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BLOGGAGIA 5.Mar.10: Jesus vs. Gandhi vs. Porn vs. Hip Hope Puh-Leeeze! :-P


BLOGGAGIA 5.Mar.10: Jesus vs. Gandhi vs. Porn vs. Hip Hope Puh-Leeeze! :-P


hey guys,

i'm sorry, but to quote jay-z:

"i'm not lookin' at ya, i'm lookin' past ya..."

this ain't even to diss nobody, it's just recognizing what's going on.

there's lots of "proof" of what i'm saying and millions of people who know it.

all i'm trying to do is figure out what the hell happened to canadians who can't get this stuff.

almost anybody in the world can get this stuff, but we've had it good, so we're soft, which makes it tougher.

what's amazing is how long it takes for people to even consider looking at stuff they're scared of, which is really bad news.

when people like "alex jones" have been proven "right" for 15 years and have hundreds of top experts co-signing, it's even scarier.

no worries, people can make up whatever to avoid paying attention, seeing it helps others figure out how to get people to save themselves.

now, what's interesting is the consistent "canadian" thing to say across races and ages, or the most "reasonable" answer one thinks they should give.

communist canada demands a "politically correct" approach, so if somebody says something is "Bad!!!", then most canadians will just say it's "bad" to be "reasonable".

communication gets more difficult when we can't speak freely as individuals. we get conversationally constipated and resort to "safe" mainstream topics that get and make us dumber.

but hey, whatev's, even if i'm wrong, that's no excuse to do nothing.

that means it's check (yo head) mate.



p.s. finally, for the umpteenth time, here's a documentary with a bunch of examples of governments "admitting" they stage fake "terror attacks", since declassified. imho: it's better to know this than to not.

TerrorStorm Full length version


yes and no, or more specifically, i'm trying to get rid of the "porn industry" we have now. if you look behind the scenes, you'll see it's god-awful, or kind of like looking at the meat-packing plant where they make your burger patties.

since in this case it's "people" being turned into meat-patties, i think it should stop. now, without the "new world order" control over porn - and everything else - it might not be so bad. no worries, just check out the links to see my point.

incidentally, i know it's "cool" as hell, so i don't this will "stop" any canadian males (or females) from looking at "porn". however, it might change how much they look at it, which could be a good thing for themselves and others they know.

fyi, just hear from people who saw too much porn and regretted it later to get it.



whaddup ma,

no worries, i understand what you're saying. so, let's just say the "new" version of what a "man" is doesn't exactly produce better "men", or women, or children, or relationships for that matter.

it's nothing personal, just look around and see if being a "badass moron" is what we "men" should be aiming for. now, i'm not saying that's what we are. i'm saying that's what we're being turned into.

as for whether i "like" porn, sure, i've "liked" porn for years without really understanding it, and i still don't. however, the more i learn the more i don't have to "like" porn as much as i'm supposed to.

this means it won't control, pervert, or isolate me as much as it would have. this isn't a confessional, it's just simple advice that may work for everybody since we've all been raised in (by?) this culture.

fyi, women are being told to act just like men, which is a mistake y'all shouldn't make. just remember "guys" like confidence and intelligence more than they'll say they do, so keep ya head up 2 be a keeper!




no worries [redacted], i can combine topics and see how they're related, but if this is easier for you, then i'm glad. meanwhile, you can check the vid or the links to the radio show to read stuff, but either way, "porn" is bad news. that doesn't mean i don't like it, it just means that i know i shouldn't, which is always a better position to be in when you shouldn't.

there's a great article from the dallas observer on the history of porn and what's happening today, including many kids just jerking-off and playing videogames online until they're near-dehydrated to death, plus-plus. like people who've been to "prison" or who were "drug dealers" telling their stories, it helps to hear from people who've "done it" to see what it's like.

anyway, as you'd like.



heya [redacted],

i've heard some of what you suggest and believe some of it, other stuff doesn't necessarily ring true, but it's understandable. i asked alan watt about this a couple of years ago, and for how to beat the fact that a hero of peace movements worldwide may not be what he seemed, which can be done.

the transcript and interview mp3 are below. like obama, it's hard to find details about where he went to law school and what he did, but watt basically said that former english law school alumnus "gandhi" as we know him was really used by the brits to finally "unify" india, something they couldn't do before.

as you'd like, here's some gandhinalysis. regardless of what may or may not have happened a hundred years ago, it doesn't mean that we can't use what we've learned from historical examples. while our general temptation is to just believe what we want to believe, we should believe we can handle the truth.

or, at least we should be able to handle the search. the whole thing gets really simple when we apply the PRS Technique, or "problem + reaction = solution", to the information we find. instead of paralyzing fear or apathy, a confident sense of curiousity and purpose can help us figure out what we can do today.

incidentally, the conversation basically goes from gandhi to porn, you can see how the topics are related below.



Best Interview I've Ever Done, One of Watt's Best Too (MP3):

Transcript and .PDF version

Black Krishna: Unbelievable and Gandhi when asked what do you think of western civilization he replied, "it would be a good idea." I heard something you said about that I would just like to clarify right now before we get back to this. Was he or was he not a free agent working for the Indian people?

