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Hip Hopcalypse Now





heya [redacted],

thanks for stiq'ing up for me, i've got your back too, that's why i'm checking in. i know you're pretty isolated as one of the few hip hop heads who are publicly willing to take a stand against the NWO, though i've talked to dozens of others who know what's going on but won't say it for some reason.

you can see the corporatized the hip hop culture makes it tough to hold down its' revolutionary soul, especially today. it reminds me of the boondocks episode where martin luther king came back and nobody gave a damn. that's the culture the new world order created so people like us are marginalized.

i'm not saying we're the same, i'm just saying we're two individuals who researched similar areas that everyone needs to know about fast. if you ask people how they're doing, nearly everyone will say "Great!" if you ask people how they feel about the future, nearly everyone will say they're worried about it.

this sounds, metaphorically, like people are willingly smiling while blindly walking across the street and fully expecting to get hit by a bus. you can see how the people who want to enslave or kill us want us feeling this way. our challenge is to give people the option of feeling happy while beating the new world order.

anyway, that brings me to the beta version of my campaign website:

i'm going to keep it short for the twitter-generation, but with a different approach than most conspirienced sites. we often inform the informed until we're super-informed, but that doesn't necessarily translate into action. i'm reverse-engineering people's existing concerns -- most caused by the NWO -- into solutions.

you'll see it soon. i'm also using my given name to campaign, but will keep "bk" for lots of stuff. ultimately, i can see how it's going to get harder to convince people due to the brainwashing. that's why i'm making certain unorthodox choices to reveal the various methods being developed to convince people.

once they understand on some level how hard we're working to communicate with them for their benefit, not just argue with them to show we're smart or right, then they'll cut us some slack. it's cool, individuals f--ks with me all day, but in groups they'll be more reserved because of what i represent.

no worries dunny: all you've gotta do is show people you can say smarter stuff about normal stuff so they know you're smart. then carefully introduce conspirashit that directly relates to their needs. we get the game twisted by focusing only on the top of the pyramid instead of the bottom, or showing our hate instead of empathy.

we can change that fast.


who cares about "rothschild"... what about "that child"?

if civilians see the conspirienced trying to save children instead of just yelling at (or about) crazy old people, then we'll have the moral cover-fire to move nicely, even here in communist canada. no worries, we have a great country to save so i'm sure we we'll decide to save it. if we decide to try to figure out how.

Good luck, stay up and hollatchabuoy if ya finna... :-)



not-so incidentally...

i'm a philosopher. or a bum with ideas.

hopefully universal ones that others can benefit from.

though i'll play the role when called upon, i don't want to be a leader,

otherwise i'd have a group of followers by now. or at least a damn cellphone.

plus, i've studied the game and realize that wouldn't work today if i formally tried anyway.

even for the mayoral campaign, i want to get stuff done to save our lives and city before an election anyway.

i also want to introduce ideas that people can use to become local leaders in their circles. so far it works on certain issues, but there's a number of steps people need to take in their own ways to recover from the reality they were given.

we can program ourselves. this may sound strange, but we have to keep in mind that if we don't, then someone will program us. if we can re-awaken the human spirit being trapped in corporate-conformity then we have a good chance to win.

so yeah, that's why even though people laugh at times, over time, as their eyes squint slightly with fears about the future, i'm used to thinking about and working on this stuff. i've got a list of things they can do to feel better and save the world whenever anyone's ready.

don't worry:

"they" got "caught" by a jury of over 12 million peers worldwide.

it's really as simple as that, or a universally accepted standard of proof.

now we've just gotta untangle their control grid thingy and we'll be fine... :-)




btw, if he's a spook, then you can see sassy's panicking about me and getting sloppy. that's why he's making such a fuss even though people aren't showing him love for it. normal people have much better things to do with their time than harass others. especially if no one's appreciating it.

take a look at his co-opting technique, we've seen this before. he'll say the NWO doesn't exist, then he'll claim to be really fighting it while calling me a spy. either way, he's counting on people being stupid and forgetful, so keep it in mind. frankly i'm okay with the attention, so don't worry about me.

thx, bk




it's sad, but it's also fascinating to see how TV ripped the balls off these guys. anyone who suggests they should have 'em is a threat to their existence, so they get angry. it's cool, most well-adjusted people just make a lane for me 'cause they know i'm on it. only the lonely, bitter and borderline retarded feel threatened. thanks to flexing in different ways (e.g. marshall mathers, eminem, slim shady) i can provoke different interesting reactions.

there's a lot of time and energy spent hating on me by people who -- if they were normal and happy -- would use their precious time to do something they like instead. the world of spineless bitches and haters is here. check out this page. see if anyone has anything to offer. i don't even mean better than me. i mean anything at all. fyi, below are some lyrics from "either (hi hip hop)" off the "stillmaticanuck" album that explains some of what's happening...

