Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Secret to Staying Free...

I'm like a gas station for ya ego,
Fill up,
Got confessions comin' bigga?
Then spill up,
Lift-up the spirit,
Be near it or fear it,
Disappear if you not clear on how you can wear it,
Share it,
Dare it, be the best idea in a minit,
Misery loves company,
But happiness gonna win it,
Clowns draggin' down Crowns with frowns,
Throw 'em pounds,
And tell 'em how to get down,
To avoid gettin' down,
I'm gettin' down to Risky Business,
I'm pimpin' the game,
Black Krishna change how you aim blame,
And claim your fame...


We got the secret to staying free,
It's on you and me,
It's on and it's on,
'Til we free everybody,

We got the secret to staying free,
A wink and a smile,
I see you noddin' your head,
You've been waitin' for a while...


Right idea,
Gotcha thoughts sawed-off,
Shotgun ya syllables,
'Til they' balls fall off,
We all fall off,
How you free?
In World War Three?
Think it's perfectly safe?
To watch it on TV?
Be free, to be free, to stay free, pray free,
Pay me fairly, and squarely, or don't play me,
Say, meanie-meanie mind ya own business, yo,
Or to paraphrase Hav,
"(what the) Fuck you brought yo' ass here for?"
We don't want your gifts,
Given with guns,
And we don't want you skimmin',
Off all of our funds,
And we don't want our sons and daughters,
Livin' in fear,
Of next year,
When the coast ain't clear,
It ain't here...


We got the secret to staying free,
It's on you and me,
It's on and it's on,
'Til we free everybody,

We got the secret to staying free,
A wink and a smile,
I see you noddin' your head,
You've been waitin' for a while...


Back to the grill again,
Back to the grind,
I'm'a Chef, cookin' buckets of beef,
For the blind,
I don't mind,
If you don't got no mind at all,
But I do mind,
If you still think you know it all,
Trust me,
Before I bust three at ya head,
There's the he said, and she said,
And me sayin' we dead,
Ducks in a barrel,
Abercrombie-Fitch about apparell,
Wish Bush was Will Ferrell,
Or a Miller named Cheryl,
Gotta perform through the peril,
Keep a smile on my face,
I know the time and place,
I know the rhymin' waits,
For a minute or two, to sink in, you blinkin',
In a split second you thinkin',
Of drinkin', or winkin',
At the next man or woman you see,
You got the secret to stayin' free,
And you're sharing it with everybody...


We got the secret to staying free,
It's on you and me,
It's on and it's on,
'Til we free everybody,

We got the secret to staying free,
A wink and a smile,
I see you noddin' your head,
You've been waitin' for a while...


- Black Krishna, "The Secret to Staying Free"

Peace by sharing the pieces with everybody...



Black Krishna Brand

Philosophy - http://blackkrishna.blogspot.com/

Music - http://www.soundclick.com/bands/0/blackkrishna.htm


P.S. Saving The World is easy, just watch "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" to know the government and media are lying to us ALL the time, then check Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com newswires or The Alex Jones Radio Show for how badly and why. Then distribute copies of "TerrorStorm" on DVD or Google Video, and tell this to everyone so they have the option of waking up! NOW!!!


P.P.S. Check this out too while you still can!

Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment -- a principle called Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from deciding which Web sites work best for you -- based on what site pays them the most.


BONUS: Stop Domestic Abuse.

Hi [---],


As a single and intelligent young man who's lived a fantastic life so far, I wanted to pay society and my increasingly busy friends and family back with my own "Vij Corps" work, where I could do what I want when I want, make money and help Save The World. What I found was worse than you can imagine and may lead to the deaths of billions, and I'm sharing my reactions, evidence and suggested solutions.

(Done in 76 words, please see why I needed the other 26 below.)

I understand you've been brainwashed into ignoring critics of your fascist administration and stifling any conversation that upsets you, a brilliant Nazi-propaganda-gestapo tactic that causes you to blindly hate, fear and distrust your fellow citizens.

