Saturday, July 31, 2010

G20 MARTIAL LAW PART 2? -- Caribana 2010 -- UPDATE 1 -- From Relapse To Recovery



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Paraphrased Question:

"Hey, you're smart and people listen to you, got any tips on how I can break through as a graphic artist?"


thanks and n02k10 problem dood, but all this takes years to figure out if you don't listen to people, so i recommend that first and foremost. just jump-off convos and try to shut-up and get as much human intell as possible, and actually take it seriously since you want to appeal to it, especially since many people don't take anything seriously, including each other, so you'll stand out and it will come out in your work. these days you almost never get anything useful for the first few minutes of any conversation, but once people are comfortable with you and don't think you'll judge them for "their" opinions as opposed to all the safe crap they know everyone says, you'll get good stuff.

second, the only thing that people care about is their relationships with other people. that's it. believe me, i know. i told them everything else they should care about and most people didn't care about it. however, even tough guys sing love songs and they're usually the best ones made because most people are missing and craving that. in this cold age of technology, where couples sit beside each other and "txt" on their phones, our language is being reduced to the point where we can't talk to each other and we have trouble "thinking" of how to be "happy" for long, if you can create some work that deals with "relationships" in various ways to help people recover and relate, then you're in.

hope that helps! :-)



incidentally, i know i'm probably right about the above, but just in case and because people like celebrities, here's more proof:



there you go, i'm off to figure out if too-much security was new world ordered for toronto caribana 2010, and incidentally:


I'm Not Afraid



Paraphrased Request:

"Stay safe dood."


thanks and no prob dood. it was a really chill night, you can ask a thousand other witnesses if you want, but just in case i accidentally brought my own after a conspirienced buddy (i met this dood once last year) joined me at a starbucks in the annex before we headed down to yonge. i had a totally different night planned, but once you find a "good guy" (whitespeak) and cat you can really hang with, you might as well hang, especially since i don't hang that much, so i was in the mood. we had a great time yappin' and walkin' yonge, and while a few hundred cops were there, no matter who the hell you are, you have to admit they were pretty chilled out for what they were ordered to do, which was to kick it right beside the rest of us for absolutely no reason at all.

that's why it was so cool to see everybody else so chilled out too, or just engaging in the usual fun knuckle-head partying of playing music, eyeing the eye candy, hanging with friends, meeting strangers and talking mess. it was a fascinating anthropological experiment really, or the cops in yellow vests, plus the heavily armed cops in black uniforms, hanging right beside mostly young black people partying in the same ways the always do. it's always cool at caribana anyway, even late into the night, at least as far as i've seen. it just seems like thousands of black people who spent their hard-earned money to come through from wherever and have a good time know how to. you could see some cops talkin' a little mess with each other, or other people, take off their hats, yawn, etc.

keep in mind there's never been any noise complaints from the surrounding neighbourhoods going back 10 years or more, as far as i know, even with every second car playing "loud" music, or at least loud enough to hit you on the sidewalk for a bit, but that just makes it more fun to walk up and down yonge, in that scene anyway, which like "pride" or "taste of the danforth", is one that you're welcome to visit if you want, just know it's that scene. and even when someone does get a little loud, or a biker acts up revving for example, it's kind of frowned on in the same way we frown upon someone getting too-loud at a pot cafe, which is usually enough to stop it from continuing. if it goes beyond that, well there are a bunch of men there. and a bunch of cops. so yeah, it was good times as far as i could tell.

now, also keep in mind that saturday night is when any crazy "drills!" stuff will go down if it's going to, just like last year.

the cops are there because they're paid to be; we're there because we want to be; so let's see if we can get along.

of course, the only way to make sure that happens is to be cool - and - try to chill-out any foolishness ourselves.

if that happens we should be in the clear, but if the cops gotta move you around a bit, work with them a bit.

like the G20 sitch, at this point we're all doing what we have to or want to, so how we do it will be key.

we can do this and have fun, then later work on changing their new world orders for public events.





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I like it when people come together and share ideas.

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