Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"no worries, i put a lot of thought into what i send a lot of people"



thanks [redacted], i appreciate you listening and invite you (and anyone else) to call-in to the shows between 6 - 7 am EST Mon - Thurs at 416-595-1655 whenever you think it's appropriate, or send me an advance email and we'll set up a little time-slot. while these days, especially here in communist canada, many people just want to hear what they know to confirm they're right, we can do better by learning something new and being even righter, or at least challenging what's been done so far and getting a good chance to re-evaluate what's been done so far simply to improve on it until we win.

personally, i've seen too-many traditional activist "talks" where people go just to stroke their ego, or confirm they know or are doing the right thing, which is usually nothing but smugly feeling superior to others who aren't there, which isn't much. when a bunch of politicians with specific responsibilities to ridings and electorates and phone numbers and emails tell a bunch of activists "stand over there, chant a bunch of old communist slogans and go home, then we'll listen to you!" and it's never worked, we should really think of doing something else besides pointlessly "protesting" in the same ways again.

and finally, sorry [redacted], but this personal dust-up isn't my fault. [redacted] should have emailed me privately instead of trying and failing to publicly embarrass me. no worries, i put a lot of thought into what i send a lot of people, including the detailed occasional emails to this cross-canada truthers list, so please forgive this aberration. these emails aren't meant to spark responses to everybody, just conversations locally so people can clique-up and take action, or the occasional personal response to me or anyone else. i try to fight like a boxer and throw knockout punches so this type of crap doesn't take long. hopefully it's over.

otherwise it is what it is, just some random crap, there's tons of it everywhere, so it's no big deal for men to deal with.





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