Wednesday, August 22, 2007

SNITCHCRAFT: Pimpin' Ain't Easy, But It's Getting Easier...

hey [redacted],

i'm easy, people don't have to listen, but i have to tell everyone for their own good, and force them to consider better explanations for a better world.

if someone taught you to hold on to your anger, learn something new, it's not healthy.

i'm reading "cruel hoax" by dr. henry makow right now and covering his book launch on friday, and i'm learning more about how the bad guys did a real number on you chicks - it's insane.

we don't agree on everything, but we're close, and the bottom-line is people have to wake up to how they're being screwed up even if they feel "fine" now, and to stop trusting the people screwing them.

besides, even if we think - as individuals - that we're smart enough to survive our conditioning, what the hell will the world look like if most people don't?

even if we keep our kids from getting vaccinated, what will their world look like if all their friends are retarded criminals?

(see: "Idiocracy" by Mike Judge, we aren't supposed to.)

we're being retarded, with stupid girls acting self-obsessed and confidently unhappy, and stupid guys taught to be smooth sociopaths who can beat 'em down, beat it up and bounce.

that's why people are screwing strangers and giving everything while getting nothing, and it's eventually de-sensitizing.

the problem is not the length of the commitment as much as the stupidly fearful and banal communication. we're taught to avoid screwing things up instead of indulging in free expression, so we don't feel "real" when hanging.

of course lying to each other until you have sex can make it happen, but it doesn't make it better.

i'm just gonna kill the beef and don't care who says what.

i can't just get drunk and use that as an excuse for beating my wife.

she can't just get oprahcosmo'd and use that as an excuse for beating me.

so, i'll stop drinking if you stop oprah, deal? ;-P

there's no excuse for being used as a scratching post, which is what husbands have become thanks to the media selling stupid guys and bitchy wives on sitcoms. when us monkeys mimic that behavior, we're comfortably unhappy in assuming it's normal as opposed to the dumbest thing you can do.

a buddy mentioned it was their "hormones" yesterday.

i said i can't use that as an excuse for humping every chick's leg i see, or for humping my wife's leg whenever i want.

we need to control our emotions by getting smarter, faster, now.

i'm easy, it is what it is and it shall be known.



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