Friday, November 30, 2012

Draft Dodging Exodus: "Dressed in fatigues, black jeans and boots, disappear in the crowd, all you see is troops..."

Well, it's been 18 months and we've learned a lot, surely enough to act on it, so that's what I expect people expect to see among the millions I see and many who see me, if that is what they want.

So, quote the rapper, nevermore...

"Dressed in fatigues, black jeans and boots, disappear in the crowd, all you see is troops..."

- Makaveli, "Against All Odds"


(The rest is today's ramble and previous unfinished Novemberambles; gamble as you'd like)


Meanwhile, I'm around to casually remind enough people to sustain momentum on some level and casually communicate like before while more formally involving others when they're curious and the situation is obvious. I've already started and it's not like people don't understand what they understood and said hello to me about before; it's just realer now and thanks to CDSA (Collective or Canadian Social Disapproval) it's safer to feel that way. I need to translate all this fame into fortune, including turning all this "soft power" into hard social, political and economic power to really have fun and get things done.

Men are simple, no Dolce Gabbana this, no Balenciaga Prada Kielbasa Mombassa that.

We just want four simple things: tremendous amounts of money, power, p-ssy and respect.

Generous portions. Gourmet servings. Heaping helpings.

That's all.

With respect to the "p-ssy" part, and comments they'd hate from 10 feet away but would love from 20 feet (switch "they'd" for "many'd" - PC Police), let's just say if it isn't actual "sex" or the lack thereof that bothers you since who has the time and ability to get in as much as they want, perhaps "sexy" or "friendly" or "flirty" will do since it's around and keeps everyone in a good mood provided they can get it.

There's a difference between taking and being given something that has a lot to do with how healthy your ego remains, so it's good for people to be polite and busy, understand attention and avoidance signals and the potential to conservatively enjoy ourselves. The more careful men are, the more badass women can be. Don't bug me 'cause it's chick-logic and it makes sense as long as we men recognize they are different, what they want and should be allowed to do for their and our benefit, have a good laugh at times and work to preserve our differences with our ability to provide security instead of insecurity.

Women can plan everything and constantly try to decide what they want to do. (insert equivocal jokey-jab at men here - PC Police) Men work out and get bigger; women work out and get smaller. We are just different in a bunch of ways and our appreciation of those differences leads to the most tolerance and understanding. There's just one little problem.

When most women are just relaxing, walking around, looking attractive and enjoying themselves as much as possible without trying to bother anyone, they shouldn't have any natural predators. However...

We got zombies. 

In the same way that we don't want dozens of poor people to grow to millions before our very eyes while we blindly ignore it like a third world country, we probably also don't want to see millions of people act like needy, creepy, deaf-mute, man-girl zombies -- mostly men and bitchy or ugly chicks who they copy -- who wander around jealously harassing or intimidating strangers hoping to get attention from or like them. It's mostly men bugging men they don't know for unwanted lengthy looks at them, their body parts and their feminine body language or their unwanted physical closeness; and after humiliating themselves failing to get much attention from strange men stalking random women to get looked at like a woman and using a real woman to get the look from other men; sometimes even making them run just so they get attention after getting bored with this brilliant plan.  It sounds like "The Man" (?) wants to rip our balls off and shove them in our mouths while emasculating and feminizing us; or whatever, it should stop anyway.

This isn't a gay or straight thing, it's a "Should we let any strangers and mostly men randomly bothering men and especially women all day in front of hundreds of people normal or should we men just man-up and keep an eye on the girls (aka women) with all this crap going on since they can't just walk around laughing and stopping and explaining all this nonsense in front of hundreds of people who say casually say friendly hellos like an average height, average weight, average guy can?" That's all.  It's simple.

Folks, we've got zombies and we can see 'em.

Or at least we can see a guy who can see 'em.

Whatever that means to whomever we should see.

My exodus from the game has begun as I move towards first person explorations of the same subject matter as opposed to third person dialectics with casual and often collective responses. One of the biggest problems with being able to say things that make sense that others can't repeat is that it is hard to have a mass impact unless you somehow figure out how to mass broadcast. The other is there are limits to the enthusiasm and innovation possible, so I have to figure out a way around that while continuing to re-integrate on a more consistent level. I'm thinking of another Mayoral or political run, consulting, taking out ads in the paper or on radio, internet broadcast or newscasting, documentary and interview work, music and more. The bottom line is that it is not hard for people to keep an eye out for each other to stop each other from being harassed by random strangers falling apart and acting stupid and pathetic and that could lead to great short and long-term health, wealth and happiness dividends. I know there are some people turning into zombies who usually act perfectly normal. That's fine. I am going to ask them what is up and figure out how to slow or even stop the zombiefication process if possible for their sakes and the sakes of everyone where they live and the future of humanity worldwide.

