Friday, June 26, 2009

It's 2009: Brother Can You Spare The Time?

Heya Trueronna! :-)

Just a head's up. With just 50 people working consistently we can save Toronto and the people in it from the New World Order within 3 months. It's not hard and in the nice weather it could be fun. Most ideas were vetted by numerous truthers and civilians for years and remain options worldwide. Including the rest of Canada. Please feel free to share them. You can say you thought of them. You can make money off them. You can do whatever you want. I don't care. They have to get out there. I have to do things differently since I've seen how doing this the easy way doesn't catch on quickly with truthers or civilians. I'm thinking a few steps ahead in case we have to do this the hard way. That would be too bad. However, there are strategies to prepare now for winning later too. They're just not guaranteed to work like today's are. If we even understand them by then. These sentences are short to reflect the txt msg and twittilated generation.

The "truth" is that most people "can't handle the truth!" regardless of what they know or who they are. At least not in its raw form. My own experience with both the conspirienced and civilians is that NOBODY wants it. My last few posts on this listserve ring like tin bricks thrown at a fire-truck. For example. Clarity reveals that we were unclear about something before, which is a threat to our ego, which causes us to reject new information. This is a human thing. Being "asleep" doesn't change it. Being "awake" doesn't change it. Unless we consciously try to nothing will. This email alone is filled with jagged twists and turns full of hope and hopelessness taking us closer to potential highs and lows in a discombobulating roller-coaster ride. Some may have jumped-off already. Some may not bother with the blocks of text. Sometimes people have to struggle to maintain the complexity of the language to ensure that we can still discuss complex issues.

That'll do, since we're up against generations of scientific psychological and chemical indoctrination it helps to focus on it to combat it. People are waking up, but they'd wake up faster if those waking them up dealt more with how they've been put to sleep and why they prefer it. We're trying to market a product that people are taught is not important by a far bigger marketing program. Yet, truth that improves people's lives is more valuable to them than truth that worsens their lives. Unfortunately and paradoxically the truth that is promoted most is news of a giant conspiracy to kill them. To win we must go beyond feeling our power to disempower others with our knowledge. We must see what our market wants and needs and show we can deal with it. People are worried about their own health, wealth and future. Not collective interests. To ensure our information goes viral, we need to give people stuff they'll give to someone else to make both parties feel better.


P.S. Or for those who prefer rhymin' and schemin'...

We see hope spring eternal on beautiful days, in beautiful ways, just sit back and play in the haze; laying awake at nights, woken up so I might, spy a sight that might, turn a fright 'to a slight; bite into forbidden fruit, risking ridicule, with a miniscule, chance of seeing ya dance-card full of fools fooled by the tools of who rule; gotta be cool, widdit; ribbit-ribbit; frog on a sustainable lilypad, they takin' a livin'; so driven, to destroy demons, demonizing our semen, see'em screamin', strugglin' while being hugged by wet-cement; demented days, of diabolical dreams of plays, see poetry pays, when the flow go away from the ways of praise; just how we's raised, raised to stand or sit, back a bit and just let, someone else, handle or dismantle our biz; got a few kids, left in me, ribs, left in me, break one off for the right honey who's on the money, in the runnin'; but while we got money, time and fun ways to act funny, rhyme on days when sayin' it straight is too much for too many; plenty of problems, reactions and solutions; for revolution; with 50 people movin', we can deliver absolution; but who's absolutely, resolutely, stuck in the ways of saying there's nothing we can do today, when tomorrow's not far away; far and away the most critical, lyrical, subliminal, takin' in or taking out the criminally metaphysical; dream is destiny, but are we destined to dream, and deliver as a team, with one chance to mean.



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