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Q&A: Vijay Interviews BK / Confessions of a Counter-Psyoptomist / Revelation of the Method


Q&A: Vijay Interviews BK / Confessions of a Counter-Psyoptomist / Revelation of the Method

Vijay Sarma interviews Black Krishna | Black Krishna Blog | August 28, 2012

VS: First off, how is it going man?

BK: Good, good. I mean, good and bad, but what am I supposed to say, right? I don’t want to put any pressure on you to be my therapist or make you uncomfortable, so I will say what I have to.

VS: You sound a bit defensive.

BK: Well, I guess defensive is better than being offensive, right?

VS: Sure, sure, speak in riddles why don’t you. Okay, let’s settle down and get into it: why the name?

BK: I wrote a rap song a few years ago called “Black Krishna” and while I was starting to perform music, at my first big event, even though I was still using my given name after experimenting with a few others. friends who came assumed that’s what I was using, so it or “BK” kind of worked and stuck.

VS: And you used “BK” for what?

BK: I used it as a rapper and singer, CKLN radio host, activist and local personality. Since I started delving into areas that weren’t commonly discussed and trying to “save the world” as it were, or at least figure out how people could do it so we could, I felt I could use an alias to express ideas that were valuable even if they weren’t normal and use my given name to continue to express normal. Lots of people in the hip hop world have a street-name that helps define them as opposed to their government or parent-given name, so it was a normal thing to have in some circles, especially artistic and activist ones where thinking differently was normal. It helped me be able to think differently, plus it helped protect my given name in Google searches for jobs and stuff. People knew when they were talking to BK they were hearing things that Vijay wouldn’t say, so it helped them relax and choose who they wanted to address and it was interesting for me to see who they would choose to speak with and for me to know how to respond to different people discussing things with me.

VS: But later on I see you started to use “Vijay” more often to express the same ideas.

BK: I felt it was harder for people to put me on in some circles when I was using an alias. For example, a reporter from The Metro who wanted to interview me with Toronto Truth Seekers when we were at our Saturday Street Actions at Dundas Square a few years ago. When she asked for my name and I gave her “BK” or “Black Krishna”, I could see her express her disappointment at being unable to sell it inside even if she wouldn’t say it. This is one of countless examples that are all slightly different. So, to give the people who wanted to help share these ideas more ability to do so and sometimes to give the ideas themselves more credit, I started using both names, which caused some confusion and to this day has cost me quite a bit. My street and given name are both out there saying many of the same things, including many things that people are scared to say which can make them scared of me. This is also why I sometimes distance myself from people who are distancing themselves from me, to protect them from having trouble dealing with something that I find myself being able to deal with more easily.

VS: What are you talking about?

BK: I am talking about the now commonly accepted “conspiracy” of super-rich people working together to screw the rest of us that people have been talking about forever as far as we know. The difference is I approach it like we can expose and beat it and them and have ways how, which can make people feel a bit uneasy if they don’t have the courage or strength to feel the same. As Leonard Cohen among others says, “Everybody Knows”, so that’s not really the hard part. The hard part is doing something about it, which is where I come in. I always wanted to win and get out, or at least make it normal for people to consider beating these guys before they beat us and settle into a more normal lifestyle while doing this on the side. If most adults put an hour a week into solving their political problems in the information war then we would beat these guys easily. I know why we have trouble, but again, that’s where I come in, to figure out how we could have less trouble so we could get on it. Otherwise we’ll lose, which should be unacceptable, especially at this stage with all that we know thanks in-part to being allowed to. After all, if our resolve is weakening, why is that and what will we have to put up with next?

VS: Okay, this sounds like it has been going on a while. Let’s fast-forward to today. What have you been up to that helps deal with this so-called “conspiracy” lately?

BK: Well, first of all let’s establish one thing: conspiracy is the most common charge in any court of law in the world, or conspiracy to commit fraud, theft, murder and so on. It just means two or more people planning to do something illegal or immoral in secret, which happens a bajillion times a day everywhere, so it’s not surprising to figure out that the reason people worldwide have the same concerns about the same problems regardless of who they elect to solve them is because people with lots of money and power don’t want them solved. If we don’t know who they are and we should, then that’s the conspiracy. Sometimes people can’t believe the super-rich are working together, but as I often say if you look at mafia movies among others, criminals know they can make more money working together to rob people instead of fighting to see who gets to, so that’s what they often do. I remember I think it was Michael Ruppert who said it’s like they’re at a casino poker game and while sometimes they’ll shoot each other under the table, nobody wants to upset the game because that’s how they all make their money. From what I can tell it’s something like that, or they’ll all turn on the people who expose the ways they’ve created or accepted of making money, ways that we are all supposed to accept as normal today. For example, people like The Bilderberg Group of 130 of the most powerful people in the world meeting every year for over 50 years to figure out how they want to run it went from not possibly existing to now obviously existing and being something that we should accept as normal. There’s tons of stuff like this out there that we can learn, the question is why we can learn it so easily today when it was so much harder to learn it before. The access to information is one thing, the interest in it and what we can do with it is another.

