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* NEW * LOW-FLYING CHEMTRAIL CLOUDS? - Part 1 - April 5, 2010


* NEW * LOW-FLYING CHEMTRAIL CLOUDS? - Part 1 - April 5, 2010


* NEW * LOW-FLYING CHEMTRAIL CLOUDS? - Part 2 - April 5, 2010


* NEW * LOW-FLYING CHEMTRAIL CLOUDS? - Part 3 - April 5, 2010


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Hello Fellow Truth Seekers,

So, after my 6 - 7 am EST radio show (88.1 or, Mon, Tue, Thurs), posting the mp3 (,, and goofing around on the 'net, I celebrated my first day off after leaving my 6 day a week and 8 hour a day job by suntanning at Dundas Square. I finally didn't have to get to work by 11 am today, so what the heck, I may as well lay around for a minute. While laying down and relaxing on the Dundas Square stage and taking a few casual pics of propaganda, I managed to be in the perfect position to film a 15 minute sustained chemtrail attack right over the heart of downtown Toronto. On my first day off. (Sigh)

While they don't look like "normal" chemtrails, which still come in a huge variety, they sure as heck don't look like "contrails", at least not ones we've seen. These new (possible) chemtrails are sprayed at a relatively low altitude and don't last long, maybe 2 - 4 minutes, before dissipating into a big haze. However, they produce some quick'n'dirty fluffy cotton-candy style clouds on a perfectly cloudless day. They just happen to crawl around buildings right after the spraying stops. In the span of a few minutes there were maybe 8 or more chemtrails that dumped a bunch of chemicals on a bunch of nice unsuspecting people on their day off. (Sigh)

Of course, people can think whatever they want, or perhaps look into it more before they form an opinion. Good links are above. According to radio host and author Alan Watt (Cutting Through The Matrix Dot Com), Donald Rumsfeld was asked after 9/11 ('01!) what the U.S. government would do if they were hit again, and he said they had aerosolized prozac and valium ready in case people were scared after another attacks. The Japanese government has openly said they want to put lithium in the water to calm people down. Unlike Montreal, Vancouver and most of Europe, there is fluoride in Toronto's water, which supposedly does the same.

Now, there are many possible explanations for the "above".

So, we should all take and post pictures and videos every time.

Perhaps that way they'll stop; or give us answers so we don't worry.

Perhaps it's a ridiculous waste of our tax money and bad for our health.

Perhaps it's something completely innocent going on right above our heads

Either way, tt's not that hard to "look up" with a camera today to take care of this.

So... let's see what we can all do to help keep a nice day in Toronto a nice day! :-)




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