he's not trying, or that he's
trying to hide something, so figure out which one it is.

You only babble about how he's "not attacking the jews enough" for
your liking, as if that's proof he's "hiding" something, and as if
he's not attacking evil every day.

This is silly snitch-stuff designed to waste our time, it's working on
me right now, but once it's done it's done.

We are so paranoid about people trying to Save The World that it takes
a thousands words to knock down a snitch-sentence.

That's why even though I already beat this garbage you can just repeat
it to plant new seeds of doubt, and to destroy any chance of us having
heroes instead of just sneering watchdogs and critics who do nothing
positive for the world.

No worries, this'll be codified soon for anyone to use, then we can
move on to "saving" the world instead of "yelling at those trying to
save it", an objectively better idea.

All of Jones' fans know he nails the Zionist leadership (AIPAC, B'nai
Brith, etc.) whenever he finds something while getting a ton of other
work done, but for some reason you want us to check websites that do
nothing to expose corruption, stop the wars or police states?

You want us to learn to scream "Jew!" too and call anyone stupid who
doesn't do the same?


This is embarrassing.

Hundreds of smarter people than you have certified Jones is doing a
good job, and your reason for disagreeing is...?

There's plenty of stuff in the world to fight besides the "jews" you
want us to focus on, and you can masturbate while screaming the "Oh
baby! The jews are coming! The jews are coming! And -- wait -- so
am I! Oh baby!!!" all you want.

Just keep it to yourself. (Thanks.)

Good leaders have always been attacked by slander and innuendo, and we
should be smart enough by now to break the cycle instead of stupid and
petty enough to continue it.

Instead of falling into the "anti-semitic" traps set for us -
including blaming "the jews" for everything "historically" and yelling
at others for not saying it's "the jews" screwing us right now...

...let's try to stop babies from being retarded by vaccines.

Cool? :-P

After Jones' thousands of hours of film, radio, TV and online work,
most freely available to the public, and after providing protection
for hundreds of whistleblowers shut-out of the MSM (Monkey Snitch
Media) ...don't demean his achievements.

He's a hero who's woken millions of people up.

You're trying to drive them away.


You want to keep saying "jew, jew, jew..." without explaining the
"British" and "American" financial control over the whole situation?

You want us to hate jews instead of stopping Halliburton and Dyncorp
child-sex slavery rings and the North American Union?


Thanks but no thanks.

That's either stupid or snitchy.


GAMBLING 911: Ron Paul Leads Republican Web Traffic By 45%!!

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Jones says Wolf Blitzer is a Mossad agent.

Jones may be threatened into not saying something, but he goes after
people who want to kill him and the rest of us all the time - and who
are doing it, which means he's got bigger balls and a bigger heart
than nerds who'd battle over bloodlines and ancient bullsh-t.


There you go making "Zionism" more important than the NAU or 9/11
Truth, and assuming we're lying if we don't tie everything into a
Zionist conspiracy.

It's not.

It's an international banking and finance conspiracy.

It's only partly controlled by Zionist interests, but they're nothing
compared to the power and evil of the European and American elite, as
seen by the hundreds of millions of people they've killed around the

Do the "Zionists" have 700 military bases around the world?


Your tunnel-vision sees you missing the obvious, and even though they
work together, the tail isn't wagging the dog no matter what crap you

The bankers also benefit by making idiots focus on Zionism with a
zealous glee, as people argue over disputed nuances of history instead
of getting a damn thing done now.

I say "jew-jew-jew" ironically because that's what I'm hearing from
critics of Alex Jones and what I see on their websites - and nothing

I don't see a giant "factory of resistance" (Alex Jones) like, I just see people trying to tear down the leaders of
the truth movements with craptastic charges who don't help anybody at

If Jones sees the big picture and can look at something "other" than
Zionism, that's why I like him better than the fascist parrots trying
to take our eyes off the ball.

These charges are ridiculous as usual, which is a shame since the
people working on them work on nothing else, and one would assume
they'd get better at it! ;-P


P.S. As you can see I'm getting tainted by this conversation, which is
partly why it works, so to anyone out there reading, just take the
best bits and use them to get out of these situations quickly and


Alex "Shrugged" Jones vs. Alan Watt The Hell Is Going On?

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there you go again, distract, distract, distract with crap.

you make people paranoid by saying things without explaining them, and
the lack of explanation is what causes people to project their
inidvidual fears on your examples.

"dec. 31, 1999?"

you just said that like it means something without saying what, and i
don't care if you're just baiting me with some "Y2K" crap he cited on
his show and was wrong about, i'm just understanding what the hell
happened to your brain.

i'm sure jones has been "wrong" in reading dozens of rare mainstream
news stories a day to counteract the massive waves of consistent
propaganda everywhere, and no one can talk for hours a day without
screwing something up.

however, this is about "malice", or him being a disinformation agent
despite the empirical proof that he's woken millions of people up,
which is a stupid debate we need to shut down since it oxymoronically
makes no sense.

you can't do anything but confuse people and waste their time, so i'll
clear things up for the future.

i don't know and i don't care what alex jones said 8 years ago, at
least nowhere near as much as i care about what he's saying now, and
especially if you won't tell me what the hell it is you're actually
complaining about when you reference the date.

if you can't tell what it was then it's probably not important, and
like most of what you say it's just recycled snitch-craft you learned

webster tarpley has been fighting the international bankers for years,
see his work, ideas and their impact, especially 9/11 truth squads who
expose more than "zionist" agents, like confronting david rockefeller
and showing one of the heads of this cabal that we're not afraid.

there are hundreds of others who demonstrate more impact than the
"it's all zionists!!!" crowd, while those who cross-over have my
respect because they DON'T act like you in slandering others doing
good work.

we're trying to win here, not jerk-off over who can tie in the most
loose-ends from history to make the big zionist-puzzle and set it on

what's the point?

we live in a changing world with enemy-actions slapping us in the face
on a daily basis, and you want to take out alex jones because of some
crap you can't even quote from december 31, 1999???

that's mindlessly embarrassing stuff.

have any of your shmucks come up with anything close to the
effectiveness of tarpley and jones?

it's all crap, and just because you think you make sense doesn't mean you do.

