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Please sign and pass on the petition: CKLN must remain on the airwaves!!!


Please sign and pass on the petition: CKLN must remain on the airwaves!!!




We the Toronto community are shocked at the recent revoking of CKLN 88.1FM's broadcasting license by the CRTC. CKLN is the heart of our community. It has represented a multitude of communities throughout its history, communities that have been traditionally marginalized and ignored by the mainstream media. It is a major player in the distribution of alternative news and information, and has been the genesis of hundreds of careers from local artists to music lovers, comedians to dancers.

CKLN is vital to our community, and without its presence on air we lose not only a rich history of our city, but future opportunities and culture - which ultimately enriches our city and nation, culturally and monetarily. While it is true that former mismanagement affected it's ability to broadcast at certain points in recent history, we, the listening audience, is confident that the current administration and board is able to handle the tasks at hand. That is, to fulfill their duties to the listeners and the CRTC without failing to live up to the standards set before them.

Please support CKLN. This petition is put together by a listener and former volunteer who has little stake in CKLN besides its continual presence in our city as a hub of growth, culture and community.

Please see for more information. This petition will be sent to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission and the Canadian College Radio Association.


The Undersigned

1117 Signatures and counting!


CKLN board ‘not going to lie down’ after licence revoked

Ashante Infantry | Toronto Star | January 28, 2011

CKLN-FM’s “surprised” and “disappointed” board of directors called an emergency session Friday after the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission revoked its licence, citing a lack of quality control and numerous regulatory violations. ...

... While the decision, effective Feb. 12, passed by majority vote, one commissioner “firmly opposed” revoking CKLN’s licence, which would have come up for renewal in 2014.

Intermediate steps, such as a mandatory order, should have been taken before pulling the station off the air, Louise Poirier said.

She noted that none of the complainants requested the revocation of CKLN’s licence and added: “To my knowledge, and based on the research conducted . . . the commission has never revoked a licence without first issuing a mandatory order or reducing the licence term at the time of renewal.”

Nelson, credited with launching the first hip-hop radio show in Canada on CKLN in 1983, is the station’s longest serving member.

“I applied there on my first day as a student at Ryerson,” he recalled. Nelson said he feels “hurt” by the loss of broadcasting rights. The board he oversees was formed during the lockout to get the station back on track.

The station has one month to appeal the decision.

At a meeting on Friday night, the board was still undecided if it would appeal the decision or not, said Nelson. “We need more time to talk to lawyers... to see what they advise,” he said.

But the AGM, scheduled for Monday, will be held, he added.

“No one wants to quit, let me tell you,” Nelson said.





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