You won't give them any chance to explain themselves outside of the paradigms of safe-criticism you subscribe to, or in any way plead their case that they just might be making sense as fellow intelligent human beings. That's how you shut down any "Bush bashing" on this newsgroup - as if international criticism of a U.S. President isn't legitimate, and how millions of other acolytes aggressively stifled dissent across America.

It's worked, and now your government is above any significant criticism by you and your preferred media sources - a statistical impossibility with any "government". Criticism is carefully controlled, and it always ends up with the same answer:

Support The Troops + Support The President.

You treat it like a religion in believing God is on your side, and even within your own country, those who don't "believe" in the "messianic vision" of your President are to be viewed with fear, suspicion and scorn as "traitors" or "insurgents" (Newt Gingrich) or as "giving comfort to the enemy".

It's obscene on it's face, and a sad reality.

You are taught to see your own American friends and neighbors begging you to listen to them, review their evidence and have a conversation as the "enemy", and even domestically you've bought into the most grotesque example of American statesmanship in history - "You're either with us or you're with the terrorists!"

I remeber "Checks and Balances" used to be considered a good idea, and that you had a Constitution and Bill of Rights that protect you in case the Federal Government goes crazy and starts acting like a God or a King - which the Founding Fathers assumed would happen, and which has.

You're also using this "50 words" nonsense to try and trick me into over-simplifying the problem in the cliches you've been taught:

- "cut-and-run"
- "flip-flop"
- "smoke'em out of their holes"
- "get them before they get us"

You want me to "fail" in 50 words to identify what's "wrong", and that's a result of being taught that's all you need to prove Bush is "right" - random silly catchiness distilled from GOP "Talking Points".

It's a devastating strategy, and again, the mind-numbing effects are evident here when you insist the only way I could possibly be right is if I can convince you using a maximum of 50 words - or that's all you have time for.

As a smart person you could easily read the 2000 words I offered in 15 minutes, and after stopping me and the majority of others here on this newsgroup from offering any criticism of your God-King for four years of middle-east invasions and many others on the schedule, it would only seem fair that you do - especially since I promised it would be the last time I discussed this here.

(This response will be the last unless I'm asked or prompted.)

The "But Saddam was a bad guy!" excuse has been used to excuse all of the lies and dehumanizing actions surrounding the pre-meditated immoral and illegal invasion of a PEOPLE who's government after 10 years of sanctions were of no threat to you, and the destruction and enslavement of Iraqi's - not the "training of Iraq's so they can defend themselves" - among millions of other war crimes.

The Rove Braintrust is getting you to support them while getting you to **VICIOUSLY ATTACK YOUR CRITICS WITHOUT LISTENING TO THEM**, a masterful display by your masters of getting your peers incredibly angry about something **THEY ARE SPECIFICALLY ORDERED TO REFUSE TO UNDERSTAND**.

This is clearly training for future foot-soldiers in a dictatorship.

The worthy challenge for you and others is to finally look at the leaders of the world clearly and objectively regardless of any role their foes may play, and understand they could do a much better job than they are doing even within the paradigms you accept.

Once that's done, you can quickly identify things that don't make sense in a world anyone would want to live in by looking at those who try to analyse them, and finally if you look into it further you will discover the elite social engineers behind the scenes and their impending plans for world domination through endless wars and domestic tyranny - see "The World" as Exhibit A-Bomb.

We don't have a lot of time to patronize each other, and in fact, we'd better learn to trust each other.

Sure everyone has an agenda, but some agenda's benefit "power", while others benefit "people".

If you track back ALL the decisions made by the Bush Whitehouse, you'll see no one but power benefits - not even his biggest fans, who only benefit from backslapping each other over what a great job they are doing and competing over who can praise the President better. Until these poor victims of "domestic abuse" lose their jobs, healthcare, pensions and everything else due to misunderstanding policies they're cheering for, most people won't wake up. But, if a highly motivated minority do, we may have a shot at stopping this madness.

If you track back ALL the decisions made by me you'll see who benefits, and if you ask yourself one more time and with an open mind why I'm doing this, you'll have your answer:

...FOR YOU...

Love and compassion,


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