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The Caribana Police Report: NLE '09 Martial Law Drills in Toronto?


Hello Canadian Truth Seekers,

Just a head's up, Saturday night Marchello and I stayed downtown after the successful street action -- with 10 people there and 100,000 potential customers seeing us -- to see the Caribana celebrations on Yonge Street. We witnessed admitted drills taking place at Dundas Square. Or (de-?) population control exercises.

There were dozens of police in bright yellow vests who were, for the most part, friendly and relatively unobtrusive. Then there were dozens of SWAT teams dressed in all-black with extra-gear who cleared random areas quickly, aggressively and for no reason. They had small red, green and blue flashing lights on their backs. Like robots.

They also walked on the sidewalk in groups of 6 - 8, literally casually clearing people out of the way, unlike the cops in yellow vests who mingled easier with the crowd. Years ago: they were a half-block back in little groups every second street off Yonge. We looked up and saw 50 SWAT cops standing on the north-west corner of Yonge and Dundas. Together in a bunch.

It was insane.

What's next, tanks?

No tanks.

Me'n'March got booted off a Bank of Montreal window ledge a bit aggressively.

I looked at the SWAT like he was insane for asking us to move like that for no reason.

Then I looked at his buddies and heard one of them tapping impatiently on the granite. Then I moved.

I was (audio) recording our philosophizing, so I have that little episode too. No biggie, just "the matrix" acting up.

There's a thin-blue line, but you know... even some of the cops in yellow vests looked freaked-out by the SWAT teams.

Ronin, or masterless samurai' among mortals for the most part. Until they snap-to to form an impromptu crowd-control armed force.

I recorded a SWAT cop later saying "we finished having our fun" (e.g. drills) and appreciated his candour in letting us pass. There was absolutely no reason to herd huge groups of people into each other in some sort of pincer action. Or say "Keep it moving!" from both sides until big bunches of peaceful people are bumping into each other in the middle of Dundas Square in Toronto.

Or no 'good' reason anyway.

So hopefully many cops know it too.

Especially when they abruptly started and stopped.

As if the drills had no rhyme or reason except to see them.

One moment got damn, damn tense. The rest of the time: just tense.

No seriously, it defies logic, which means it's either accidental, or a plan to be this bad

To what end is anyone's guess, but everyone should guess, then maybe a few will get it right.

Better that than accepting this, especially if it's supposed to happen again, or more frequently, etc.

For example: if they simply wanted to clear Dundas Square itself, an audience area that holds at least a thousand people, on a crowded Saturday night, they could've done it in smaller pieces to the point where people hardly noticed.

Like the guys who take the chairs in every night.

But, to aggressively ask everyone to move, to antagonize them just because you can, is evil.

I mean, evil behind the scenes twisting the same guys who let tons of teens smoke pot at The Toronto Freedom Fest.

Of course: nobody follows orders like the military. Or militarized cops. They look really cool and deadly. Right in front of you.

(Don't start with me, finish with me, I've got a "Save The Police!" campaign idea later.)

The SWAT guys are a different breed altogether. Everyone who sees them, and who is exposed to this idea, will agree. I saw, and stayed, and watched, 6 of them approach a random guy under some trees just smoking a cigarette at a Yonge Street parkette, all with their flashlights out, then questioning him for longer than they should, then leaving.

Of course, it's just a bunch of cops.

Who look like they're in "Grand Theft Auto 666: Snitch City".

Whose job it is to f--k shit up. Our shit. If they're asked nicely, of course.


How many cops should it "really" take to make an effective deterrent?

Seriously, with a bunch of girls with more material on their purse than on?

With a bunch of horny guys looking at girls wearing less material than a purse on?

Perhaps two at a corner? With perhaps two 15-shot Glock 9's and 30-shots between them?

And with sticks, knives, tasers -- and -- a hundred big brothers within a hundred feet with the same?

This bat-spit crazy bull-spit has me fuming.

Mostly out of embarrassment.

I'm running for mayor because I don't like this stuff at all.

'Cause I'll tell you this much...