You want beef?
I got beef, let me feed you a steak --
In what's going on, like Marvin Gaye said,
We play dead, with fake Supermans, chasin' fake Superheads,
Super-ugly, but the beat sounds lovely,
Bob ya head, sayin' yes, no matter what's said, 'til you a dummy,
Game of juice'n'gin rummy, pull ya card, for ya boulevard,
Of broken dreams, spoken schemes, still wanna "act" hard?
Act what? Act a fool? Act stupid? That's cool?
How the fuck you think? The top wanna rule?
Be a tool, fuckin' with the old school, you fuckin' fool,
Think Chuck, Kris and Immortal Tech, don't got a clue?
How you wanna do? A legend like that?
Break out the Bob, everybody got "Legend" in the deck,
Or the CD changer, CD's getting stranger,
'Til we ain't buyin' none, the whole game in danger,
I ain't from a manger, but I bite from the best,
Never rest, got bull for bile? I aim for your chest,
Or your heart, can't find it, that's why I gotta grind it's --
Nothin' to me, to see young g's, remind them --
It's not too late, to end the hate, and aim up,
Grown-up's, sold-out, means ya future's fucked up,
So press your luck, you chickenheads and chickenshits, getting fucked,
By that love of paper, they gonna rape ya, tape ya up,
With a strip over your mouth, east-west, north-south,
The best ain't been real, since "Reasonable Doubt",
So pray to God, or Gotti, know the 'lluminati,
Want your mind, soul and body, while you dream of being a hottie,
So I body the game, 'cause hip hop ain't dead,
It's alive and killin', while we chillin', on sched..


P.S. If he's a spook, which all the evidence except for a photo ID shows, then Sassy's cover has been blown. It's no biggie, he'll lay low for a minute, it only takes a day for people to forget stuff these days, so he'll be back teaching everyone to act like monkeys soon. No racist. I really mean monkeys.

His job is to make sure any serious political discussions that could inform or energize the HHC crowd are shut down. Seriously. The "Man" doesn't want us talking about this stuff, as we can clearly see. There's guys like him operating on message boards everywhere. They're now trying to normalize this in the mass media as a good thing to have.

Incidentally, I'm not the reason he's here. The largest Canadian hip hop site is why he's here. He's just a grown-ass spooky fool who steps in to get kids acting stupid just as they're about to start thinking, especially since most kids think they're screwed and want to find ways not to be. He's been on my ass forever, but no worries. It's just part of the narrative now, so hopefully everyone can see that.


sorry dood...

look, i sympathize, and i'm going to start NLP'ing hip hop more like obama so people can handle the info.

frankly we've been smacked around hard, as many of us used to admit.

but: the truth is the truth and hip hop gives me the balls to say it. this should work for others too. they just have to know what to say.

it gave n.w.a. the balls to say "f--k the police", though i still prefer bob's "i shot the sheriff" to end the beef, which should be the point.

i just watched "the hangover" last nite with a buddy. while i'm not saying you can't make this style of "guy" flick well, this one is a really, really bad movie being sold as a good movie to destroy our sense of judgment.

i'm not stupid, and i'm not saying there weren't funny parts. i'm just saying anyone who thinks it's "great!" is just saying it because the media makes it in style to say. as we learn "what to say" they program us easier.

we never talk about "who says" what we're supposed to say.

that's why i ain't trippin' about "talking like this".

i know it's better than "that".

there's levels and levels to the programming, but...

from shots of body-parts we never used to accept seeing, to using a baby as a prop to bang into things, to making it cooler than ever for grown-ups to act stupider than ever, to children tasering adults as they begged them not to -- a sign of the next generation being trained to police us, women as nothing but evil bitches or friendly whores and more... it's a bad scene.

they've made four "saw" movies about a guy who tortures and murders people with a saw too, plus-plus-plus, so you get the idea of what they want us to act like and accept in the very near future. some think all this is a harmless distraction, but over time, the ideas put out by the corporate elite are meant to change the way we think so they can control us easier.


