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Ice Cube Returns to Spark Beef in all the Right Places... ("Yayee-Yay!!!")

"Ice Cube, is back,
Daddy Mack, on the attack,
Ready to jack, New Jack's,
From Hollywood, to Iraq!
West Coast crack,
With the West Coast, smack,
Been the best, way back,
Here to test, payback,
Here to stress, fake-black,
Take back, the fake rap,
Ready to trap, all the suckas,
Who just, say "trap",
"Trap or Die", for a why?
Nice guy's the bad guy?
'Cause, mom's, apple pie,
Been, bombed, to a lie!
Don't, ask why,
Ask, why not?
Make the spot hot?
'Cause, from the top,
He spot, the have-nots!
He's got, to have got,
Now he's got, a nice spot,
To lick-a-shot-shot,
At, corrupt cops!
But the corrupt, don't stop,
Look higher, see the liars,
Since L.A., caught fire,
And Arnold, got hired,
And Cube, got wired,
And Hollywood, sired,
The revenge, of the Don,
Took a break, didn't retire,
Now he's back, spittin' fire,
Hittin' the vain, and the game,
And the shame, in George Bush,
Being able, to maintain,
Will they shackle him in chains?
See, the media is madness,
Just sellin' us the lies,
Then yellin' us the sadness,
Tellin' us, we can't, just,
Fight back!
Glad to have you back, Daddy Mack,
We're ready, to attack..."

- "Ice Cube Is Back", Black Krishna

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Posted to Breakdown FM w/ Davey D on March 1, 2006

Ice Cube Returns to Spark Beef in all the Right Places

By Davey D

Last night we got a chance to hollar at Ice Cube, WC, the Poetess and Murs of Living Legends about Ice Cube’s new album ‘Laugh Now and Cry Later’.. They gave us the run down of what is looking to be a landmark album….

It’s been along time coming, but at last what you been hoping for has finally happened. Ice Cube has returned. We’re not talking about the movie star Ice Cube from ‘Barbershop’, ‘Are We There Yet’ or ‘XXX’. It wasn’t the return of the Ice Cube we know from ‘Fridays’ and ‘Next Friday’ fame. Nor are we talking about the return of the Don Mega Ice Cube from the Westside Connection. We’re not talking about the return of a sub par Ice Cube who released albums like ‘Peace and War’.

Nope the Ice Cube we’re talking about is the Cube that sparked controversy and fear and let us know just how powerful Hip Hop could be when he dropped masterpieces like ‘Death Certificate’ and ‘Amerikkka’s Most Wanted’.

Last night at his album release party at LA’s Sir Studios, he held court as all sorts of heads ranging from Nate Dogg to YoYo to Murs of Living Legends and far too many others to name showed up. We got a chance to peep many of the tracks off the upcoming LP ‘Laugh Now and Cry Later’ and hear a more focused and more intense Ice Cube who was free of the distractions and pressures of Hollywood Movie making. The Cube we heard last night was an Ice Cube who seemed to have a lot on his chest and had something to prove. It was like he wanted to answer his critics and smash on the skeptics who had loudly proclaimed that ever since Cube went Hollywood he went soft on the rapping tip.

Well the Ice Cube that walked in the room last night had delivered a project that silences all critics and once again reminds us all, why he’s not only one of Hip Hop’s best writers but also one the fiercest to get on the mic. Many of us forget that like KRS-One Cube has battled tested and has slain many of foe in lyrical contests. Unlike rappers today who seem content on simply focusing on the riches and jewels of another, Cube brought heat to everyone including the police, a corrupt government and rightly or wrongly other ethnic groups who he felt were doing Black people wrong. To this day, many people look at the controversial song ‘Black Korea’ and blame Cube’s incendiary lyrics for the type of wrath unleashed on LA’s Korean merchants during the 192 Rodney King Uprisings.

With his new album, Cube redefines what beef is…To start he is releasing the album on 06-06-06. He explained that he choice that date to make a political statement about our current state of affairs. He said something to the effect that we are living in devilish times and in a devilish land run by devilish people.

Cube’s reminds us that our beef in Hip Hop should not be with other rappers, but with systems of oppressions. In several songs he takes direct aim at George Bush and Cali Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and lets them have the full wrath. Trust me, He and the Gov will not be doing movies anytime soon. In fact with Schwarzenegger running for re-election in 06, Cube’s searing lyrics may actually illicit a response from him. I’m sure he’ll say Cube is negative and irresponsible. And most of us will cheer Cube on as we remember that it was the womanizing Terminator who killed Crip co-founder turned Peacemaker Stanley Tookie Williams by his refusal to grant clemency

Cube explained to me, that our focus in Hip Hop should not be on irrelevant things like what you’re wearing or what you’re driving, but instead as an emcee you should ideally reflecting things that are relatable to the people. He says what he rapped about came from the heart.

The other thing that is noticeable is Cube has stepped up his rhyme game… I was talking with WC who for the longest time was the go to go with the illest flow during the WSC days. WC explained that he was in the studio with Cube damn near everyday over the past 9 months which is how long it took Cube to record this album. He noted that Cube was determined to step things up which in turn has forced W to go and raise the bar on his own ill flow. He felt that was good thing, and let me know that his own solo album will be following shortly after Cube’s release.

As for the album itself, I couldn’t get all the names of the songs, but trust me when I said it was banger after banger. My favorite track was this massive song produced by original NWA member Laylaw called back Down Memory Lane. He skillfully samples the late Minnie Ripperton as Cube takes us on a musical journey through his life. The song is off the hook…

He also has dope cut produced by Lil Jon which has some sick hook about ‘If You Can’t Stand the Heat then go to the Church’… there was another joint that had Snoop that was also pretty good. But despite the guest appearances, it’s really Ice Cube who holds it down with or without his friends. It’s him who came with an album that has been a long time in the making and will be a clear reminder of what Hip Hop has been missing-political-socially conscious substance with street perspective.


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