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CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening: Everything You Thought About Porn But Were Afraid To Ask - July 19, 2010


July 19, 2010

CKLN 88.1 FM's Rude Awakening hosted by Black Krishna

Everything You Thought About Porn But Were Afraid To Ask

Featuring: Shelley Lubben, Jersey Jaxin, Jenna Jameson, DJ Ravenwolf


This episode: why is the truth behind the $57 billion porn industry and its effects on our culture ignored by most people, politicians, activists, academics and churches? Are they just ignorant? Willfully? Or controlled? What do ex-porn stars say about how the industry works? How does normalizing porn help the Satanic elite who run the world turn us into animals to be abused and slaughtered? Why has heavy internet censorship begun? How much time do we have to share the truth before we can't?

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Jenna Jameson's 25 Good Reasons Why No One Would Ever Want To Become a Porn Star -- (Compiled by

INTRODUCTION: Jenna Jameson, the world's most famous and successful "porn star", is one of the best anti-pornography spokespeople there are. (Whether that is her intention sometimes or not. Hopefully it is.) Just read below to see why. Thank you, Jenna. You say it all so well! (But very graphically, so proceed accordingly please.)

Traci Lords On the Oprah Show:

"At the age of 15, Traci Lords became one of the most famous adult film stars. By the age of 18, she had made 19 adult sex films. Traci's career in the sex industry began when she ran away from home at age 15. She obtained a fake I.D. "mainly to get a job…as a waitress, just some sort of employment," Traci says. "I was really desperate."

VIDEO: Pt 1/3 Teen Prostitute on Tyra. comments (Nonprofit - Pls support)

VIDEO: Pink Cross Outreach to Porn Stars and Porn Fans at Exxxotica LA

Shelley Lubben | The Pink | July 14, 2010

Exxxotica LA Expo brought out the stars and Pink Cross handed out the truth in love, offering prayers and free gifts to thousands of porn stars and porn fans. What a weekend of God’s Favor! Some of the highlights include when Pink Cross went up on stage where they threw out free gifts to the crowd while Shelley preached Jesus Christ and His love. “You were made for greater things than porn,” she shouted from the microphone to fans and stars at the porn convention. “Jesus Christ loves you and has a plan for your life!” She also shared some of her testimony and it definitely got their attention.

The Adult FIlm Industry in For a Rude Awakening at CAL/Osha Meeting

Shelley Lubben | The Pink | July 14, 2010

The adult film industry was in a for a rude awakening at Tuesday’s downtown Los Angeles Cal/OSHA Advisory Meeting on Bloodborne Pathogens in the Adult Film Industry when Cal/OSHA inspector Deborah Gold firmly stated that Cal/OSHA bloodborne pathogens regulations already require condom use in adult films and that any filming without condoms is a direct violation of the law.

VIDEO: Ex porn star Shelley Lubben Testimony on 700 Club

February 20, 2007

VIDEO: Ex Porn Star Shelley Lubben Testifies at California State Capitol

August 25, 2008

VIDEO: Ex-Porn Star Shelley Lubben, The Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn - briefing

June 17, 2010

VIDEO: Belladonna Interview from ABC News PrimeTime Live (1 of 2)

MP3: Former Adult film Star, Jersey Jaxin Interview

MP3: Former Adult Film Star Jersey Jaxin returns to The Best Of Hair!

It's been almost a year since I spoke with Jersey, (Tanya), and since that time she has gotten her life back and has made a clean break from the porn industry. Hear how she's been able to cope and gives a few insights into the adult film industry. She's a great girl and I'm proud of her for sticking to her guns. You can see more of Tanya at

VIDEO: Dead Porn Stars Memorial


VIDEO: Porn Star Tamra Toryn Leaves Porn!

VIDEO: Nadia Styles Leaves Porn!

Extreme Makeover: Gitmo Edition: New motto: Safe, human, legal, transparent

David Akin | Toronto Sun | July 17, 2010

... This story is told by U.S. military guards to journalists who tour the prison facilities here. The military’s PR people are trying to turn the narrative here from one of torture and abuse to their new motto: Safe, humane, legal, and transparent. And the foosball story is part of that narrative.

Feds Ignore Due Process, First Amendment, Shut Down Thousands of Blogs

Kurt Nimmo | | July 17, 2010

Once again, the Obama administration has violated the Bill of Rights. Earlier this month, the feds took down a free Wordpress blogging platform and disabled more than 73,000 blogs. The action was completely ignored by the corporate media.

Censorship Alert: Obama Deception Illegally Removed from You Tube

Made to look like a hack, Thought Police Block Mega-Viral Anti-Establishment Documentary After More than a Year of Dominating Viewcounts, Ranking #1 in Search Engines and Waking Up Millions to the False Left-Right Paradigm Perpetuated by Obama

Aaron Dykes | | July 18, 2010

The Obama Deception CensoredAlex Jones is on high-alert after someone managed to compromise the “ChangeDaChannel” You Tube account and criminally remove the most-viewed version of “The Obama Deception” available online, which had more than 6.5 million views and whose URL link ranked among the top of all “Obama” related searches.

Obama Deception Censorship Draws Major Response

Matt Ryan | | July 18, 2010

Thanks to our dedicated readers and listeners, within twenty minutes of Alex Jones’ Sunday show ending where the news broke of The Obama Deception being taken off YouTube, three of the top ten Google Trend search terms were held by Infowars, Fall of the Republic, and The Obama Deception Censored. This sudden and extreme response can only be attributed to the numbers and dedication of our audience. This is an example of just how powerful the truth is and how important each and every voice is to spreading the truth and shouting down lies and deception.

On behalf of everyone at Infowars, thank you.

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” -Thomas Jefferson

AIDS CAN'T BE FOUND OR CURED: David Crowe Turns Thousands Of Hours Into A Simple Explanation


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