Friday, August 11, 2006

VISHWAMITRA II: This Time It's Personal

on the last two, of course: the jews deserve a place to live free and prosper like every single human being on god's earth, and the holocaust happened and was indeed a terrible tragedy.

but, that doesn't excuse every single action they now take against anybody else who was never even involved in their "holocaust" persecution forever and ever and ever and ever and ever...

for instance, if i got robbed a few years ago, do i have a right to go around robbing people?

that's asinine, it makes no sense, and that's what the "government" is doing to the "people" - propagandizing them into saying any criticism of the israeli government is "anti-semitic", and thus letting their government get away with anything they want.

it's just like anti-americanism: if i'm against torturing people, am i anti-american? or am i just a reasonable intelligent and compassionate human being? if i want people to "have a right to a fair trial" - or - ANY freakin' trial at all, does that make me anti-american? if i'm against nuking iran and syria and the rest of the middle-east into the stone-age, am i anti-american? if i'm against using depleted uranium to poison thousands of soldiers, millions of arabs, and billions of people around the world with the blowing particles of toxic dust, am i anti-american? if i'm into giving your soldiers healthcare and counseling (which your government doesn't - LISTEN to the soldiers complaining) and an actual "mission" to "accomplish" instead of training them to randomly grab arabs out of their houses and throw them in secret prisons - an act that dehumanizes both parties for no discernible reason with no evidence it's succeeding at doing anything, am i anti-american? if i'm against your "stop-loss program" that acts as a neverending draft until soldiers are either dead or deranged, amd i anti-american? if i'm against the patriot act and the hundreds of other police state measures that are destroying your beautiful and world-renowned american constitution and bill of rights, am i anti-american? if i'm against the most secretive and paranoid and evil government in american history (screw "where's waldo", where's cheney?) classifying "125 documents a minute" (NY Times) and refusing to answer more and more questions due to "national security", am i anti-american? if i'm into FINALLY securing your borders and ports to REALLY protect you against terrorists (which bush refuses to do) and illegal immigrants that are driving down wages for average americans and helping to destroy your economy, am i anti-american? if i'm into giving every american citizen guaranteed healthcare and pensions unlike your current administration, am i anti-american?

okay, if it's a choice between supporting your government brainwashing and sodomizing your own citizens and attacking the rest of the world or not... (sigh)... then okay, if you absolutely must insist, then i guess i am...

they're making normal and intelligent jews, americans and others into virulent racists, and yet if you actually talk to people with alternatives they make complete sense: take the billions of dollars used on bombing people and put it into generating healthy economies and healthy people. everybody wins and gets along, the richer nations with a huge head-start will still stay wealthier for years, the whole world benefits. and, just like the multi-coloured diaspora that is north america and many other parts of the world, when people are given a chance to do anything but fight or resist oppression: people will chill out.

i mean, there are 200 million muslims in india who've lived largely peacefully with the majority hindu's for years, i've been there several times, i've walked from hindu markets to muslim markets freely, and i've watched each culture operate with mutual respect for how they want to live their lives. when riots flared up there were usually only a few hundred at most killed, not bad for a country of over a billion people - especially when you see what happened in the former yugoslavia when they had their ethnic tensions inflamed. however, just like here, it's only when a racist, fascist regime like the BJP or "Hindu Nationalist Party" gets in power and gets the people angry at each othr for no good reason that people start to hate each other - and they've just gotten better, and better, and better at this over the years...

to wit part I: you'd have to agree that governments have massive amounts of control over our societies, and can pretty much do whatever they want - who's going to stop them?

to wit part II: there are no economic arguments that are relevant to governments - especially in western cultures. if they want they can just borrow money until our great-grandkids are screwed and loot the national treasury - as president bush has done in taking you from a $5 trln surplus to a $7 trln debt - and asking for more of YOUR money in removing all of your social improvement programs and gambling your pensions in the stock market.