Eh, it's something to do.

I mean, there's also nothing to do.

That's cool, but I often prefer something.

More shortly, but hey, life goes on, and we can work with that.






(Early November 2012)


(The Taylor Swift Effect - Shook Ones) + (Mylo XyloToronto) = Coldplayer for Mayor?

Just a head's up, I am working on ways to turn all this change into dollars, plus formalize my relationship on the issues I know best to deal with any future issues. I know that I can beat most mainstream info related to relationships because I often challenge the status quo with what I say publicly and have a few hundred or even a few thousand people a day saying hello every day everywhere I go. I also get a similar vibe in cities I have never been to and it cuts across ages, races, creeds and colours (are some of those the same?) including from little children, so that's kind of neat.

What is also neat is that Coldplay's new Mylo Xyloto album is basically the same "save the world" instruction manual that I have been working on and it sold 6 million copies worldwide, which makes sense. It was inspired in part by the White Rose Movement of German students who used leaflets and other means to advocate against the rise of Adolph Hitler (eg. the "infowar" that Alex Jones and others advocate), which means they have their concerns about similar issues today (otherwise why would they bother making it?) They start off the album by




Exodus: Disappear in the Crowd, All You See is Troops

BK | 18 November 2012

As I take a break from the theatrics during the Christmas season to focus on making money and having fun while naturally leveraging my brand, I had one of those cool-ass epiphanies recently.

At this point, it’s not so much about stopping as it is about steering.

This was thought of at the same time as I heard the lyric…

“Do what you gotta do, but know you gotta change, try to find a way to make it out the game.”

… by Tupac Shakur from the song “Blasphemy” off the Makaveli: The Don Killuminati – The 7 Day Theory album, his last album before a string of posthumous ones. This is pretty much for everyone, or at least everyone can develop their own motivating interpretation if they want to.

The last song is “Against All Odds” where he says this is the “realest sh-t” he ever wrote and spoke and it opens with the line “Dressed in fatigues, black jeans and boots, disappear in the crowd, all you see is troops...” which is a more consistent goal of my own these days. Or “acting” (?) “normal”.

Everything that I was analyzing and revealing is out there and can be done in the flow of normal interactions without saying or formally starting or stopping anything by understanding how most people work and leveraging ones’ ability to consistently maximize brief and positive interactions.

Social physics principles proven in practice can often develop a stronger sense of community and responsibility and consistently re-affirm individual worth and identity. Instead of being useless or annoying, men can choose to understand how pathetic that is and try something different.

Walking around with a friend yesterday I was casually noticing and keeping an eye on things and any women being stalked by a needy, creepy, guy turning into a bitchy ugly chick could easily get attention and escape simply by turning my head and slowing slightly while walking and keeping an eye on her stopping until he left. It usually happens quickly and easily since the turn of events that fast clearly exposes that there was an unfortunate issue being resolved.

This is something any able-bodied male can do even while hanging or walking with a friend who will certainly understand if not react. Women are usually worried about what their stalker will do if they react, so they usually try to act normal while fleeing or walking faster and can get stuck dealing with a threatening and fixating weirdo for a while when they shouldn’t have to at all.

Of course people might say that women could always call security or the police, but since most people have trouble talking about how so many men are falling apart and desperately want to get looked at by other men acting like women, can’t get enough attention on their own and stalk women to try and steal some, it is not exactly easy for them to make their case anyway.

With a third-party male or more, they can risk a reaction and escape knowing that a third-party is keeping an eye on things while the fact that it’s another male only adds to the deterrent value.

At this point the stalker has to figure out if he wants to stand there until she gets moving again or do something else, and with the particularly common brand of man-girl zombies they usually just squirm away or try to sneak in some creepy jollies to get looked at instead of the girl first, but after they’ve been caught it’s usually a pathetically half-hearted attempt at best.

The biggest problem is that if anyone wanted to see them do that then it sure as hell wouldn’t look like that, or these men wouldn’t be nervous, needy, creepy and pathetically bothersome when they tried to act like women; they would have more experience with positive affirmation and look for it instead of constantly and pathetically begging for it or trying to trick people into giving them attention. 