VS: And why do you think that is? Or why is there a ton of info about these things on the internet, why is the “Illuminati” such a hot topic and so on?

BK: As I said I think we’re supposed to learn just about everything and learn to accept it, or learn how to talk about it in ways that don’t enable us to deal with it, kind of like how in communist countries people know who’s in charge and how there is a double-standard of justice and opportunity, but accept that that’s the way it is and perhaps even supposed to be out of fear and so on. According to the Epoch Times there are even rich Chinese people who can pay poor people to take their jail-sentences for them and they do it so they can help support their families. This is apparently known and accepted while it is officially denied, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the West started doing the same thing soon especially if the global economy gets worse. To me and based on the work of others, it looks like the elite learned how people react to different things from social engineering experiments over the years in different countries and are combining them today. When you combine this with our history of being brainwashed by our education and media and poisoned by our food, air and water and so on and how much we know and accept most of it, it’s a powerful combination of things to react to. Again, I am not saying that we should give up, I am saying that we should find ways to innovate while we can to deal with it. Even if we lose, I would hate to see us feel miserable on the way or go down without a fight since that seems to be the plan, so that is a key concern.

VS: Alright, so what have you been up to lately to help us deal with this?

BK: Well, I go back and forth from trying to do stuff, failing and succeeding, taking it more or less seriously based on my interest and ability and what I think might be acceptable or cool, giving up and acting normal and joining the “system” again and so on. The reason is I know the normal learning curve for this information and what happens to most people who look into it, especially on isolating forums like the internet where you are all by yourself when dealing with it, or you often meet disposable “friends” online who you often just end up arguing with in ways that you would never think of doing in person. While I can’t be sure, I think it’s designed this way, or we are supposed to get into and out of it after we find it’s not practical to learn anything about it anymore since it is too hard to talk to people about it even though apparently millions of people worldwide are into it, at least if you trust YouTube and so on. So, I have been working on general empowerment strategies that appeal to all people so that we are in better shape to handle whatever, including our own issues and others’ in a general sense.

VS: And how has that been going?

BK: From what I can tell, good for everyone for the most part and good and bad for me, or at least that’s what I can tell from the “vibe” I am receiving, which is the only way I can tell when it comes to issues that everyone can understand but that almost no one can discuss. That means that when I discuss them in front of lots of people I get closer to everyone and further away from anyone, or everyone says hello in casual ways that seem to indicate they know what I am talking about while I am talking about it, or even otherwise, while a few say hello in different and formal ways that seem to ignore what I am usually talking about.

VS: What are you talking about?

BK: More specifically it is the fact that men were and are getting emasculated and feminized and were and are harassing each other for looks they didn’t want to give each other and physical closeness that was uncomfortable and stalking women at alarming rates like bitchy-ugly chicks who want to get looked at like hotter ones. At the same time, women were and are getting more masculine and aggressive and contributing to male disempowerment, which in-turn contributes to their own since it was in-part behind how men were acting when harassing them, something that empowered men don’t do. The reason I know this was and is happening is that I could see it. The reason I know nearly everyone else knows it’s happening is that I can say it in front of but not too nearly everyone nearly everywhere I go in this city and others and most people casually react and acknowledge that it is true. Because people had trouble discussing it, I ended up having to discuss it all the time wherever I could to stop it from happening. Keep in mind this wasn’t consensual stuff and the men doing this usually weren’t gay or tranny and I am not homophobic at all. This was just about people falling apart and acting weird and bothering each other for no good reason without thinking or making conscious choices as to what would make them feel happier and more relaxed. I felt that men and women routinely harassing and disempowering each other could not become normal and accepted without it being discussed, so I hope my discussing it in front of everybody I could without putting pressure on them to respond and people seeing each other agree that this behaviour is stupid helped to stop it from happening wherever I was and everywhere else, at least to some degree. I developed a third-person alpha male persona that speaks in a deeper voice to convey meaning that people don’t have to respond to and is the one that most people know, which is really an extension of my own kind of super-sized for practical reasons. This helps me call-out guys forcing themselves physically close to me when I don’t want them to and acting like girls when they don’t want to and when formally addressing them never gets me anywhere since they don’t verbally respond; plus it helps me stop stalkers from bothering girls without obligating them to verbally respond since they don’t want to while informing lots of people around us to help it stop elsewhere; plus it helps me talk to women in ways that don’t force them to verbally respond while sharing advice that can help them relax as well. Essentially I am able to share ideas that people appear to appreciate which help them relax and get along better without formally obligating them to communicate since they were having trouble communicating.