80% of people think 80% of people are stupid, get it?

with all the good "people" jones defends and promotes you can't just
randomly pick someone and reverse-engineer malice, and there are only
so many hours a man with a family who works 18 hours a day can work to
save the world.

you can't say "why does he defend (x) but not (y)" unless you can
"prove" malice towards the person you're talking about, otherwise you
can say that about thousands of political prisoners and professionals
- or - about anyone at all.

i could say he doesn't defend arundhati roy and therefore he hates
brown people if i wanted to be that stupid, but until i hear him say
something bad about her i won't assume the worst about what he's
thinking based on the good works he's doing - or - based on nothing at

you jones-haters never manage to "quote" him saying anything "wrong"
despite his thousands of hours of radio, film and tv work, and you
misquote him by insisting he didn't way exactly what i heard him say -
that wolf blitzer is a mossad agent working with cianderson cooper
(see: radar online) and other cnn spooks like many do.

keep going, this junk-science screws up the real analysis of zionism's
role in the new world order, and it's best to expose it so we can move


WE ARE CHANGE - What Can You Do To Save Your City?

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Toronto 9/11 Truth Meet-Up Group





Welcome to 21st Century Propaganda...

We hope you enjoyed your stay and will be leaving shortly...

South Park breaks down the herd better than anyone...

Spread the worrrd... :-)


Welcome to the 911 Truth DVD Project Web Site


ARTIST: Black Krishna

ALBUM: Get Snitch Or Die Trying

VOLUME: 1 - Snitchin' Ain't Easy

RELEASE: Friday, July 13th, 2007

COST: Open source with attribution.


1. If We Can't Do It
2. Dreams of Better Dayz
3. A Girl From MySpace
4. We Are Change Dot Org
5. A Deal With The Devil For An Angel
6. Long Time Coming



On Friday the 13th - Gold Closes at $666! :-)


CANADIAN ACTION PARTYERS - Prime Minister Connie Fogal and MPVij Save The World


NORTH AMERICAN UNION - Black Krishna and Linda McQuaig vs. Politics As Unusual


Canadians Completely Unaware of Looming North American Union

Bush and Calderon to Visit Canada

by Kevin Parkinson

Global Research, July 17, 2007

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In just over a month’s time, on August 20, the most powerful president in the world will be arriving in Montebello, Quebec for a two-day conference. President George W. Bush will be meeting with Stephen Harper and their Mexican counterpart, Felipe Calderon. So far, the silence from the Canadian and American media has been deafening.

Talk to 90% of people on the street and they won’t know about this upcoming conference, and if by a slim chance they do, they won’t know the purpose of the meeting or why the leaders of Canada, United States and Mexico are meeting in the dog days of summer under what amounts to a veil of secrecy.

So, what’s this upcoming conference all about, and why are the newspapers, radio and television keeping silent about it?

The purpose of the upcoming conference is to ratify the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, which was initiated by Bush, Martin and Fox in 2005 in Waco, Texas. Essentially, this so-called ‘partnership’ will result in what the politicians refer to as ‘continental integration’-newspeak for a North American Union- and basically a harmonization of 100’s of regulations, policies and laws.

In layman’s terms, it means that once this ‘partnership’ has been ratified which is a fait accompli; we will be following in the footsteps of the European Union. It will mean that Canada will become part of the North American Union by 2010, and that our resources, agricultural, health and environment issues, to name a few, will be controlled not by Canada, but by the government of the North American Union.

A huge ‘NAFTA’ highway, one quarter of a mile wide, is already being built in Texas, where private land is being expropriated, and will eventually reach the Manitoba border.

Water will be the ‘issue’ of this century, as more than 25 states in the U.S. are currently in desperate need. Where do you think they will get the water they need?

The United States is already guaranteed 60% of our natural gas resources from NAFTA, which mean that even during emergencies when we need energy, we will have to import it, while we are forced to export gas to the U.S. This is just one example of how Canada is being shortchanged, and it’s only going to get worse.

Why has there been absolutely NO public consultation on the biggest issue (North American Union) facing Canadians since Confederation? Why isn’t Guy Lauzon, our local MP for Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry, holding town hall meetings, bringing in cabinet ministers and explaining how the emerging North American Union will affect our Canadian way of life? Ask the citizens of Canada for their feedback. Isn’t that how democracy is supposed to work?

Folks, I suggest that Mr. Lauzon isn’t even aware of the SPP or the North American Union, which explains why the Conservative government has denied all Canadians information to which they are entitled. If he does have something to say about it, then let him raise the issue in our riding.

Furthermore, the example of the North American Union illustrates that our government claims to be democratic, but in fact, does it act like one, or does it prefer to make the big decisions at committee level behind closed doors, while masking its real intentions?

The ratification of the SPP, and the emergence of the North American Union have been organized entirely by government committees and private enterprise. I refer readers to my website at

for further information on the North American Union.

If our citizenry allows the North American Union to come into existence, then our way of life will change drastically, for the years to come. With privatization of our resources, increased foreign ownership, and a Canadian government with less and less authority, our children and grandchildren will be come ‘North Americans’ and our quality of life will drastically decline.

The founding fathers of Canada must be rolling over in their graves.



Peace, (NOW!!!)



Black Krishna Brand

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