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Everybody knows the warrior, but nobody knows the man.


Everybody knows the warrior, but nobody knows the man.


As I hustled all over the GTA for the last few weeks doing various odd jobs before starting one full-time next week, I have had a chance to casually and formally interact with lots of people who appear to recognize me and know who I am and who say casual hello's to me everywhere, including tons of boys and girls and men and women soliciting looks and non-verbally communicating their feelings.

Since I started my efforts to help people relax and get along instead of verbally and physically harassing each other, especially strangers, my soft-power in Toronto and Ottawa has always been very good, or the number of people from all walks of life who pay positive attention to or listen to me.

I even recall saying "Oh crap!" when I couldn't find something in my bag and feeling tons of people around me looking concerned until I did, among many other examples.

For a variety of reasons, including my own frustration, isolation, laziness and ineptitude as a fellow product of this bizarre culture in this bizarre situation, I just couldn't translate that into hard-power and hard-cash, so I have to move on when I run out of my own.

It can be hard when most people really appreciate it when I show lots of tact and discipline and act normal; even though most of the same people also really appreciate it when I show lots of tactics and act crazy to stop people from acting crazy.

So, I am torn between putting it all out there, including my name and face widely and receiving tons of casual feedback and no formal feedback; and instead dialing it back to receive more formal feedback and to engage in conversations for cash which is my ultimate goal.

That's also why I am also hesitant to audio or video-blog about this, among other forms of expression.

I still think I can find ways to push this through, I just need to find the right balance between the warrior who everybody knows and the man who nobody knows, at least relative to the warrior who was speaking about the many ways our culture is having trouble confidently and clearly communicating that many people were having trouble communicating about, plus all the gender confusion that was confusing people and the associated needy and creepy behaviour.

Most importantly was stopping people everywhere (here) from bothering people by having them wake up and realize they should relax instead and help others do the same and single-handedly creating the social disapproval necessary to make it happen, along with everyone who agreed and acted on it of course.

Not bad for a disarmed slave in Communist Canada, eh?


Just talking about or even alluding to it with most individuals is enough to stop most conversations cold.

It is not like people don't know exactly what I am talking about; they just don't want to talk about it.

Some will non-verbally acknowledge it briefly to show they understand, but that's about it.

That is why I was talking about it with everyone and no one, which seemed to work since everyone likes to hear about it as long as they are not obligated to communicate back. I know I have said this a bunch of times, but I also know that I can will it to be true to some extent and so that's what I will do.

Because, everybody knows the warrior, but nobody knows the man.

For example, I was at the Pacific Mall (aka the Chinese mall) briefly for a couple of days and tons of people there were saying hello in casual ways. Though I rarely do it these days on my road to redemption and return to nor-male and normalville, at one point I even remarked out-loud that "everybody knows the warrior, but nobody knows the man", which got the girls looking and flirting even more and even coming around corners when they heard my voice while the guys were more inclined to throw me knowing looks too.

After being unable to buy the cheap-eats I was looking for because they weren't finished cooking yet, I asked a security guard where the McDonald's is and upon feeling the vibe around me apologized by saying "Sorry, I'd love to try some more interesting food here, but I have to make more money first. These efforts only paid the future instead of the rent and I ran out of my own money, though they seem to have worked with no stalking and no men acting like women and most people feeling more relaxed."

This solicited a few more sympathetic and understanding looks because, once again, I ain't schizophrenic, I am communicating verbally with tons of people who are non-verbally communicating with me, though I am trying to figure out how to either continue or stop.

It is a strange situation, but transcending normal has to be done carefully in "normal" ways, especially in our overtly standardized and feminized culture where people often wonder what something means instead of just saying it.

While women have thought this way for longer and especially about men, now more men are alluding to things in allegories and gestures and signals and giving others credit for saying the right thing to say as opposed to something unique, individual and interesting.

This is partly in an attempt to avoid any arguments when men here used to like to argue with each other if they disagreed in healthy dialectical ways more than women did, which is something we should all attempt to return to.

The arguing is not out of anger, it is out of a desire to challenge each others' ideas to make sure they are correct and help improve them, something that has apparently been done regularly for thousands of years until recently.

While I could go on and on about this after having done for for months and at times 10 - 15 hours a day, I can't since I have to leave soon.

A couple of things I wanted to note are:

1) Joe Rogan saying "try to tell people what you like as often as possible" which is great advice especially if it is admiring the work of other people to show you are not self-absorbed.

2) A pregnant young black woman refused the offer of a young black man who wanted to give up his seat on the bus yesterday, which made her feel like less of a lady and him like less of a man. I had encouraged him to do so standing there, when he said he just did a little angrily (and he had), I told him to relax since we're on the same page and after that we were cool. She soon sat down beside him when the seat freed up and scratched her nose to possibly indicate she understood how I felt about this for his and her benefit.

3) I'll have more of these later, I've been a real slacker lately trying to decide to give up on this stuff.

Anyway, the good news is that most people everywhere (here) seem relaxed and aware and I hardly see any incidents of boys and men stalking girls and women, especially to act like bitchy-ugly chicks following more attractive ones and trying to get other men to look at them like the female they are following; men copying female body language in submissive ways while trying to get me or other men to look at their actions or body-parts or funny-looking fast-walking; men or women walking too close to me or others on purpose and causing unwanted stress in passing, excessive scratching or nose or ear-picking for attention and more.

Don't get me wrong, it's still out there, but not as "normal" as all this crazy stuff was getting before.

People seem to be getting over this nonsense, so I am off to pursue the only things a man really wants, which is massive amounts of money, power, pussy and respect.

If it ain't always sex then it's sexy and we'll take tons of girls flirting with us all day and putting us and them in a good mood even if we're in relationships, so it all works out.

I look forward to seeing how this latest phase develops, including more people meeting the man instead of the warrior.

Stay up, stay tuned, more soon.




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