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Radiohead Frontman: "We must throw Tony Blair out of office NOW" (

heya dawg,

since you're curious, the only news sites with any "predictive" value that i've seen (because they've seen the plans to do all this evil crap) are:

(based out of Austin, TX)

(based out of London, UK)

the mainstream news stories they find are incredible, and their analysis is take it or leave it - though you'll take it easier once you realize they've been right for 10 years. their radio show is awesome too (with unbelievable guests like Connie Fogal of the Canadian Action Party on the creation of a North American SuperState to replace our borders), and it's constantly streaming so you can tune in anytime.

in discussing with the critics of alex jones, they fall into two categories:

1) they've been told he's crazy and refuse to look closely at his 10 years of work - i.e. the best way to get people to avoid learning the truth about a lot of stuff.

2) they're afraid that while he may be right, he's still not on Oprah (and most liberal critics want to be - myself included), so they say he "goes too far" - as if clearly identifying the elite using governments to stage terror attacks to create a global police state is going "too far"...

i've checked out a bunch of other progressive news sites and have a massive list, the only problem is they don't tell us "why" all this crap is happening except from a "mainstream news" perspective.

this leads to us having silly arguments reflecting mainstream ideas that mostly ignore the roots of the problem - while we justify the various elements of the conflict as the reasonable actions be unreasonable parties. then once we've made sense of the whole horrible mess from a perspective that can be and often is shared widely (e.g. an "in-depth" version of the basic mainstream sense of dissatisfaction), then we settle into a sort of frustrated inevitability about the whole thing - which is, i think, by design.

hey, we can all "give peace a chance!", or we can all take those who won't let us and "give 'em hell!", so i guess it's everyone's call...

our collective impotence is bugging the heck out of me, and while no one says i'm "wrong" anymore, they either have advice on "bringing people along slowly" or say "but what can we do about it?" there's lots we can do - and lots we should independently think of doing, but learning the actual problems and who's causing them is a good start...

it's also way easier to point fingers at each other than it is to thumb one's nose at power, and i'm afraid most "left" arguments reflect that as well. i'm not taking issue with the people are working hard on this, i'm only looking at why it's not "working" and suggesting additional (and i would argue "superior") options.

for instance, i've heard all this "our way of life is not sustainable!" junk with respect to oil and other resources, and it's being used by both sides to say either:

a) "let's kill 'em all for their stuff!"

b) or, "we can't live like this anymore!"

it's just a bad argument to use, because while resources are important and many environmental measures are valuable and help ensure a healthier planet going forward, most "resources" aren't used by "people" anyway: they're used by rich and evil people, governments and corporations.

if we ensured that they didn't secretively hoard more and more and more of them, then we (The West) could easily maintain our current lifestyles while bringing the rest of the world up to our standards. (that's the plan anyway.) think about Bush's "$70 billion" bi-monthly increases in military spending, and ask if we really need to "cut back" and/or "buy war bonds" as much as we need to say "hey - cut it out!!!"

focusing on pointing fingers at each other about recycling and wearing hemp isn't a bad parallel effort, but unfortunately it often just makes normal people feel bad while protecting the most destructive forces from scrutiny.

we're caught in a trap: the same forces selling our peers their fashion sense and fun are baiting us by pushing some of our efforts to the surface (e.g. "An Inconvenient Truth"), and galvanizing us with glimpses of mainstream credibility that we soon find frustratingly elusive again.

the problem is we don't have the consistent propaganda firepower to win the battle of changing selfish attitudes in a paranoid world that's being sold fear and junk by the same information gatekeepers we beg for access. people have heard most of the arguments before anyway, and in a world full of comparably greater evils they'll simply do what they want while crapping on someone else of poorer character. sure it's important, but it's not important enough for people to "act" on it, and there's often no impetus to change the "system" that leads to waste and pollution.

however, if people believe that all their toys will be taken away... well... who knows...

i'm mean, i might work for a week to get a dozen people to separate their paper from plastic, and celebrate my success while Lebanon is baked in microscopic particles of depleted uranium that will irradiate the entire earth for thousands of years.


the fact that the same people doing all that crap over there are in charge over here doesn't bode well either, and we ought to change that...


Radiohead Frontman: "We must throw Tony Blair out of office NOW"

Releases video in protest of political climate in UK

Steve Watson / Prisonplanet | August 4 2006

Thom Yorke, the lead singer with group Radiohead has demanded that Tony Blair be removed from office immediately and that the people of the UK be the ones to do it.

