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SONG: Death To The New World Order - Bootlegg Recordingue Sessione - 20Feb10


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Black Krishna - Death To The New World Order

Bootlegg Recordingue Sessione (20Feb10)




NOTE: This may be boring.

Since Edmond de Rothschild hacked into my laptop computer and disabled my Ableton Live, maybe, I haven't been able to mix anything that I record myself. I'll try to get it resolved soon, but it's a strange problem and the rest of the program works fine. Basically, I record into a Boss BR 1180 Digital Recording Studio with minimal compression and reverb to boost the mic-levels until I can hear myself in my headphones, then pull (record) the individual raw acapella vocal files onto my computer using Super MP3 recorder (which also stopped working). Then I simply line the vocal tracks up in the program with the beat and mix-away.

However, while I can load everything into Ableton, I can't make the acapella .wav files sync up in time with the beat the way they were recorded; the same way I've been doing for a year; for four songs in a row. They can't be lined-up together. Anyway, I still have big plans for this particular track, though I'll probably re-record it since I was a little sketchy. This was written and recorded at the end of a long day after I crashed at a buddy's place; went to the Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS) Saturday street action; interviewed a freemason; smoked too much; and almost got arrested defending free speech at City Hall. So: it felt good to rap! :-P

UPDATE: Recorded and mixing the new final version (22.Feb.10)



Death To The New World Order



"Enough dirt on you, to murder you!

This is what the fuck I do!"

Death to the New World Order!


They say money talks,
Fuck money: I talk more!

My girls say chill,
But: I want war!

My boys say,
Let's get a beer, then more!

My balls say,
'Fuck you sayin' that for?

My conscience,
Is constantly conscious,
New World Order's upon us!
Who fuckin' wants us?


Your choice, your voice, your noise,
To make, 'fore they take, away your toys!

Give a fuck, who you rollin' with!
"Free The Masons!"

Fuck what you holdin', shit,
I'm into facin' --

A thousand year plan,
Or a thousand year sentence in hell,
For not taking a stand!

'Fuck you mean?
Will be fine?

'Fuck you mean?
We can't do shit?
Stop lyin'!

Who preppin' us for dyin'?
Skulls everywhere, we wear,
So, we all stare?
At death right there?

In front of your eyes,
Lies in "The Matrix",
Bitch-made snitches,
Tryin'a play tricks!

Fuck them bitches,
I'm built for this!
Instead of gettin' pissed-on,
Motherfucker: I get pissed!


"Enough dirt on you, to murder you,

This is what the fuck I do!"

Death to the New World Order!


All Lies On Me!

Fuck all you bitches, haters,
Seeyalaters and critics,
And snitches,
Debatin' semantics like cynics!

This ain't a fuckin', picnic,
Ya tongue, get slit-quick!
You fuckin' nit-wit,
You can Twitter that shit!

Fuckin' "Twit",
Do you get it yet?
Who said it better yet?
Bar none, better bet, on a veteran!

No bars, no scars,
So far, no one,
Rip a new asshole,
In: a fuckin' pyramid!

I'm fuckin' sick of this!
Motherfucker --
I'm'a finish this!

'Til nobody --
Can't say shit!

Banks get shanks,
Pharma get shots,
Cops and troops,
Can aim and cock!

What happened to ya cock'n'ballz?
Smooth like a G.I. Joe,
In ya Underoos,
Or gettin' real small!

Gadget-Godzilla gonads,
So, bad motherfuckers,
Ain't fall, for bad ads!

Juries of peers,
See I see, past they' fears,
Can't cry no more,
Can't waste no tears --

Of joy, as I enjoy,
A chance to destroy,
Armies of toy soldiers,
A club, of old boys,

Oh boy!

Who on the run now?
And who runnin'?

A race against time, for your mind?
Who gunnin'?

Down dreams,
I clown fiends,
Addicted to corporate-crack,

Fat-sack of truth,
Nut-sack to match!


"Enough dirt on you to murder you,

This is what the fuck I do!"

Death to the New World Order!




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