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I agree it's ranting, but I'm not so sure about the BS, and I think that's the point of the ranting. But, I completely understand any responses given by anyone, as human actions on our levels can be easily explained with any applied degree of thought or compassion.

So, to quickly battle the perfectly reasonable charges of BS, may I present the
"Infowars.com Concentration Camp Archive", with articles by the L.A. Times, The Village Voice, Miami Herald, Detroit Free Press and London Evening Standard, among others. If they keep telling us that babies milk and lipstick can blow us up than anything will seem reasonable, and something terrible they do will seem logical enough to tell us we need to head to our versions of the New Orleans Superdome. This isn't a fantasy: they say they want to to it, we've seen them do it, and yet we won't believe it. We need to change that.


What's trickier than unconfusing the average person is figuring out just how psychotic the people sponsoring the fake terror attacks on our minds and the subsequent attacks on everything else we own are. They need to be focused on in order to both understand and do something to stop this insanity, and millions of peers can certify the value in this. The big problem is the big media outlets they own won't all tell us who they are or what they are up to at once, and so it's left for those who investigate them consistently and collect the mainstream news that's reported but not repeated - like the examples I cited. There is no news as narrative anymore on a national level, and while power has contempt for the press, the press respects that. We need a larger framework for understanding the random tragedies that are sold to the viewing public, and we can continue to believe elements of what we believe after understanding it's context.

Since World War Three has started, in the search for the new Mahatma/Malcolm/Martin/Mandela, our best bet as members of the human race is a 32 year old white guy from Austin, Texas named Alex Jones. I'm listening to his radio show right now on infowars.com or prisonplanet.com, and with a 10 year track record of being right about government sponsored terrorism and increasing police state measures being used to kill or enslave the population of earth, his act of consistency which has finally lead to him being extensively quoted and seen on CNN, CSPAN, The New York Times, MTV, The L.A. Times and numerous other TV shows and publications. After 10 years of ignoring him you have to ask what this suddenly means, and you have to realize these aren't "theories", they're collected experts, official documents and mainstream news stories. Vanity Fair Magazine even just had a great 4 page spread on "Loose Change - 2nd Edition", the best movie on the day of september eleventh itself by three twentysomething kids from NY. It's been downloaded and seen more that 10 million times on Google Video, and you can bet these interesting facts aand theories about the day itself are freely discussed in other countries where most of them know the truth.

I'm afraid it's time to wake up and accept that living in a world where we thought thinking "Maybe they did it, but I'm not sure." was a good idea are over. Perhaps we didn't ask the question "If they did it, what would they do next?" often enough. Perhaps even if we didn't believe the government did it, we should have seen they were bad people anyway based on ALL of their actions since. We've seen what accepting a radically bi-polar reality does to a nation on the brink of civil war, anarchy or fascism; we're being brainwashed against recognizing how insane it is; and we're rationalizing in the simplest and dumbest terms in history a descent into the worst tyranny in history. We cannot agree to disagree on "reality" like it's just a TV show, the bad guys are taking advantage of "reality" being an unprecedented and widely accepted matter of "opinion" to hide an immense amount of change they are planning - absolutely none of which will benefit the rest of humanity in any way. The oppressors and the oppressed are getting squeezed both intellectually and economically, and much like Stalin convinced Russian troops to massacre 20 million Russians, we've got to be legitimately concerned about the parasitic mindsets of our institutions increasingly concerned with "security" - and little else.

Or, to quote the great Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn:

"A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny."

I strongly recommend three documentary films by Alex Jones you can find on DVD or for free as DVD files and varioues others on the internet, and he encourages people to make and distribute as many copies as we can to wake people up and help stop the impending global police state. These include "911: The Road to Tyranny" (2002 - Oklahoma was faked too - SEE the mainstream TV footage of the stories at the time + more); "Martial Law 911: Rist of the Police State" (2005 - who profited from 9/11, the obvious growing use of Guantanamo-lite tactics against Americans + more); "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism" (2006 - the London bombings were faked + lots of examples of lots of governments doing this in the 20th century).