Alan: I don't think so, because an old technique in the British diplomatic corps and you'll find this even in a few movies that were put out. One by Marlon Brando called "Burn." It showed you how the diplomatic corps worked on countries and long-term goals by giving heroes to the public for them to follow, often by using someone who's well known, making him fall from grace because he's chosen the side of the people or whatever. Imprison him. That always gets the public to think he's one of us, and then releasing him and he becomes the leader. Gandhi himself initially when he was locked up by the British police or military, so was his wife, and they both came down with pneumonia while in the cells.

Gandhi eventually caved in and disobeyed his Hindu laws and said, okay I'll accept the antibiotics, I want to live; but he forbad his wife to take antibiotics to save her life. That shows you something about the man right there; and he did other things too. He'd always sleep with an 18-year virgin every night to prove that he wasn't tempted. Britain, remember, had tried to unify India that was not a huge country. What I mean is it wasn't a unified country at that time. They tried for decades to get one tribe fighting another towards unification; because out of war conflict, you have synthesis and then you start of the next row with the next bunch until you own the whole country. They knew this would take a long, long time to do so they had to give a hero to the public to do it, so Gandhi helped to almost unify the country and save them decades of work.

Black Krishna: Unbelievable, Mr. Alan Watt from It seems to me that all of our heroes – I mean there's a Gideon Bible in every hotel room in the world, right? The New World Order wouldn't put them there if – I mean they wouldn't allow that to happen if they didn't want it to happen. But is there a way to identify with the values of some of these people, say, the icon of peace of the 20th century who we look to? I mean people say to me right now, where's the new Gandhi? We need a new Gandhi and it's like – to find though that everybody we've heard of has basically been part of a lie is one thing, but also, in my opinion and maybe you can speak on this with your experience, it is the values that they need to sell us that I think we can relate to. For instance, Jesus the prince of peace: Turn the other cheek, forgive the whores, beat the moneylenders, done. I think we can use all those things. Today we have heroes like Dexter, the blood splatter expert who also kills people; and they say good or evil?—You decide. So they're destroying our values right now so we can't even use those to pick our heroes, but in the past we could, so is there a way to sort of recognize regardless of how they were used; the values that we related to that made us like them and made us humans?

Alan: Again, guys like H.G. Wells was trained initially by Thomas Huxley and a whole bunch of revolutionaries actually were trained by Huxley. They said that the first thing they had to do was encourage free love. This was in the 1800’s, not in the 1960’s. They said they'd promote free love because the earlier they could start children having sex the less likely they'd be to bond with anyone down the road. They tried this in the 1920’s when they brought in the booze-can houses after creating prohibition and made them very exciting places to go for the young, quite naturally so, and they brought in the miniskirt with the Charleston Dance and all that. They brought in cocaine in as well. The Bronfman's in Canada ran the whole booze industry and the cocaine industry down into the U.S.; but even at that, they didn't have the birth control pill. They didn't have antibiotics for venereal diseases and so there was too much of a fall out. They couldn't swing it off, so they put so much money after that to work with science to find a way of birth control and penicillin's et cetera that came out of it and then introduced the same thing: Miniskirts, music, cocaine, drugs in the 1960’s to try and start the whole thing off again. They knew at the time that – what's the best way of reducing the population? You get the people to start reducing it themselves through abortion. Without the vast promiscuity, you wouldn't have the side effects or the outcome of it you see. Create the problem. Give the solution. That's the oldest technique in the book. This particular topic is explained by Lord Bertrand Russell, a key member and player in all this kind of stuff in his book "The Impact of Science on Society." He said eventually women will think that they won their rights by themselves. They'll never guess they were given to them by us. He said they will think they're free, in fact they've simply joined the men in their form of slavery.


heya [redacted],

for the record, i agree with what was said, or instead of becoming an emotionless sociopath, keep your heart, mind and soul open to love. it's good stuff and i've had plenty, so now i'm focused on other things. while it wasn't her fault (stupid new world order!), my last girlfriend slowly broke my heart into a million pieces. now i just give 'em away for free. soon they'll all be gone. then i'll be heartless and even more focused on finally finishing this crap.

(btw, i can get away with this because the "plan" is done, now i'm just getting bored plowing through it.)

however, i always make a careful distinction between what i say - and - what i do that some people have trouble understandling. for the record: do what i say, not what i do. i do what i do for me, i say what i say for other people. so, my advice to truthers is similar to that of other veterans: if you find that special someone, don't let them go, even if, or especially because, the world is crazy. however, to keep saying stuff like this to lots of people, i remain single.


p.s. btw, thanks [redacted], i'm glad you liked the analysis. jesus said "forgive the whores and beat the money-lenders", at least as far as i can tell. now, i wasn't there and it's all second-hand, but it sounds like Him. that's why the christians vs. porn connection is so important: unlike "new age" fantasy or fatalism, because of their strong faith and sense of purpose on planet earth, if more christians finally decide to help people do something besides become christian...

... then they could kick the living sh-t out of the new world order.

and by doing so...

... create more christians.




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