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The only political party telling the truth about the North American Union sodomy of Canada, America and Mexico.

Sorry, but learn the truth and demand answers from all the punk-snitch sell-out parties.

If they don't have answers, you have yours.

Don't let treasonous snitchcraft fool you.



August: 20th, 21st, 22nd

Take full or half-days off to bitch about a snitch with peeps on patios.

Take a chance on cops and soldiers being just as pissed-off as you are.

Take a chance on cops and soldiers being just pissed-off enough to let us strike.

Take your country back from the North American Union punk snitch-o-crats while you still can.




hey connie, i'm putting together a list of ideas tonite, please feel free to use the ones here you like,


Here is a list of protest ideas to disseminate and use yourself as suggested by a young Toronto leader, vij.

Connie Fogal

1) WEAR your country's flag aggressively for the next 2 weeks to signal your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and strangers that you want to explain and help them complain about the NAU.

2) STRIKES on or around August 20 - 22nd agreed to by employers, including full-days, half-days, and other measures specifically chosen to get us talking together on nice patios and complaining about the punk snitch-o-crats selling us out.

3) VIDEOS of people in your city expressing how they feel about the NAU, especially now that they've heard about it, and aggressive declarations of individuals and cities saying "Kamloops Says Screw You NAU!" as the people who "act" like leaders take their rightful leadership roles and save their cities.

4) STORES should carry flyers that reflect the urgency of the surprise meeting in Montebello, and they should be assured that they can take the safe stance of not being for or against what's being said, but rather being supportive of the right of people in their community with a passion to express it.

5) ICONS need to be created out of the heroes in the "truth" movement which include comparisons to others in pop-culture or history. We need to work on crafting videos, music, interviews, etc. that reflect a genuine appreciation of heroism instead of merely intellect to show we like each other at this party. Basically "Che" it up.

6) CELEBRITIES have spoken out against the NAU and other censored issues, include Stephen Colbert in his schizo-satirical style, and fans of different demographics (e.g. hip hop, sport, hollywood) should collect quotes from their fave icons to leverage the influence celebrities have. Collections of demographic "truth" marketing should
be shared.

7) STREET-CORNERS should be filled with people who know the "truth" in their city, and they should put up flyers advertising who they are, when and where they'll be, and why they're hanging around to answer questions. People are worred about losing their jobs, homes, lives and more, and simple answers from a neighbor can help.

8) TREASON is what anyone not fighting the NAU is committing, and nobody needs the inclination nor means to impose punishment - the sting of that charge should be enough. Like Bush's "You're with us or you're with the terrorists" idea, we can use existing logic that works to explain that we shouldn't give aid and comfort to the enemy
attacking us.

9) VACCINES are their weakest link according to many, though to be honest, my YouTube insta-poll shows people care more about nice-asses (their own or someone else's) than children. So, health tips and risks should be tied into our campaign, including the Judicial Watch "F.O.I.A." request on Gardasil from the FDA that CAP reported on - which means the FDA didn't want to tell us.

10) FUN WITH SEX is all people really care about, so encourage the youth especially to take the opposite route of the "conservative Canadian" crap-ass approach to politics that got us the NAU in the first place. Show them the Ron Paul campaign where kids (like me) are going nuts with "freedom" to advance that cause in politics, and if "Obama-Girl" can work than "Fogal-Boy" can! :-P

Peace, (NOW!!!)






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South Park breaks down the herd better than anyone...

Spread the worrrd... :-)


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CANADIAN ACTION PARTYERS - Prime Minister Connie Fogal and MPVij Save The World


NORTH AMERICAN UNION - Black Krishna and Linda McQuaig vs. Politics As Unusual


Canadians Completely Unaware of Looming North American Union

Bush and Calderon to Visit Canada

by Kevin Parkinson

Global Research, July 17, 2007

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In just over a month’s time, on August 20, the most powerful president in the world will be arriving in Montebello, Quebec for a two-day conference. President George W. Bush will be meeting with Stephen Harper and their Mexican counterpart, Felipe Calderon. So far, the silence from the Canadian and American media has been deafening.

Talk to 90% of people on the street and they won’t know about this upcoming conference, and if by a slim chance they do, they won’t know the purpose of the meeting or why the leaders of Canada, United States and Mexico are meeting in the dog days of summer under what amounts to a veil of secrecy.

So, what’s this upcoming conference all about, and why are the newspapers, radio and television keeping silent about it?

The purpose of the upcoming conference is to ratify the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, which was initiated by Bush, Martin and Fox in 2005 in Waco, Texas. Essentially, this so-called ‘partnership’ will result in what the politicians refer to as ‘continental integration’-newspeak for a North American Union- and basically a harmonization of 100’s of regulations, policies and laws.

In layman’s terms, it means that once this ‘partnership’ has been ratified which is a fait accompli; we will be following in the footsteps of the European Union. It will mean that Canada will become part of the North American Union by 2010, and that our resources, agricultural, health and environment issues, to name a few, will be controlled not by Canada, but by the government of the North American Union.


If our citizenry allows the North American Union to come into existence, then our way of life will change drastically, for the years to come. With privatization of our resources, increased foreign ownership, and a Canadian government with less and less authority, our children and grandchildren will be come ‘North Americans’ and our quality of life will drastically decline.

The founding fathers of Canada must be rolling over in their graves.



Peace, (NOW!!!)



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