There are millions of other good people working on these issues, and like other prophets throughout history, Jones has his critics. But, those who disagree can't prove him "wrong". Recognizing after 10 years of doing this that's an amazing record for a prosecutor of evil, that disturbing fact has lead me and millions of others to the conclusion he's right. The other thing I've noticed is the incredibly strong opinions people have against him without having seen a shred of his work, a sure sign of reflected government propagandizing and fear-mongering. You can check his stuff out for free, and while I hate to admit it, personally I haven't yet given the man a nickel. Not one. (Sorry dood.) He's just right, and as bad it it sucks, as we continue to ignore it, it just keeps sucking worse. I'm not even ascribing anything special here, he's just a guy who looks into it a heck of lot and commits his whole life to pushing back against the forces behind it. When you add that to the reasoned and quantifiable truth in a world of over-televised half-baked and wholly inconsistent opinion, plus an international reputation and millions of fans, including publicly the actor Charlie Sheen, that makes him the go-to guy.

Outside of that stuff, thanks for the compliment. I find my self-taught Masters or PhD is just as good or better than most through discussions with them, and in general believe that since I simply look at more logical information I make more logical arguments than most. When most people's preferred news sources happily turned "Afghanistan" into "Iraq" and are now creating "HEZBOLLALQAEDALLAH!", you have to ask yourself if the nonsense one recognizes as nonsense and yet still numbly and dumbly consumes on a regular basis is making an impact.

What, do we grade our "news" on a "curve" now?

Do we think sipping rat poison slowly makes it harmless?

I don't want to do this just for an "A", and I am very aware that anyone with half a brain better wake everyone else up in any ways they can - ANY are acceptable, we're in real trouble here and can't afford to play into the petty arguing we're being sold is "in style". I'm also aware of a growing class of "untouchables", over 4 billion and counting by my estimates. I've been in touch with a few, for the most part they're perfectly nice. I want to sever the ties that bind our mind to petty judgments based on classism - it merely justifies our willful ignorance of oppression, and I will break the rules of useless debate until we talk about "real" issues - nothing els is worth getting worked up about.

As much as we're seemingly satisfied with the "You're all having fun!/You're all going to die!" mixed-message being sent, we're not safe either. As a growing class of paranoid, selfish, distracted, angry, callous and powerless peers well aware of our nations being the key playmakers in an increasingly dangerous world with no positive ends in sight, and no "leaders" seriously talking about "peace" as an option in the near future, we can only run and hide from our courage and conscience for so long.

I know why this is happening, and I know why the Sam's Club I was in today looks like a giant Communist grocery store, with gray concrete floors, a lifeless, barren, silent and soulless environment; bored and paranoid employees; aimlessly wandering married zombies overloading industrially ugly shopping carts; electronic ID cards with photographs and numbers on them; clear plastic bags that expose every item you've bought to anyone else; the Chinese Star in tradition "Wal*Mart" signs, and chain link fences on the inside of the store. This is not from watching "Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices" - though that's great too, and a reminder that attacking the leader in a monopolizing market is a good way to slow down consolidation of power. However, my analysis is from adding that to what I've learned from Mr. Jones to show me a deeper picture of why seemingly terrible and dehumanizing decisions are being made: they reflect a willful dehumanization of us all by the elite of the world, and if you look at the rest of the world beyond our borders, it's hardly surprising that we're next on the list.

The Third World is Slave Labor for Us, and We Are Slave Labor for The Elite.

These are not the vibrant and thriving markets and culture of a society on the way "up", and we've got to ask just how far down we're prepared to fall. That is the central question I'm posing here, and will after this refer to other mediums and forums to ask and answer it while leaving this culture to return to it's normal discourse. Some of my attempts at shattering surreality are below, please feel free to take a look at the puzzle if you'd like.

Peace, (NOW!!!)



Black Krishna Brand

Philosophy - http://blackkrishna.blogspot.com/

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P.S. Saving The World is easy, just watch "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" to know the government and media are lying to us ALL the time, then check Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com newswires or The Alex Jones Radio Show for how badly and why. Then distribute copies of "TerrorStorm" on DVD or Google Video, and tell this to everyone so they have the option of waking up! NOW!!!


P.P.S. Check this out too while you still can!

Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment -- a principle called Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from deciding which Web sites work best for you -- based on what site pays them the most.



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