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Invisible Chemtrail Mind Control: Can Most People Do Something Easy About This?


Toronto Monday Morning Chemtrail Blues (aka The Rainmaker) - Part 1



Chemtrails Ad placed by concerned citizens



Invisible Chemtrail Mind Control: Can Most People Do Something Easy About This?

Vijay Sarma | Black Krishna Blog | November 30, 2010

"Now, the only question is what to do about it."

On November 29, 2010, on a busy Monday morning in downtown Toronto, the beautiful deep blue skies over 2 million heads were covered in wisply clouds and white lines. What became apparent is those white lines sprayed by passing airplanes and staying in the air for several minutes were causing the clouds in the sky as they broke up. This phenomenon documented worldwide over the last 10 years is known as "chemtrails", or "chemical trails", because the chemicals sprayed don't react like normal jet "contrails" do, which are mainly water vapour and act similar to a hot car exhaust pipe on a cold day causing condensation that disappears.

The evidence compiled on this is overwhelming. There's tons of independent footage, articles, videos and websites; documentaries; scientific analysis of the ground below revealing foreign and harmful particles; rare mass media and TV news coverage; artists like Prince, Beck, Muse and Matthew Good speaking on or making songs about them; and more. Adding the geo-engineering ideas of government scientists who admit they want to spray aluminum and other particles into the atmosphere to reflect the sun's rays to stop global warming, plus the UN conference held recently asking them to stop, means any "debate" about this happening is stupid.

"Now, the only question is what to do about it."

Another phenomenon noticed by many is the inability of some to even "see" chemtrails, or process what they see in any logical way. Based on what we know, this is not natural, or a personal choice. It's the result of mind control techniques used by the wealthy in charge of people for thousands of years (e.g. Plato's Republic 300 B.C.) and updated for the 21st century. Since chemtrail particles are thought to cause cancer, and since "Cancer, heart disease cause more than half of Canadian deaths: StatsCan" (Yahoo News 30/Nov/10), there should be a real sense of urgency about the need for people to beat their mind control and help deal with this.

While it seems like a big problem, understanding what many others have figured out and doing easy things like documenting them and sharing it have worked to help others ask for more, like media coverage, activism, legislation, and the UN conference mentioned above. None of this would be possible without publicly expressed interest and support. So, anyone with a camera or iPhone can easily take pictures and videos and post them online to contribute to ongoing efforts to protect their families, friends and city. Since the people spraying the chemtrails aren't stopping, and since they're likely bad for us and we have options, this is a no-brainer.

"Now, the only question is what to do about it."

Both people who know and who've never heard of the chemtrail phenomenon might realize the thesis above makes sense and start casually helping with efforts to document them whenever they can. They can take a few pictures and videos every time they see chemtrails and spend 5 minutes uploading them to Flickr or YouTube on a regular basis. If just 1% of people in the Greater Toronto Area did this, or 55,000 people, we'd probably reach enough people to get all of us some answers from our governments. If even 0.1% did, or even 0.001% did, or 500 people, we'd have soon collect enough evidence to make it worth everyone else's while to look at it.

All we really have to do is make sure more adults can start doing easy things to defend our freedom and protect our health from problems historically caused by out-of-control government experimentation, like Winnipeg sprayed by the U.S. Air Force in the 1940's, the Tuskegee and MK Ultra projects; Canadian Native Residential Schools abuse and many more. Many of us also know our governments are heavily influenced by corporate lobbyists who ask for weak environmental legislation to maximize their profits, even if it compromises the public's health. So, before we have to do something really difficult about it, we should start with something easy.


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By Chisa Fujioka | Reuters | October 21, 2010

NAGOYA, Japan (Reuters) - The United Nations should impose a moratorium on "geo-engineering" projects such as artificial volcanoes and vast cloud-seeding schemes to fight climate change, green groups say, fearing they could harm nature and mankind.




EVIDENCE: OTTAWA, Thursday, October 29, 2009

Senator Merchant: Maybe I do not have much imagination. We read things that say maybe we can reflect this heat back into the atmosphere. Perhaps, some of the measures we take on the industrial side are not the only solutions. ...

Mr. Stone: Part of what you have raised is what some people call "geo- engineering" — putting aerosols into the atmosphere. We have to be careful because we do not know the consequences. It is a way to avoid tackling the root cause of the issue. We should look at it carefully so that when we make decisions, they are well-informed decisions.



Vijay Sarma is a philosopher, journalist, artist and political activist living in Toronto and hosts CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening Morning Show Mondays and Thursdays from 6 - 7 am EST, also on CKLN.fm and Rogers Cable 947. You can see more info on these issues at - http://twitter.com/MayorVij - and contact - vijay.sarma@gmail.com with any news, questions, answers or suggestions.


SOURCE - http://blackkrishna.blogspot.com/2010/11/invisible-chemtrail-mind-control-can-we.html




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