A whole bunch of black Americans "woke up" to the Alex Jonesian police state in some fashion on Saturday night in downtown Toronto, either "again" (they're black Americans), or for the first time (they're young and distracted), after they'd been invited here as tourists for Caribana weekend. To Canada. We're the nice people with snow and beautiful women and stuff. Right?

(Uh, sure. Just ask the Natives from residential schools. Or don't. There. Doesn't that feel better? Like a blindfold and a cigarette.)

Hopefully the visitors who saw us at the street action that day make some sort of connection as a positive, but still...

When "American blacks" are complaining about "Canadian" cops... yeah.

Oh, how the nice'n'mighty have fallen.

But what doeth they?

Anyway, I'm working on a 6-week plan to finally blow-open 9/11 across Canada and stop mandatory vaccines from August 8th - September 11th. Sorry, it was supposed to be out a couple of days ago, but the city tends to eat time, especially when you get more credibility for being able to, like, totally forget all this depressing crap is going on, and like, just party man, yeah.


And then...

There's the "Inform The Uniformed" campaign to deal with stuff in this email, plus lots more. Just like at the 2007 SPP.Gov / North American Union protests in Montebello, Quebec, ordinary people expressing themselves peacefully are starting to feel what it's like for activists expressing themselves peacefully and being pushed out of areas just for the hell (?) of it anyway.


The people who never believed us will soon believe their own eyes anyway.

Believe it.

What "they" could "get away with" at Caribana will be at Taste of the Danforth in 2 years.

Or not.

Anyway, the Game NWOver plans will work, which is awesome and why I'm in a great mood. No matter what, I try to figure it out until I know there's a way out. After that people can do what they want. Not just ways to (maybe?) get salvation after they kill you, or the fake religious stuff the NWO twisted to get us to ignore reality, but ways to actually put the NWO out of business.

At least 'round these here parts they' wreckin', which ain't a bad start.

"They" got caught and convicted -- or at least indicted -- by a global jury of 12 million peers.

That's better than 12 deciding on any person blowing up 9/11 buildings, faking global warming science, etc.

It's an inarguable standard of proof, so pay no mind to those who argue.

Of course...

It's impossible to believe we're right if we're not doing much about it.


Conspira-sheeple bleating "Why don't people wake up?" without trying to wake them up is... bad.

The point:

We need more people to start thinking about how to defeat the New World Order right now. Otherwise we won't be able to. It's not that hard to beat the New World Order. We just have to think about how to beat the New World Order. Seriously. With pens and paper. With plans for small plans that fit into the bigger scheme of a bigger plan over time. We can thrive or survive. If.

If Jesus Himself came back and gave us a plan, we wouldn't understand it because we're not used to planning.

He could lay out the perfect simple blueprint for kicking the Neo-Roman Empire's ass and we wouldn't understand it, so wedded we are to only being the best egosyntonic individual (x) we can be that we can't "build" with others; convinced there's nothing we can do 'cause we never try to think of anything; catching up; or simply happy with a faux-karmic and lazy approach to survival.


Maybe none of the criticism is true.

Maybe we're actively talking nationally about how to fight this together.

Maybe we're working on it right now.

Either way...

Nothing before right now matters.

We're in a room with a King Cobra that wants to kill us.

We've found a 16 shot Glock-9, with the extra bullet in the chamber.

We're better off firing-off as many shots as we can to have a good shot at survival.


In the Infowar, for both the informed and anyone who can get there half-way quickly...

Who's got the guns'n'ammo to blow holes in their local surreality?

Bring'em out, bring'em out.

It's time. Right now.

Peace by piece,




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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good reporting. Canadian Maquis on highest alert.. Lights on their back? lol
No doubt a GPS too. Siggh the hubris of these traitors. Imagine what fun to witness their perplexed expressions to see one of their Vichy budds disappear off the locator screen.
"Capn! SGT Steddinko! He's...GONE!"
Shields at Max, ENGAGE

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

with all those mud monkeys on yonge street we need aggressive cops to control them, and yes, tanks are next, you can thank, past, present and future immigration policy for that.

4:23 PM  

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