to wit part III: if our societies are screwed up, it's not "our" fault, it's the government's fault. and that's that. whenever two people or groups are arguing with each other, it's best that they look above the fray and find out who put them in the position to "argue" in the first place. you have to understand that ALL the efforts that prevent us from criticizing them or prevent us from listening to their critics are specifically designed and engineered by them to allow them to grow as powerful and corrupt as they want. and that's that.

to wit part IV: the bush regime has spent over $1.6 bln on "fake news" (just Google it), and when the Government Accountability Office said it was illegal, he just said he'd do it anyway - like the torture, NSA spying, and the 750 other laws he's broken (Boston Globe) so far. when you see how effectively they hide their corruption from the general public even when it's been openly discussed in mainstream news articles which are often written but never repeated, then you can see exactly how much power and control they have over who we unfairly blame instead of them. the mainstream press has been infiltrated by intelligence agencies for years, see: Carl "Watergate!" Bernstein's article in Rolling Stone Magazine from the 1970's, or just ask anyone who knows anything about this at all, and when you see how little they do to help those who need it most it's only logical that they don't want that fact exposed much. they're "the government", so they grab headlines while we've got deadlines - so that's often all we see and dumbly repeat to each other in useless conversations that in no way improve our lives. and when their lies are exposed we too often miss it, or we're confused into ignoring obvious evidence of illegal activity far worse than President Richard Millhouse Nixon bugging the hotel rooms of his opposition - for which he was impeached. and that's that.

i'm not anti-semitic, i'm not anti-american, i'm not anti-canadian or against any "people" in the entire world. i'm not even against all the germans who took part in WW2 - or - by your logic - shouldn't their country have been nuked off the face of the earth? if they killed 6 million jews and maybe 20 million people in total, then why weren't they nuked at least once instead of japan being nuked twice?

how many of "our" people did japan kill?

don't make it up like people are making up the stupid fantasies around the threat of hezbollah: LOOK. understand that - as journalist Seymour Hersh has noted, Clinton was the first President since WW2 to bomb white people in Kosovo. now, he was no perfect little angel, but this FACT exposes just how racist your foreign policy has been - and still IS.

and if this "islamo-fascism" garbage was so much in style in the muslim world, then where the hell have hezbollah been for the last 5 years? why weren't they and the numerous other groups who hate american foreign policy working with and supporting al-qaeda? why haven't they been supposedly threatening us until a month ago?

the reason is simple: the CIA founded and funded al-qaeda to battle the soviets in afghanistan, and have since worked with "osama bin laden" or "tim osman" - his CIA code name - for the last 25 years.

and the reason he's getting a lot more publicity now while NEVER BEING CAUGHT is simple: bush sr. was the former CIA Director, the bush family have benefited massively off the bin laden family's investing in them, bush jr. has NO INTEREST IN CAPTURING HIM AND NEVER EVEN TALKS ABOUT IT, and now they're working together yet again to scare the crap out of the america.

once they do that, you'll support them until they have total military control over america, a country with 5% of the world's population that does 50% of the world's military spending. and, once they have that they can use the american military to attack the rest of the world.

(see: The World. Right. Now. Look. Again. Closely.)

and once they do that, who can stop them?

who's going to play "america" to cheney's "nazi germany?"

who can?

as for making you feel better, i'm sorry, but as you've said yourself you get a lot of that, and if you recall i tried to do a lot of that as well. i've also restricted myself on a minute-by-minute basis for years, and listened politely to bullsh-t arguments being bandied about by smart friends while smiling and nodding and pitying their ignorance.

i'm done picking and choosing when to make points like a leper instead of a leader, and i'm done letting smart people repeat stupid things until they become stupid themselves.

it's been frustrating and complicated, and it's not helping anyone i know feel happier when they're being made miserable by propaganda - or turning off from watching the (fake) "news" entirely since it's too depressing (on purpose) - which only leaves your government less and less and less and less accountable to public opinion.

they're addicting people to the "endless war" they've planned which will allow them to corrupt americans into supporting their imperialist ambitions, they're provoking countries into attacking them to justify their own "false flag/inside job" staged terror attacks, and while we're all scared and distracted they're secretly change "laws" that won't be there when we finally figure this mess out and need them - and this is happening all over the world.

