Tuesday, August 21, 2007

SNITCHCRAFT - KSLA 12 NEWS: Feds Train Clergy To "Quell Dissent" During Martial Law (With Congress On Vacation.)

Hey Folks,

Rummy, Libby, Gonzo and Rove got away.

Bush says his henchmen can't be questioned.

Cheney says we're going to be nuked.

And this is another way they are attacking us...

Feds Train Clergy To "Quell Dissent" During Martial Law

Shocking KSLA 12 news report confirms story we broke last year, Pastors to cite Romans 13 as reason for public to obey government orders, relinquish guns and be taken to camps during state of emergency

Paul Joseph Watson | Prison Planet | Thursday, August 16, 2007


Martial law is being casually announced with the recession, North American Union and Congress on vacation.

People are being turned into 1984 children by fear, retro-music, old TV on DVD and "Transformers" movies.

If you're smart it's time to act like it.

Be a leader now or be a target as a potential leader just like every time this happens.

In the 6 years since "The Patriot Act" worse bills have passed, and martial law has been fully-funded into next year.

Everything is ready.


Regardless of what you think of someone you don't know anything about, you need to listen to The Alex Jones Radio Show re-streaming online 24/7 at PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com to learn what's going on.

They've been on this for 10 years and can help us stop it.

It doesn't matter if you've never paid attention before, what matters is you have to pay attention now, and use the freedom you have to keep it.

The only way to convince good people on the inside including cops and soldiers to help is to show them we're not idiots.

If we show we know what's happening, we have a chance to win:

1) General strikes for the week of August 20 - 24th during the North American Union meeting in Montebello, Quebec in Canada, as called for by Connie Fogal of the Canadian Action Party and many others.

2) Wear your flag proudly to get people asking you questions about how to save their country, and to get them to avoid buying the media and government's new lies after not telling us anything about the NAU for 2 years.

3) Work with employers and employees to take full or half-days off to hit the patios to complain about the punk snitch-o-crats selling us out every night that week.

4) As a good neighbor, ask and answer questions for others worried about losing their jobs, savings and homes. Get stores to promote friendly neighbors while assuring them they are only supporting free speech and not taking a specific position.

4) Buy-nothing week August 20 - 24th, and show the people who should have asked first to take their NAU merger of Canada, America and Mexico and shove it.

5) Pass out literature and DVD's, wear clothes, speak up, get informed and get creative.

6) Heroes are important regardless of how they are sold, so make sure you accurately describe the work and character of the people trying to save the world from endless wars and police states in appropriately glowing and patriotic terms.

7) Sex sells and freedom is sexy, and we need to understand that the goal of most libertarian truth movements is to save The Matrix people enjoy being destroyed by the police state.

We're all on the same page against a common enemy, and with a lion attacking the village and eating the children, all we have to do is kill it and celebrate.

Four roommates could put out a house-fire, but if only one picks up a bucket we're all going to burn to death.

Pick up a bucket.

If we keep buying the lies the people on the inside are going to think we're too stupid to win, and we need to show that we can see what the hell is happening to get them to help us stop it.

Peace, (NOW!!!)


U.S. Defends Surveillance to 3 Skeptical Judges

ADAM LIPTAK | NY Times | Thursday Aug 16, 2007

Three federal appeals court judges hearing challenges to the National Security Agency's surveillance programs appeared skeptical of and sometimes hostile to the Bush administration's central argument Wednesday: that national security concerns require that the lawsuits be dismissed.

"Is it the government's position that when our country is engaged in a war that the power of the executive when it comes to wiretapping is unchecked?" Judge Harry Pregerson asked a government lawyer. His tone was one of incredulity and frustration.



Economic Expert: We Are Already In An Engineered Recession

50% chance there is going to be a 1929 style economic depression as pretext for regionalization, globalist interests

Steve Watson | Infowars.net | Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Alex Jones was joined on air yesterday by investigative journalist, economic expert and Harvard Doctor of Political Science Jerome Corsi for an in depth discussion on the state of the economy and the engineered decline towards regionalization and a globalized monetary system.

Corsi warned that the crisis in the stock market we are currently witnessing is simply the tip of the iceberg and part of an overall meltdown that represents a gutting of the United States by neo-mercantilist institutions bent on the formation of a new global monopoly.



Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Suggests Letting Young Opt Out of Social Security

John F. McManus | JBS | Thursday Aug 16, 2007

During his speech to supporters at the Iowa Straw Vote event on August 11, GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul called for allowing young Americans a choice to leave the Social Security system.

It doesn't take a mathematical genius to know that private investment of the money forcibly taken from wage earners for Social Security would reap a far greater return than will ever be paid by Social Security. Younger Americans should jump at any chance to leave the currently compulsory program. But only Congressman Paul presents such a choice.






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