Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Man About Town


Man About Town


It's Nice to Meet You
Men: Man-UP. Chicks: Chill-OUT.
Big Brother is Watching Out For You
What You Want to Believe In Dot Com



People are people and most want to make a little love, make a little money and make a few mistakes. To be healthy, wealthy and happy with who they are, who they know, who they meet and where they live. Today, weaker communication skills are leading to less respect, courtesy, chivalry and more as many gender roles, interactions and relationships get more confused and stressful, especially for busy people in crowded cities.

We shouldn't ignore this when we can all relax and have fun fixing it and I've spent the last 21 months publicly proving how to get it done today.

My name is Vijay Sarma and I am a Man About Town. I flirt with hundreds of women a day who get attention beer-commercial style; acknowledge hundreds of men a day who get my attention; and say and do whatever I want when it's appropriate because I learned how to clarify confusing or awkward interactions. To do this, I often use a third-person alpha male persona and deeper voice to provide certainty with no need for a response.

This includes daily instances of people bothering me or others with or for unwanted attention without admitting or saying anything when asked.

Since July 1st, 2011 on Canada Day in Ottawa I have been seriously interested in this issue. Before that, I'd seen more guys harassing guys to keep looking at them as they got more feminized and later started copying more female body language; or guys zombieing too close to guys; or angrily or jealously stalking girls. However, for one day I saw nearly 500,000 Canadians feeling great and getting along fine outside of Parliament.

This same phenomenon can be seen wherever people feel a collective responsibility and vibe like at a concert and it should be normal in public.

To influence this, I've been saving hundreds of thousands of women, girls and even children from stalkers mainly in Ottawa and Toronto since then just because I see it happening everywhere every day and I think it sucks and they get my attention or I intervene. I used to talk to or near guys until they left girls alone because I didn't think a strange man silently bothering them was any of the girls' business and still don't and it's fine.

Frankly, I think if I walked around saving animals from getting beaten I'd be on the news by now. Otherwise those fine folks just say hello's too.

After a while many girls knew me, so I just keep an eye on them and was initially surprised to see their male stalkers acting like girls, losing and leaving like less-attractive girls who stalk more attractive ones. This may be related to what I call "The It's Not Itchy But Scratchy Show" where people having trouble talking will allegorically and nervously scratch, wipe, pick, cough and more to communicate. Also sometimes while talking.

While I think it's gross, annoying and crazy, I also don't like it because I see men and women stalking others while doing this starving for looks.

This probably originated with casual and cute female body language to allude to feelings without saying what they mean. Then somehow men started using it the same way; sometimes with women. When they wouldn't look at or treat each other like girls enough, they sped everything up to try to trick or force each other into seeing it directly; or by following, standing near or curling around any women nearby while acting like them.

After being attacked by and now copying it, this new messy gender-neutral creepy mush is, as of March 2013, making girls intolerably gross too.

Fortunately, since women and girls have pride in their femininity, or "girl game" and see each other react to me, they realize fast what nearly two years of increasingly jealous and aggressive silent zombie-like stalking by men is doing to them. They're tough enough to take a lot, but all they do about this is flirt with me, their defacto lawyer and bodyguard, which gives him enough street-cred to deal with everyone else. Which is fine.

I never ask them to do anything and just tell them to relax. They often keep me in a good mood and I handle the rest. Hey, I'm not in Afghanistan.

Quiet, needy, fearful and yet happy Canadian adults seem to have trouble discussing this. I thought it would take just a month to show people in Ottawa or Toronto what to do and have many independently start doing things. However, people just keep saying hello based on what I say, do and learn as a confident, polite, brief, busy and effective guy who's out of the way and on my way and who helps keep and not disturb the peace.

That's how it started. Chicks liked my style and got in some crap so I helped them out and other people liked it as well. It continues to this day.

Men also like to watch and listen so things work out well. I learned a lot about what people want but won't say after sharing ideas with groups of them and getting their reactions. Based on what I've learned about these issues in the most multicultural city in the world, anyone worldwide can get in touch to set up private and informal discussions in person, over the phone and online. I'm easygoing and know most cultures are on side.

What you want to believe in is making sure it's nice to meet people and in finding better ways to communicate to empower people for the future.

Since I have been allowed by the men and women in charge of security and any others to do this, or save women and girls from stalkers silently or verbally, chastise men for bothering me or others, give more detailed explanations as long as they're part of reactions and so on, I have learned a lot about people and say things they can't that they appreciate. I'm finding ways to share them with people worldwide soon so we can all relax.

I've been a public speaker, debater, singer and rapper and worked in sales talking to everyone from the homeless to Fortune 500 VPs and others.

I'm going back to my Hindu and Vishwamitra Brahmin roots as a man who's spent 10 years learning a lot about the world and acting on it which helped prepare him to deal with our recent issues. My ancestors would visit farmers and fix problems they didn't have time to think about for a meal and a place to stay. I'm a modern self-help guru for individuals, couples and groups of men and women preferably separately. It's up to you.

Just get in touch and pay for one hour of my time to go over whatever is on your mind and come up with better ways of looking at things today.

Philosophically, reviewing the band Coldplay's "Mylo Xyloto" album with the goal being "Paradise" where men and women help each other relax and feel safe and sexy in consistently empowering instead of disempowering ways as they get crowded together in cities is also a good idea. The math works out and I have explained this and a lot more, including 10 - 15 hours a day for a three week March 2013 stretch, so we're good to go.

That's all. Just a man working on a problem that people couldn't discuss who checked with their favorite artists and then discussed it with them.

People can also show through their words and deeds that these issues are important. Since most interactions are non-verbal, if done well then many can be used to help fix these issues and cut down on stress. Perhaps we need to review the new normal and get more satisfying habits. Perhaps men should use looking out for suddenly happier women and children as an organizing principle. Perhaps that way things will be fine.

Please use the following contact info to get in touch to discuss these opportunities, or for any other reason, plus see the website for more.

Warm regards,


Helping you figure out...


Note: If you would like to quietly or anonymously donate to these efforts, please deposit money into the bank account below and I will use it well.

TD Bank Account Number: 3058-6062898

Please also feel free to get in touch to discuss any other options, including helping to promote different ideas to help people relax and have fun.



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