VS: And how has that been going?

BK: Except for the fact that this “job” doesn’t pay anything but the future, it has been going great and if I had the money I would continue and smoothly transition into a more formal approach as best I could with stuff that people have trouble talking about. Or, I will try to talk around it as well as I can and find the “normal” triggers to share that help shut down the nonsense. I fancy myself a silly little super-soldier when it comes to this stuff, or I can take the isolation on some levels and the massive amounts of fame at the same time, I just can’t take it without a fortune. I know when I started working different areas of the downtown Toronto core full time a few months ago, I went from saving girls from stalkers every 30 seconds to saving them every 30 minutes on average, so that’s a hell of an improvement and I am proud of that. Men are politely and briefly acknowledging me and each other and aren’t making each other miserable as often by trying to force each other to look at each other acting like girls. Women are more respectful and valuing of their relationships and realize it is better to like their man and others if given the opportunity than not and so on. Creating an “other” so people could see each other has cost me everything, but it seems to be paying off for the people where I live so that’s good news.

VS: Hmm… interesting. But if you like and need feedback, how do you keep going?

BK: Well, aside from lots of people saying hello and lots of women flirting with me because I know what I am doing so it is fun and they are generally supportive of my efforts on their behalf, I have lots of what I call personal trainers, mostly in the form of musicians in my mp3 player who keep me going and help give me energy and direction. I just add an updated and technical perspective to achieve what they’re talking about and help others do the same since they are people who nearly everyone else can relate to as well. This is also why I slowed down on making music myself, or the markets are less accepting than they used to be of revolutionary music, which includes both the system and people who listen, so I figured if better artists than me were doing their thing and having their impact, I would have to try something different and try to have a different impact in many ways where I live. When I hear Lupe Fiasco’s “Words I Never Said” and Skylar Grey singing the hook, I love it and it reminds me of what might happen if I didn’t speak up and try to stop people from disempowering each other. Again, if I didn’t see it working then I would have stopped, which means both people saying hello to me and people not bothering each other as often and relaxing and getting along better. Since I was tracking this in similar ways to municipalities doing studies I could tell, plus when I tell people to notice it they do, or they realize they are not as routinely stressed-out by strangers as they used to be, so that’s a plus.

VS: Alright, final question: what do you need to finish what you are doing?

BK: Well, it sounds cliché and I hate to ask, but I need people to support me by donating money to help me do what they can’t, or talk about and deal with things they can’t in ways they accept that have an impact, otherwise I will have to stop. I have made it easy by putting my bank account number on my consulting website and asking the bank if, as a performance artist, I can take anonymous donations from people this way and they said I can. I am not sure how to proceed at this point since I don’t have the resources to continue and have stopped, yet will have some trouble finding and keeping jobs because of how I put my name and face out there as a martyr of sorts and making it too hard on co-workers if they know. So, if I am working I will have to slow down or stop depending on what needs to be done and what I can do. Plus, I really want to be able to pay to do more “normal” stuff to better understand people and build my “normal” credibility, or show people I can act normal and enjoy what they are enjoying since I want to and do instead of worrying about my cash-flow and sticking to speaking, yelling, rapping, singing and saving girls from stalkers, or using myself as a human shield against what I think might be The Man trying to turn us into animals, though I don’t look or get into it much since it is yet another thing people have trouble discussing. Wherever I go people solicit my attention to say hello even if they are not in front of me to help support me, which is very gratifying based on the position I am in. As long as the people who benefit from my efforts improving social conditions in their city support me then I can continue, otherwise I will have to stop again regardless of what happens just to survive and ignore most things I see, even if it is tons of people falling apart and breaking others. The only time I really lose my cool doing this is when I am worried about money, which means I am less effective and less able to positively influence people. Frankly if my interest was in money more than people than I would have never bothered with this stuff, but since I did I figure the people I have been helping can help me out in small ways while I help them enjoy the big city they live in more than they otherwise would. If it doesn’t happen then I will be fine and work stuff out, but if it does then I can continue dealing with things to make it easier for everyone else to, which has been my goal.

VS: Alright, it sounds like you have a lot on your plate so I want to thank you for your time.

BK: Hey, I always make time for the people and it has been my pleasure.




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