i'm just trying to make sure you're not forced to get a mandatory man-bird-pig flu vaccine that might kill you. or forced to continue the mandatory medication of our food, air and water as they're currently doing with GMO's, chemtrails (see TV news), fluoride and prozac and more.


you might hate what i'm saying now, but at least many of you understand it. in 6 months or a year you'll be so drugged and dumbed down that you probably won't understand it. then we're screwed. it's not all on me btw, there's millions of people worldwide working on this, so respect that.


finally, you can google for all this stuff and you'll see the same burdens of proof that you usually accept, perhaps more. for example, on the issue of sassy being a spook, i just googled for this now after seeing it on the cover of "the metro" a couple of weeks ago. internet traffic "managers."


all they have to do is stop us from thinking long enough for us to forget how, which is part of their design. this "poll" which tells canadians that we "accept" people telling us what to do online is a perfect example: if we think about it we'll say "no we don't", if we don't we'll say "i guess we do..."


GOOGLE SEARCH: poll canadians manage internet traffic


# - Most Canadians support reasonable Internet ...
14 Jul 2009 ... Most Canadians support the idea of Internet traffic management as long as all users are treated fairly, a new poll suggests. ... service to some users, to manage and prioritize online traffic during high-volume periods. ... - Cached - Similar -

The Canadian Press: Most Canadians support reasonable Internet ...
14 Jul 2009 ... OTTAWA — Most Canadians support the idea of Internet traffic management as ... The Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll found only about one in five of ... to manage and prioritize online traffic during high-volume periods. ... - Similar -

Most Canadians support reasonable Internet traffic management ...
Most Canadians support reasonable Internet traffic management, poll suggests ... to manage and prioritize online traffic during high-volume periods. ... - Cached - Similar -

580 CFRA News Talk Radio
14 Jul 2009 ... Canadians Support Internet Traffic Management: Poll ... to some users to manage and prioritize online traffic during high volume periods. ... - Cached - Similar -

Most Canadians support reasonable Internet traffic management ...
14 Jul 2009 ... Most Canadians support reasonable Internet traffic management, poll suggests. ... _ A new poll suggests Canadians support the idea of Internet traffic ... manage and prioritize online traffic during high-volume periods. ... - Cached - Similar -

Most Canadians support reasonable Internet traffic management ...
OTTAWA - Most Canadians support the idea of Internet traffic management as long as all ... Polls. Should Internet service providers be allowed to manage and ... - Cached - Similar -

Canadians support Web traffic management: poll | Money | Edmonton Sun
14 Jul 2009 ... A new poll suggests Canadians support the idea of Internet traffic ... to manage and prioritize online traffic during high-volume periods. ... - Cached - Similar -

The Globe and Mail
14 Jul 2009 ... Canadians support reasonable Web traffic shaping: poll ... Most Canadians support the idea of Internet traffic management as long as all users are ... to manage and prioritize online traffic during high-volume periods. ... - Cached - Similar -

# - Mediacaster - 7/27/2009
15 Jul 2009 ... Poll Says Internet Traffic Management 'Reasonable'. A Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll suggests Canadians support the idea of Internet traffic ... to manage and prioritize online traffic during high-volume periods. ... - Cached - Similar -

# - Business - Canadians OK with web traffic control: poll
15 Jul 2009 ... Most Canadians support the idea of internet traffic management as long as all users are treated fairly, a new poll suggests. ... - Cached - Similar -


watch deez movies 4 deez nutz

with millions of people researching this stuff and thousands producing movies, videos, songs, articles, books and more, it's not hard to find a way to understand this stuff anymore. it may be a little hard to accept, but most of what the NWO is up to is public now. we're being taught to say "who cares?" or "there's nothing we can do" so they get away with it.

the easiest way for most people to understand this is in ways they're used to. that doesn't mean 1000 word HHC posts when people are used to twittering. it means movies. that's why links to "the obama deception", one of the hottest films in the world, and "endgame: blueprint for global enslavement", which explains the last 200 years in 2 hours, are below.

check the films websites with bibliographies documenting the proof too.

then share them with others and discuss them to see if they're true.

good luck hip hop, as you can see we haven't given up on us yet... Smile



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Alex Jones - Endgame - FULL MOVIE - High Quality



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If you only listen to one thing this week...

Well, that's silly.

Just download and listen to these soon, okay? :-)



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