no more.

you're a smart young man and this is a conversation, and if it bums you out then it should - what's coming next is even more of a bummer.

to wit: if i'm right, who's bumming you out more, me or your government? and, what's the bigger bummer, me talking about all of the concentration camps they're building or our governments dragging us into them?

i empathize - i've been wrestling with the issues of revealing what i know to people i know for a long, long, long time. in fact, i wish i'd spoken to you a few months ago when this stuff was less pressing, and when i was goofing off under massive pressure from friends who knew i'd be "leaving" to take on this fight full time. i know what they want, they want "fun-Vij!", he's an awesome guy, and he cheers people up everywhere he goes with his increasing charm, intelligence and wit.

in fact, i'll even give you another call and i'll let you chat with him.

but please, listen: i honestly thought i had until 2008, i was just going to finish doing this crap and then retire to a relaxing life of consulting part-time. when i first started i thought we were playing offense - i.e. i thought we had a decent system with some flaws, and i just wanted to fix the flaws. now with every day that passes it becomes clearer and clearer that we're playing defense against increasingly malicious forces behind the governments we've elected, WE KNOW THIS, that's why as much as we're "supporting" our governments, we're also completely "terrified" of them - just like in communist dictatorships.

we also all know politicians are corrupt, but i know who's corrupting them, and i know how little they think of us. they want an 80% population reduction among other horrible measures, they've been behind numerous sterilization and dehumanization efforts that have helped create a "Third World" - i mean how the hell did THAT happen over the last 50 years? and with the nutcases in control of your government, they're finishing the job of gaining total control over all of us right now at the barrell of many, many, many, many big guns.

here's a short video on "The Bilderberg Group", who are the richest and most powerful people in the world. they're not the CEO's of banks and big oil, they're the mostly the old-moneyed OWNERS of banks and big oil, and by extension governments and media. they're probably the biggest group behind this attack on the world. they've been secretly meeting since 1954 and admit they're discussing "policy", i did a story on them, but this guy's is better...

and here's a short video of the ending of a speech by President John F. Kennedy called "The President and The Press", it's a timely, timeless and terrific talk given before an audience of journalists asking them to hold him accountable while helping him expose the "secret societies" (just like President Eisenhower asked as well) that were trying to destroy the sovereignty of the united states. we didn't listen, and now they're closer to succeeding than ever before...

so, there's literally BILLIONS of people trained to speak "happy", and talk about "Paris Hilton's new video!" and "Brangelina" and buy and buy and buy and buy stuff - including products and propaganda, and i even made sure i still spoke the language to ensure i kept the "big tent party" approach - and to advise groups working on this issue how to avoid their own versions of "group think" that can render them unable to communicate their messages effectively to others. so yeah, i can talk silly for a while, and while it used to be days, it's now down to a couple of hours at most, and that "chill out man!" stuff which is so in-style in a world obviously getting worse is also why we're on the verge of total destruction: who do you think is selling us to "relax and chill out?" and telling us to tell each other "don't get all political?"

in successful countries they talk about politics until they get their politicians to fix their problems, and america used to do this too.

in modern day america, you're told to blindly support your "politicians" in being asked to support your "country". if you or anyone else anywhere in the world wants to support your "country", you sure as hell wouldn't support your "politicians", and in fact would support the people helping to hold them accountable.

so, i'm afraid i've got to come out more publicly and more consistently, and carry on the legacy of our great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great... (etc.) grandfather Vishwamitra, and point out to the people how power is pushing us around unfairly.

whether it works or not, who knows?

either way, i'm glad i'm giving it a shot...


Peace by playing your position...



Black Krishna Brand

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P.S. Check the and newswires for 5 minutes a day, and buy the DVD to distribute copies or watch "TerrorStorm" on Google Video! NOW!

P.P.S. Check this out too while you still can!

Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment -- a principle called Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from deciding which Web sites work best for you -- based on what site pays them the most. If the public doesn't speak up now, our elected officials will cave to a multi-million dollar lobbying campaign.


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