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CKLN Rude Awakening: Mens Jeans vs. 9/11 Truth Attack vs. CFR U Still Down? - March 8, 2010


March 8, 2010

CKLN Rude Awakening hosted by Black Krishna

Mens Jeans vs. 9/11 Truth Attack vs. CFR U Still Down?


This episode: Dockers Jeans wants "men" to be "men" who wear "jeans" to be "men"; Alex Jones on Fox with Geraldo to explain why just because you believe in 9/11 Truth it doesn't mean 9/11 Truth is responsible for your own foolishness; the CFR plans for a North American Union and "global governance" are re-unveiled for the umpteenth time so we get others to get it; the Canadian government is promising "austerity", so Alan Watt shows how the BBC is now selling us to love stinky green slums! :-P

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It's Time To Answer The Call Of Manhood: Wear The Pants

"Go-go, Gadget Godzilla Gonads, so bad motherf--kers, ain't fall, for bad ads!"

- Black Krishna, "Death To The New World Order"

Alex Jones on Geraldo: Media sought to demonize 9/11 truth with Pentagon incident link

As Predicted, Pentagon Shooting Blamed On 9/11 Truth

CFR: Building a North American Community

Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House runs the CFR)

Throne Speech [???] vows austerity and prosperity (Canadian Government)

Channel's 'Slumming It,' Shows Type of 'Community' We're Supposed to Fit:

UN Core Publications: Agenda 21

Agenda 21 For Dummies (10 mins)



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Just download and listen to this soon, okay? :-)


Agenda 21 For Dummies



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Daniel Edd Bland III

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