Monday, March 20, 2006

CHARLIE SHEEN on The Alex Jones Show at (10 pm - 1 am EST): "The Machine" vs. "The System" (Ooooh... let's get ready to rummmble!!!)

This is wikkid.

I love Alex Jones.

Yeah, the stuff he says sounds crazy, until you figure he's been saying it for over 10 years to an ever-increasing fanbase and is only 32 years old. And, unlike say Rush Limbaugh, he backs it up with over a 1000 pieces of media available on, all available now for a yearly subscription of only $39.95, as things are getting so close to the brink he's offering 5 months free over the normal price of 15 cents a day. Plus he's made over 20 documentary films he encourages everybody to make copies of to distribute for free to wake everybody up, and having seen a few I can say they're unbelievably believable and awesome.

Plus, unlike Rush and other "right-wing" talk-show pundits, he happily takes callers who disagree and dismantles them.

As someone who's devoted his life to looking into the roots and history of government lies and tyranny we can all see echoed today, he may be the only lynchpin patriot who explains things from enough of a high-level perspective to actually cut through the unnatural divisions between like-minded compassionate people, and truly help Save The World.


To quote another one of my heroes, Tupac Shakur, perhaps Mr. Jones can say "All Eyez on Me"....

This is wikkid.

I love Charlie Sheen.

Yeah, the stuff he does sounds crazy, until you realize that nobody says anything really bad about him despite the fact that he's done "immoral" stuff. I'm cool with immoral stuff, and as long as you're only "victimizing" yourself then I could really care less how "weird" you are.

Plus he's always seemed cool, like one of the guys you'd love to party or have a beer with, even playing a paunchy balding version of himself as John Malkovich's best friend in "Being John Malkovich" was a hoot. I'm sorry to hear about him and Denise Richards, man she looked hot in "Wild Things", and she was actually good in "Starship Troopers" too. But, I wish them both luck, and I'm glad he's putting his career on the line by speaking out on the most important issues of today.

It's not easy, there are more people that know than show, but hey, I'd rather use my celebrity to help Save The World than allow it to descend into a new Nazi Germany.

I mean, if Hitler's Germany had the military superiority America does today, with over 700 army bases in 160 countries around the world, then we'd all be speaking German and listening to Wagner today.

Well, you might. Me and my fellow darkies would be dead.

"All Eyez On Sheen"...

Here's an example of another celebrity already feeling the heat, and he was much more generic in his comments - albeit much more public...

After Criticizing Bush, Harry Belafonte Says he was Disinvited from Delivering Eulogy at the Coretta Scott King Funeral

We hear from legendary musician, actor and humanitarian Harry Belafonte on why he was disinvited from speaking at the funeral of Coretta Scott King and how he been blacklisted in places due to his political views.


Poor Harry, he could've just chilled after "The Banana Boat Song" and cashed his cheques...

We all know what's going on.

Sort of.



Not really.

As long as we've got people we care about who help us find the people who care to figure it out for sure, then we should probably listen....


Charlie Sheen

Alex welcomes actor Charlie Sheen, star of Platoon, Wall Street, Young Guns, and most recently the CBS comedy Two & a Half Men, to discuss his views on the world, 9/11 and much more.


I mean hey, celebrating with celebrities could be fun... :)

Peace by partying with "people, people who need People..."



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