Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"see, this is exactly the type of utterly nadless madness that i want to destroy"


dood, i've interviewed hundreds of different people over the years, don't you think i know what i'm doing? if i feel people slippin' then i just i slow down or step-in to back them up, or whatever, i make it work regardless. i'm used to this and i'm a totally different guy depending on who i'm talking to, especially when it's the whole world, in which case anyone standing in front of me has a better chance of surviving standing in front of a jet engine. you'll lose your weave or toupe anyway. put it this way: if i say someone that i know can do something, then they can. that's it. that's why i'm so pissed-off all the time. we can do stuff. we're educated and re- and self-educated adult human beings in a first world country who can speak english and express thoughts all the time. i can't "dunk" a basketball like michael jordan, but i can sure fucking play basketball, so fuck what anyone says about "my" game. it's the one i've got and i'll run it.

see, this is exactly the type of utterly nadless madness that i want to destroy right the fuck now. fuck the facts. there's no sense in giving a bunch of people in wheelchairs basketballs as gifts. i swear, 3 years ago when i wandered around with a shitty little camera and photocopies of websites confirming the north american union "conspiracy theory" is probably fucking true, anybody would say anything if asked any questions even about anything they didn't know. after all, it's their shit. today, we're turning into fucking babies who can't express complex thoughts. soon, we'll forget how and just cry in frustration. that's partly because of all the attacks on us. however, based on the number and variety of people who've consistently beaten them to produce good work, in reality it's mostly because we often take ourselves out of the game by being bitch-asses who think we can't think anymore. then we don't think much of ourselves.

then we don't think at all. then we get hauled off to camps. then we get shot and thrown into pits.

nuh-uh, this shit is not happening again, not after we've seen it happen.

not even here in communist canada.

fuck no.



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