Thursday, March 16, 2006

Plan BK: The Solutions Presents... A Minifesto + An Email Response to a Right-Hook - Part Deux! :P

no worries beb, but at some point we've got to settle on an "objective" morality, i.e. "torture is bad and we should never ever do it", "depleted uranium is bad - like a nuclear weapon without the "boom!" - and we should never use it", "keeping citizens ignorant of the real reasons for war - and a hell of a lot of other important things - is bad and we should never do it", etc..

once we start automatically artificially equivocating opinions in the false "Left vs. Right" paradigm, irrespective of any objective morality, that's where we get into trouble. besides, it's not just "my view", it's the truth, and while i can't tell you what movies to like, i can certainly make empirically proveable calls on behalf of humanity that reflect the wisdom of ages and good old fashioned common sense, which is unfortunately increasingly uncommon these days. plus i can keep the facts while adding to them, and change the poorly-phrased questions to give us a better a chance to answer them with a more positive outcome for more people.

why do you think the world is in such bad shape?

it's simple: reinforcing self-destructive logic causes us to destroy ourselves.

irrespective of what "gang" one is a part of, the bigger problem is failing to separate the value of individual actions from from the "gang mentality", and just because one beats their dog and loves their kids doesn't mean the scales automatically balance. furthermore, if one keeps beating their dog, it may only be a matter of time before they consider beating their kids, and that's what's happening in the U.S. and Canada right now.

by allowing the powers-that-be to beat Third World dogs (and a few domestic ones) we've let them become all-powerful, callous and cold, and now it's our turn as First World kids to take an ass-whuppin'. it ain't gonna be pretty, and with former "bullies" or "security forces" now very much back in style, they can act like it's the good old days instead of playing the marginalized and infrequent referees they're supposed to be. maybe if we wake enough up we'll be okay, and they'll realize their being used and abused, but if we have blind faith in their inherent nobility then we're blinding ourselves to all the hard-fought lessons of conflict throughout history...

justifying any of the violence period is the original sin we're all paying a price for, and whenever any two people or groups are arguing, it's best that they look above them and see who the hell put them in the position to be arguing in the first place.

i definitely agree with you on the idea of happy people being more hopeful and better able to save the world, but unfortunately when anger is the soul of ones political position it easily corrodes happiness, and wraps one in a paranoid miasma of fear...

no worries, and thanks for the workout, we'll have to connect one of these days though i'm hella-bizzy too, so keep me posted on your b-day bash, i'd love to see y'all grown up... :)

Peace by peacing together the past...



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