If men want to remain men and women want to remain women, they need to take a pro-active role in stopping this type of behaviour before it catches up to everyone where they live.

In a few seconds here and there men and women can reinforce their general historical value to each other and feel more valuable themselves a part of their normal routine.

People can already see how easy it is for men to lose respect for men nervously begging to be looked at acting like women unlike people seeking attention in any healthy culture or subculture.

As long as one man knows another wants to get away with tricking guys into looking at him act like a girl or his body-parts even though those guys don’t want to, how can those guys trust him and how can he be happy about that and what does that do to the egos of everyone involved?

Even if many men aren’t  emasculated and feminized to this degree while turning into deaf-mute man-girl zombies, if too many where they live are, what effects will that have both on how the act and what they think is possible with respect to working with men where they live on anything?

Naturally the more reasons to do something the more likely people will decide to, so what’s in this idea and the rubric of related ones it falls under for everyone is pretty simple. Even anti-gun Canadians may want to paraphrase gun-rights advocate and actor Charleton Heston by saying:

“You’ll take my fun from my cold dead hands.”

As I write this on a lovely Sunday evening at a lovely Second Cup Café, I am listening to “Gangsta Music” by Young Jeezy from his Thug Motivation 101: Let’s Get It album, a classic, on repeat. I switched it, but now I’m leaving it to do this and hopefully finish in a preferred headspace.

The game of musical chairs and perverted mosh pit on the streets is mostly under control, or it was 95% down downtown, then 5 – 10% came back which alarmed me, and now it appears whatever was doing this to guys is back to cranking it up: they’re turning into needy and creepy man-girls.

So, having presented other options publicly and given people the option of supporting that in ways, I am transitioning from one effective and fun but volatile approach to another more sustainable one. I can defend myself and anyone I see, but I’m not looking beyond that in the same way I once did.

There are a number of reasons for this and it’s probably for the best. I heard the story of the TTC driver who left a bus to chase a sexual harasser and was suspended instead of commended. He may have exchanged looks with people on the bus, particularly men who could keep an eye on things.

However, none of the passengers from what I heard is saying they were helping keep an eye on the bus while he tried to catch someone who allegedly sexually harassed or assaulted a woman who may have otherwise escaped and either done it again or been wanted for it before. It’s possible.

Meanwhile, according to a story I saw on VICE Magazine online ( groups of men in Egypt are targeting men who sexually harass women and tagging them with stencils and spray paint to identify them as such. This takes the stress off the women having to deal with what to do as well.

As long as these global incidents are epidemic, is good to have consistent and organic cultural reactions that deal with them while preserving and improving people’s health, happiness and overall standard of living with many possible spin-off effects. Like people relaxing and getting along.

This is key for confidence levels so people can feel ambitious; plus to reduce stress since stress compromises immune systems making people susceptible to fatigue, illness and even conditions like cancer. Whether our environments are poisoned accidentally or on purpose, this will help.

Since the plan to deal with the Man-Girl Zombie Apocalypse was to first keep Ottawa from turning into a city of creepy zombies who are used to rape the country; then test the solutions across demographics in Toronto and export it internationally; I now have to act like I have good ideas.

See, the old-timers didn’t have the internet, but they did have people who could talk back and about the most important issues they all agree they face. Since the latter wasn’t feasible, ideas were still casually vetted in public forums and proven viable, but I will probably have to ignore most of that.

My goal is to go beneath the surface of “For goodness sakes keep an eye on the girls!” as a solution to this problem since it has been re-confirmed as worthwhile with scientific certainty through repetition. Next is figuring out what causes social constipation and corresponding creepiness.

Besides, as long as one can relax and have fun and still get stuff done, then it seems like the most reasonable option. Relationship talk is ultimately bar-talk that everyone can relate to so good ideas can be repeated fairly easily as long as they’re mostly positive in their explanations. It’s the “in”.

Check out Coldplay’s latest album Mylo Xyloto for a nice combination of relationships and reality as they react to corruption and social constipation with inspirational acknowledgements of what is important and what we can do. It’s 20% what’s up, 80% why we should feel great about throwing down. That’s a pretty solid ratio and one I’m sure that was carefully calculated over months.

Another goal is some version of “Fight Club” called “Talk Club” similar to the mostly all-male mason meetings where men can shoot the breeze more freely with an awareness that they’re part of a bigger picture and could discuss bigger issues and opportunities with their fellow adult males.



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