Yorke has just released a solo album entitled 'The Eraser' much of which encapsulates the uncertainty and climate of fear that the government has enforced upon this country.

In a public post on the band's website Yorke stressed in his own inimitable way:

ive had enough of this

our government sitting on the fence with the US while world war 3 appears
to be breaking out in Lebanon and Northern Israel.

we must throw Tony Blair our of office NOW.

he does not represent the views of the british people.

he does not represent the views of his foreign office and officials.

he does not even represent the views of those in his cabinet.

he cares far too much about his relationship with Bush, and Murdoch.

this man is not fit to be our prime minister.

its a nice sunny day. come on lets do it. you know it makes sense.

a vote of no confidence. or something. anything..

Clearly Yorke has taken note of the fact that whilst WWIII is brewing Tony Blair has been living it up in San Francisco, doing business deals with elite figures and most likely visiting the Bohemian Grove.

Yorke is the latest icon in the music industry to speak out. Earlier this year Neil Young released his anti-war protest album 'Living with war' which took direct swipes at Bush and the Neocons in the Whitehouse.

The first single from Yorke's album is entitled 'Harrowdown Hill'. The song is about the mystery surrounding the death of former weapons inspector Dr David Kelly and the shockwave of aftermath since the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The line "Did I fall or was I pushed, and where's the blood?", entertains the evidence that suggests Dr David Kelly did not commit suicide but was murdered by elements within our own government in order to cover up the fact that evidence supporting WMDs in Iraq was falsified.

It is thought that Dr David Kelly was about to go public with this evidence but then he was mysteriously found dead in the woods near Harrowdown Hill, a phrase he had himself used to describe what may happen to him should things turn out badly.

The video features much police state activity and clearly highlights Yorke's discomfort with the current political climate in the UK .


Yorke has also submitted a track, 'Black Swan', from 'The Eraser' , to appear during the end credits of Richard linklater's 'A Scanner Darkly'. The film is an adaption of Philip K Dick's novel of the same name and depicts a near future America that has lost the war on drugs and capitulated into the tentacles of a pervasive control grid.

Art forms such as 'The Eraser' and 'A Scanner Darkly' represent the latest example of a refreshing and burgeoning trend in that seeks to enlighten the listener/viewer into recognizing the real world prison barriers being erected around society today.

Yorke has previously spoken out and attended marches over the the use of UK army stations by the US for advanced missile defense and by the NSA for eavesdropping. He is vehemently against the planned weaponization of space by the Neocons in office, commonly referred to as 'star wars' or 'son of star wars'.


Yahoo! News / AFP International /

Guantanamo detainees may remain indefinitely: Gonzalez

AFP | Aug 3 2006

US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said the US government could "indefinitely" hold foreign 'enemy combatants' at sites like the US naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

"We can detain any combatants for the duration of the hostilities," said Gonzales, speaking to the Senate Armed Services Committee.

"If we choose to try them, that's great. If we don't choose to try them, we can continue to hold them," he said.

Yet neither the Bush administration nor the US military wants "to remain the world's jailers indefinitely," he said.

A Supreme Court ruling last month declared that government of President George W. Bush had overstepped his authority in forming military commissions to try detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

That authority, the court said, belongs to Congress, and the Senate committee is now hearing testimony on how the Guantanamo prisoners should be dealt with.

Gonzales said he was waiting for a green light from Congress to reinstate military tribunals to try war-on-terror prisoners at Guantanamo, Cuba.

Gonzales has proposed minor modifications to rules that inmate attorneys have decried as violating the rights of their clients.

The proposed rules would allow hearsay evidence to be introduced, including evidence obtained under duress, unless a military judge considers it unreliable, Gonzales said.

To prevent terrorists from having access to confidential information, judges handling the cases must be able to temporarily exclude defendants from their own trial if deemed necessary for national security.

And if a defendant faces the death penalty, he will face a panel of 12 judges who must rule unanimously for a death sentence to be issued.

Around 450 prisoners are being held in the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba -- some for years -- without charges being brought. Human and civil rights lawyers have brought suit on behalf of detainees, many of them picked up as suspected Al-Qaeda or Taliban fighters on Afghanistan's battlefields.

The Washington Post, quoting anonymous Bush administration officials, reported Wednesday that the White House also hopes to allow the secretary of defense to add crimes at will to the military court's jurisdiction.

Senators did not question Gonzales directly about this, though the attorney general gave assurances that no US citizen would face these courts.



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