Thursday, August 16, 2012

Doe Nation Request: Relax... Your Work Is Done

Just a quick request based on some great results. As I check out the parts of the city where I usually work, I notice some big changes. Instead of stopping stalkers every thirty seconds on Yonge Street or at the Eaton Centre for example, sometimes I now stop them only every thirty minutes. Instead of girls being hunted like animals and stressed out by a hundred strange stalker guys a day, they are mostly relaxed, bored and mischievous, or achieving the perfect flirty storm. Instead of guys being needy and creepy, they are too busy to bother people. Instead of worrying, people seem to be thinking. Instead of pissed off chicks hanging out with haunted guys, couples seem to be liking and respecting each other more and getting along better. 

Sometimes it still gets crowded, but it doesn't get creepy as often since people aren't purposely zombie-ing into strangers and randomly threatening them. You may not notice, but when I say this out loud, nearly everyone around casually acknowledges it to be true. People are more relaxed. Men and women are walking with each other instead of against each other. What is also neat is nearly everyone who casually says hello acts like it is our secret, but since it is nearly everyone in the most diverse city in the world, rich and poor, black and white, young and old, sane and crazy, the good news is it seems like we are all on the same page about this. We are all working together to get along better and it seems to be working. Nifty.

Therefore, please take a look at the request below and make it easy for me to make things easy for you. I know people have trouble talking about this, so that is why I essentially gave the last year of my life and maybe my life to dealing with it on behalf of everyone. This project has cost me everything to some degree, including my family, friends, times and money, but I can usually find ways to enjoy it and it is paying off for everybody. I am handing out flyers with the text on them below to make it easy for you to help me help you and will continue to fight for your dignity as long as you help me keep mine. If I have to give up then I will, but I would rather help create the cultural conditions that we want anyway that will help everyone relax.

As long as you help me be able to get worked up enough to create the collective social approval and disapproval for actions that is necessary for people to get along better both with people they know and people they don't, then I will put in the work and you can relax. It's been working so far or I wouldn't have continued, so please consider helping us keep it up. 




August 14, 2012 - Flyer Text- 1:

Ask Vij Consulting
Vijay Sarma
Helping you figure out…

The good news is most people are nice and want to believe in themselves and other people, relax and feel happy. When people had trouble discussing it, I stopped people from bothering each other while sharing relationship advice with a million people in Ottawa and Toronto. People felt empowered enough to act on it because they could see each other agree. Things calmed down and hundreds a day still say hello, which is why I keep going. To do this full-time I left my job talking to VPs at Fortune 500 companies and I am sharing advice with people and businesses. To continue to mix old school town crier, apple-crate and Jonah at Nineveh style efforts with new school party and business ones, I need anonymous donations from people I am helping or I will have to stop. Please deposit cash in TD Bank Account: 3058-6062898 so I can continue and visit the website for more info. Thank you for your support.


August 15, 2012 - Flyer Text - 2:

Ask Vij Consulting
Vijay Sarma
Helping you figure out…

I am a performance artist who puts out good ideas that help people get along. I would like more to become patrons of the arts and support my efforts. The good news is most people are nice and want to believe in themselves and other people, relax and feel happy. I stop lots of people from bothering each other and share relationship advice with millions in Ottawa and Toronto. People feel empowered when they can see each other agree and then relax. Hundreds a day say hello, which is why I continue. I left my job talking to VPs at Fortune 500 companies to mix old school town crier, apple-crate and Jonah at Nineveh style efforts with new school party and business ones. With no hat to throw money in, to make things easy, I need big and small anonymous donations. Please deposit cash or cheques in TD Bank Account: 3058-6062898 and visit the website or get in touch. Thank you for your support.



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