Thursday, May 13, 2010

Saturday's Dundas Square TTS Meet-Up?


Just wondering if this weekend's TTS meet-up is happening. Right now, Johnny Weather says it'll be sunny and 15-degrees on Saturday, plus apocalyptic conditions in 2012, or something like that. Either way, please let us know, TTS has built a hell of a brand at the Square for a year and I'm sure many people want to see us now more than ever.


On that note, I'd also like to start working with more people to hit the streets and businesses before the G20 on a regular basis, plus contact people in other formal ways starting next Monday with whomever. I can work with whomever to help coordinate some schedules, but Toronto should be covered in our stuff soon. Please respond soon.


Incidentally, I think we can still get "optimistic" and "excited" about this stuff. I notice TTS members had a great time last year when galvanized by the threat of pandemic vaccines. Even going at our own pace, the more work we did together, the better we felt. Competence builds confidence, so we should definitely respond to the G20 soon.


Finally, as I said earlier, I'm sure the NWO would be happy if most TTS members and people in Toronto think I'm not worth listening to anymore right before the G20 . I'm nobody special and more of a bum than most, but I spend a lot of time thinking about how "we" can beat the NWO, including thinking of new ways to break down the G20.


No worries, I just got a 4th day on the radio, which is horrible news. Now I have to wake up at 4:30 am from Monday to Thursday to be on by 6, but it's right before the G20, so I hope it helps. Meanwhile, maybe we can offer some freeman (legal?) advice on flyers (etc.) to G20 protesters on how to deal with authorities. They might respect it.


FYI, it's cool, I've been working on this stuff for years. I even wrote the song/poem "Black Krishna" on May 13, 2003, which is also what people started calling me when I started performing and didn't have a "name" yet. Anyway, we have time, great weather and great people to work with if we want to, so this is a great position to be in! :-)




Thanks Junior, I just sent an email asking if this was happening, plus looking for TTS members to help react to the G20 in more ways, but I don't think it's come through yet. If you see it, please note that I know the meet-up is happening.



Announcing a new Meetup for Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)!

What: The Truth is out! G20=Banking=Illlegal=Enslavement=Final step to NWO? Part 2

When: Saturday, May 15, 2010 1:00 PM

Dundas Square
Yonge & Dundas
Toronto, ON

Hello TTS Family,

On Saturday, May 8th, from 1 - 6 pm we will be having our weekly street action (weather permitting). As always, our Saturday Street Actions is a great opportunity for truthers to spread the vital mind unlocking information Canadians and others need to know now before it is too late especially during this coming G20, it is more of a boots to the street approach. Those who are new can learn from the regulars and add some of their creativity once comfortable. Please RSVP on the TTS Meet-Up page to confirm numbers early, drop by anytime and bring whoever you'd like, except those against our peaceful motives. We will be concentrating a good few main topics such as the G20 action and information dissemination leading to up to the actual G20, continual exposing of the Climate Change Fraud, encroaching Police State information and what we can do about it and other topics that require attention and action.

Bring an openminded, motivatingly confident, peaceful and humble attitude, dress presentable, be polite and courteous. If you have t-shirts that address Anti-NWO issues, please wear them so our message of truth is further inculcated into those who pass us. So we can have a good selection of flyers/topics for individuals to pick from and fill up our table, please bring well made flyers you've or others have made that are dealing with upcoming events like the G20, bring dvd's, buttons, stickers, and so on that are dealing with pending legislation in Canada and issues around the world that mainstream does not cover, to acclimate individuals to these and other important issues you feel they need to know. Also flyers or any information dealing with recent news in mainstream media that you feel our fellow Canadians should be aware of & woken up to so they can learn how to take action from the truther perspective is always a plus. In the weeks leading up to the G20, we can drop off as always, flyers/dvds/articles to businesses etc we can get posters made, videos etc and all other mechanisms of weapons in this info war.

Let us work together in the upcoming weeks to hash out ideas and plans for our Anti-NWO defense concerning the G20 and other NWO attacks by sharing ideas face to face or private email to private email and getting into the habit of personally emailing eachother in groups (cc'n) to work on strategies off of the listserv, due to the listserv's ability to attract those who would like to counter our plans via co-intel etc.

The enrichening change of perception we can be an instrument of, is the change that will cause the individuals we come in contact with, to know that absolute truth exists beyond the lies spewed by the mainstream world of knowledge. Be a part of the great gratified feeling helping someone get disconnected from the chemically/narcotic induced hypnotic alternate dream reality pod state they have been in since birth as we all once were. The populace in this city deserves the opportunity to learn and have access to this life changing information that can help them make better decisions that will affect a positive change for this world. So please feel free to get creative and discuss possibilities with others before Saturday on G20 and other topics facing us at this point in time.

In Truth,

Assistant Organizer
Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)

Learn more here:



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